The evil purpose of the creating (mis)awareness list

A reply from the heart by Hushang Vakil to one of its misled Parsi members

Mr. M., from India House, Sir PhirozeShah Mehta Road, Mumbai, India, wrote in the creating (mis)awareness list asking the advice of the Muslim ali in America, about the Navjot of his Parsi daughter in Mumbai. Incredulous that he would be asking a Muslim, our Traditional Zarathushtri Porus wrote to him:

Mr. M.,

We are astonished to see your letter asking advice about your daughter's Navjot from a Muslim person. You are asking a Muslim if your daughter's Navjot will be valid or invalid? Do you realize how utterly ridiculous that sounds? Cant you ask this question from one of our Ervads or Dasturjees? If you are based in Mumbai, surely there are many Dasturjees around you, you dont have to ask this question of a Muslim sitting in America?

For your information, the person you have asked this question is quite infamous, he has been opposed by our high Priests as having distorted the Zarathushtri religion. He is the leader of a Gatha alone cult in America.

The list "creating awareness" to which you have been added has been created by his money. Please do not support him in any way, and let others know. Please read the following for information about him:

Beware of this False Saviour: By Noshir H. Dadrawala

To this, Mr. M. replied and said:

The Zoroastrian Philosphy and creed and Prayers are open to all who can read or hear the voice of the True Wise lord .... The one and only. The Zorastrian Creed ...the Beautiful Philosphy and Prayers belong to all who love the Truth the Light and Abhor / hate the lie of fear untruth and mistrust and superstition - Mr. M..

Porus's reply to him then was:

You appear to be a brainwashed supporter of ali's cult, and we are sorry to see that. Your pro-conversion words are testimony to that - no REAL Zarathushtri in India would say what you have said, since our parents NEVER taught us that the "Zoroastrian religion is open to all" - which is absolutely wrong.

Our sacred religion is only meant for those born to BOTH Zarathustri parents, as your own parents/grandparents would have told you as well. Why are you going against what your own forefathers taught you? Just because a rich millionaire Muslim sitting in America says so?

You may not be aware, but the "Creating (Mis)awareness" group has been set up by ali's cult in order to brainwash the unsuspecting Zarathushtri youth in India, all of whom's email addresses have been illegaly bought, and illegaly added to the list WITHOUT their knowledge. This is against the rules of Yahoogroups.

You may be suprised to learn that there is absolutely no conversion in our religion. If you have courage to read and understand the truth, please read :

Inter-Communal Marriages & Conversion of Non-Zoroastrians - Remedy More Dangerous than the Disease!

And since you seem to be so impressed by what the Muslim ali has to say (thus proving that that very purpose of the Mis-awareness list is for giving him a forum for his slimy brainwashing techniques) please read the truth about this Muslim at the following links:

ali jafry is an enemy of our religion by Mrs. Pervin Mistry

Why religious Zarathushtris are AGAINST the Gatha-alone cult's ali jafry

Beware of this False Saviour: By Noshir H. Dadrawala

Please also read:


This person ali has done a lot of damage against our religion, including the distortion of our scriptures. You will also receive a document about ali's dirty blashphemies against our religion on the earlier "Zoroastrian" list run by an Iranian Zoroastrian based in America. Please promise us you will read all this, to remove your current ignorance about this Muslim millionaire in America.


* Hormazd Dadari, ahriman marochinidari - Ardibehest Yasht Nirang
* Ahura Mazda is the Creator, the evil one the destroyer
* Fellow Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, please dont destroy your religion.

Our Traditional Zarathushtri Hushang Vakil then replied:

Dear Mr. M.,

My only request to you, i.e only if you are born of a Parsee mother and father, is first to understand our faith from someone who is knowledgeable, there are so many in Bombay itself, who are.... instead of harming yourself and your Deen to a great extent by all this.

The devil and his advocates, in this age of ours, have many ways in attracting the weak minded, it is all very easily said and thought by many, all that you have, by thinking modern, or being different and rebelling against a time tested ageless religion, or listening to people of other faith that convert.

Imagine the future that you would like, (i.e. the way you and your mentor would like to have it); Say a drunk, an evil wayside scoundrel, a way side prostitute, all the general public that you see, want to pray in our fire temples because they are now converted and allowed in, they enter without taking a bath, still drunk, the list goes on .... as they presently do in their places of worship.( you think they are all capable of wearing the sadra and kusti.and taking care of Iranshah and all the fires that burn in all our Agyaris like we have done with as much purity and piety.) an Agyari or an Atash Behram would cease to be so and a parsi would be just a farce-y then.

