Why religious Zarathushtris are AGAINST the Gatha-alone cult's ali


--- 5 Powerful Reasons ---

Why religious Zarathushtris are AGAINST the

Gatha-alone cult's ali

Fellow Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtris,

The liberal mailing list "zoroastrians@listbot.com" which is zoroastrian only in name, frequently carries trashy articles by outsiders and liberals attacking our ancient religion, eg, letters from Muslims/Christians talking about the "SEX" of Ahura Mazda, which is disgusting and insulting to us Zoroastrians. (Compare this to the Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing list (TZML) at TraditionalZarathushtris-subscribe@yahoogroups.com , a free mailing list where our religion is protected and upheld.)

We have been informed that in a recent letter in the liberal alias, a Muslim member made a really OUTRAGEOUS claim about ali, who is the Gatha alone cult leader in North America. The Muslim wrote about a liberal meeting in that place:

"Mr. Arman had the courage to suggest that it is a modern day miracle that (ali) was born a Moslem and thus qualified to be elected the POPE OF THE ZOROASTRIANS or our NEW SAOSHYANT!"

This is really incredible. Some misguided Muslims of Iran who have migrated to the West, are wrongly calling themselves "zoroastrians" after undergoing fake "navjots" which have no religious validity, and now want to "elect" a fellow Muslim as a Zoroastrian Pope or "Saoshyant"!


This is the sure sign of a dangerous cult when a millionaire cult leader like ali seeks the status of prophethood and his followers "suggest" his name for that status at meetings.

ali is a renegade Muslim based in North America, who has remounced his own sacred religion of Islam (and broken a sacred vow, the Kalima, that every Muslim takes about following that religion throughout his life). He is involved in misleading a lot of Muslims, Christians and Hindus in North America and promising to make them "zoroastrians" via a fake "navjot" ceremony. Donations can be made to his cult for that, including the right to "navjot" others, all of this for a price. This is the worst case of open commercialization of our religion in North America (it is hardly surprising, since these places are masters at commercializing everything - including spirituality and religion).

Ali heads an organization which can be best described as the Gatha-alone cult. In this cult, all Zoroastrian scriptures such as the Yashts and Vendidad are demeaned as "OUT OF DATE" and "NO MORE GUIDING", all our ancient rituals are discarded, our agiaris and atash behrams are derided and instead match-stick lit gas pipe fires are used in made up modern "prayers" in a complete mockery of the intense beliefs of our religion about the sanctity of fire and our Avestan Mathravani.

The Gatha alone cult also encourages inter-marriage (which is a great sin in our religion) and also in general has no rules against immorality, adultery, homosexuality or prostitution, acts prohibited by all major religions. The cult also discards the ancient Zoroastrian practise of the Dakhma and encourages burial, as the Muslims and Christians do.

Ali has been publicly warned by the Majlis (parliament) of Iran to stop his anti-Islamic activities outside Iran. This Muslim however seems to delight in attacking his religion of Islam as well as our own Zarathushtri religion.

I quote from ali's writing, which he posted in the previous liberal alias of Mehrdad. These words show the true filthy side of this Muslim and his Gatha alone cult. The Muslim had the gall to suggest that our ancient Zoroastrian fire temples had temple PROSTITUTES!

"However, TEMPLE PROSTITUTION meant going to temples only during the period they could sexually serve men. Menstruation kept them away from going to temples and participating in the holy rite, an act which is the main SOURCE of the menstrual taboos still observed by many tradition-bound communities." - ali.

As all Traditional Zarathushtris know, one of the commandments in our religion is to preserve the sanctity of Fire and other household objects (we keep our houses clean) against the menstrual impurity which issues from a woman every 3 days in a month. As per our religion, menstrual blood (which is the decaying wall of the uterus) is NASU - dead putrefying matter, equivalent to the dead body which we do not touch a few hours after death. (If we do that, we have to take a spiritual purification via the NAHN, using Nirang.)

Decaying blood and matter ie. NASU is the work of the evil one (who has created death and destruction, as per our religion) and is used in witchcraft and black magic, and our pure religion and its pure rituals stays well away from the impurity of Nasu. This applies to men as well - even a priest or a man who has a bleeding sore is not supposed to come before the holy Fire or participate in any rituals. The Jews have similar strict rules in their religion - they could have taken these rules from us.

At this time, our women took rest from their household chores for 3 days while the other women in the house, or the men did all the work, including cooking and preparing food. For thousands of years, the Zoroastrian people gave a "take it easy" holiday to their women every month.

However, the Gatha alone cult leader ali in his words above declares that the reason we have this "menstrual seclusion" is because "temple prostitutes" used to have sex with priests in our fire temples, and when they menstruated they were not allowed to do so, and as a result we have menstrual seclusion!

This is the most FANTASTIC and HILARIOUS theory on menstrual seclusion that we have heard so far. To suggest that menstruating women cant enter fire temples because a woman cant function as a "sexually active" "temple prostitute" is totally OUTRAGEOUS.

"Passage of time has exaggerated once the natural absence from attending their temple duty of sensually entertaining priests and pilgrims, to the much abhorred uncleanliness of the menstrual period and segregation of later days when the real reason for not attending temple services were forgotten and fables were woven to justify the segregation. - ali."