They have (we are still imagining) , by and by set their own rules like, lighting hundreds of agarbattis in our fire-temples filling them with acrid smoke , a Juddin now a (which can never be) Zarathustri, one day decides to go and pray in our fire temple and decides his arti would be good too, (like many Parsees now, do in their homes), so he includes that alongside our avestan prayers and our Dasturjis, by now almost a forgotten race(as in the making of a Dastur, there are many procedures, rites and rituals which you may be aware of, that one has to follow and all which ali jaffrey is trying to destroy), some others feel that a putla of our prophet is a must to worship as they should be able to see touch and garland their new found god with hundreds of har, just as they do their politicians, since they have been used to idol worshipping ( according to you and your line of thinking all this is ok and that we allow such and such in, .....would you be then able to stop all this , what would your children think of you, if they happen to turn out to be better Zarathushtris in their future).

What happens to the consecrated fire, you think it can all be done and taken care of by just any, tom, dick and ali, have you for one minute, stooped to think what the holy fire is all about, that you have gone so many times in your lifetime and bowed down in reverence to, and now go out of your way to defile, by even thinking of allowing it to be exposed to the juddins

That is exactly why ali is changing all our established ways, even the prayers and Gathas. because he doesn't know,... it all, but professes to know and is making a sham of it , he is excited and knows only what his teachers Dastur Dhalla and his Converter Shamardan and some more have taught him, his time is soon coming and will be fully exposed as the fake that he is, where would you want to be in the eyes of our Dadar Ahura Mazda., would you just say a "sorry, I didn't know", well, I am telling you and now you know.

when you are next walking by 'Sir Phirosha Mehta' road and you see such people ( make a conscious effort to see, please) just imagine and think what the future will be, I am sure you will see it all, as clear as you want it to be.

All the terrorist too would now want to be converted to Zarathushtris, just so they avoid the persecution they face the world over, what would our fate be. they would drag us down to their level in no time.

A Parsee today, is what he is, because of eons of development of his soul, and his 'Khore' is definitely different form the other religions and their people, as you yourself can see, feel and will agree, but that is how it is meant to be, all this has a meaning, and there is a deep meaning in all of gods planning as to why there should be different religions and different prophets for those different races, we do not have a right to question these time tested tenets but to obey, the spiritual knowledge will follow, do you for once think you are superior to our vada Dasturjis.

I am telling you these simple reasons which you might kind of understand I hope, with your limited knowledge of our great and lofty Deen, the other religious meanings if you are interested in learning and which I am sure will open your closed for the moment third eye, then do let me know, I would be more than willing and to help, take you to somebody who does.

So please keep in mind Mr. M., you are still dear to us, and the making or breaking, or of the future of our beautiful religion, you would have had an important part to play.

Please review your phlegmatic approach of the moment, to a more pragmatic one, and mould this lovely intelligent daughter of yours, who is already gifted, into a pure Zarathushtri, a stage which very few souls have reached spiritually by their own making. and see the difference, unlike what ali jafrey, who still retains his muslim name, in the guise of ostentatious deceit ,and who is a proven fake - makes of others by collecting vast sums of money, do you think it still makes any kind of sense to you all that he brays, other than non-sense.



Porus then replied to Hushang:

That was a reply from the heart, Hushang. Well written. I hope the message reaches Mr. M.'s heart and he realizes the great harm following a cult like ali can do.

The creating (mis)awareness list has been set up by the ali cult and about 5,900 members have been added without their knowledge, most of them Parsis/Iranis from India. By the way adding people to a list without their knowledge is against the rules of Yahoogroups, and this seems to have happened, since we have heard from many who dont know how they got on that list - they just started receiving messages one day.

The cult-leader ali is on the list and he is busy brainwashing the youth who dont know a lot about their religion in the first place. Mr. M. is one of the youth. Sitting in P.M. Road, Mumbai, just a little distance away from our consecrated agiaris and our Atash Behrams, just a few hundreds of yards away from Khojeste Mistree and Zoroastrian Studies, this youth Mr. M. has instead listened to the misleading and hypnotising voice of the cult-leader Muslim from America, and was repeating his message of conversion and inter-marriage, almost as if he was a cult member himself. But he is not - he has been brainwashed by constant repetition of the cultish untruth on the (mis)awareness less.

This is a shocking story, and I hope all of us will understand the evil purpose of the Creating (mis)awareness list. The internet can be used for great evil, if evil people use it for their sordid purposes.



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