What a fantastic fable ali is weaving here. This is indeed all in his imagination, and the imagination is DIRTY indeed. As is the practise of "modern" people, especially psychologists, everything is linked to sex in such people's minds.

If indeed "menstrual pollution" was linked to "temple prostitutes not performing their "holy" sexual acts", tell me this: WHY DOES CHRIST SAY IN THE BIBLE - "Who has touched me? For I feel the power has gone out from me" when a woman in her period touched him. WE CANNOT IGNORE THIS GREAT SPIRITUAL FACT, THAT UNCLEANLINESS OF ANY KIND IS NOT GOOD FOR SPIRITUALITY.

"nothing is mentioned about any punishment for those males, priests or not, who sleep with her. - ali."

Ali is wrong here. The Vendidad says one-third of the righteousness of righteous men vanishes. This is punishment enough, for those who sleep with a prostitute.



Ali wrote:

"Threats, insults, attacks, and above all, rumors against me are now in their 14th year and those against the Assmbly in the 5th year (sic). Among our vehement and vociferous uproar raisers are a few Dasturjis, emerging Ervads, North American Mobeds Council members, contributors to Parsi periodicals in Bombay, and officials and members of certain Zoroastrian associations."

There you are! Practically, almost the whole legitimate Zoroastrian world is against you and your misdeeds, notwitstanding the so-called Zoroastrian "converts", who have no religious credence. Mr. Ali, the truth is that 99% of the Zarathushtris, Parsis and Iranis in India are against your propaganda, and 100% OF THE DASTURJEES IN INDIA ARE. That is enough for any real Zarathustri worth his salt. And one such staunch Parsi or Irani Zarathushtri is enough to counter a thousand such as you - you should know that by now.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, Mr. Ali, why so many Zarathushtris, priests and Behdins are against your propaganda? Have you ever wondered why old Parsi mothers call you "evil"? Here are the reasons, which I have outlined below, in the hope that your sleeping conscience may be re-awakened:

Reason 1.

In your propaganda, you constantly criticize and demean the Holy Scriptures - the Vendidad and the Yashts, which are the pillars of our religion. A true scholar is only meant to report on a religion - "this religion believes in this, that religion believes in that" - a true scholar does not sit in judgment, LIKE YOU HAVE DONE, and call statements in the Vendidad and Yashts as unbelievable. I refer to your past letters in the liberal mailing list, wherein you poked fun, at the Zarathustris for statements in the Vendidad that said that "The Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion was revealed to Shah Jamshed".

If you cant believe this, it is okay for you, but you should not scorn the Holy Vendidad, which we pray continously in our sacred Agiaris and Atash Behrams, before the holy Fire. You also poked fun at the sacred Farvardin Yasht, wherein it is mentioned that "Gayomard was first taught the Mazdayasni religion". You scathingly said: how could Gayomard be taught by Mazda when the word "Mazda" was non-existant?

In your arrogance and play on syllables and words, you forgot the FEELINGS of many Zarathustris who PRAY these scriptures continously. You attacked their FAITH - telling them it was foolish to believe in what their ancestors have believed in, it was foolish to follow what their parents had taught them. In so doing, you acted out the part of evil in this evil age, wherein ancient beliefs of all religions are condemned at every step. You had done your part, to decrease faith in this world - and that was evil, because A GOOD MAN INCREASES FAITH, HE DOES NOT DECREASE IT. Please realise this, and wake up.

Reason 2.

In your propaganda, you attack the Holy Rituals and especially the sacred ceremony of Nirangdin. Articles of yours published in Parsiana exhort the Parsis not to use the Holy Nirang in their ceremonies, not to follow any rituals. I ask you this: as a member of a different religion, you would be naturally averse to rituals, we can understand that and appreciate it, because your faith is essentially non-ritualistic and heeds only the words of the Prophet.

But WHY DO YOU WANT TO FORCE YOUR PERSONAL BELIEFS ON THE ZARATHUSHTRIS? We were the original religion of mankind, we the Mazdayasni Aryans of Iran were the ones who FIRST used rituals to worship God, and these rituals have come down into many other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism and Catholic Christianity.

If you condemn our sacred rituals, I can only tell you this - YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT OUR RITUALS MEAN TO US, how high they lift us spiritually.

You, who have never been destined by Ahura Mazda to wear the sudreh-kusti (because of your not being born in the Zoroastrian religion) can make only intellectual conjectures and speculations. To you sudreh, kusti and rituals are only words to be used to confuse the sincere Zoroastrians and mislead them. You, who have never undergone the sacred "padyaab-kusti" ceremony, will never understand how efficacious these rituals are in lifting up mankind spiritually. Writing against rituals is one thing (as is done so misleadingly by you); but performing and actually experiencing the benefits they bring into ones's daily life is another (as eloquent testimonies from Zarathushtris all over the world will reveal).

Even the Aborigine of Australia has his sacred rituals, his secret paintings, wherin he draws close to the Master Spirit of the Universe. Will you go up to the aborigine too and tell him to stop his rituals, and forget his ancient culture? Will the aborigine listen to you? Popbably you will be told to go on a "walkabout" - in short, to buzz off and mind your own business.

Reason 3.

You condemn the sacred practise of Dakhma-nashini (corpse destruction in the Dakhma, by the flesh-eating bird or the rays of the Sun, as commanded by Ahura Mazda) which we Zarathushtris have followed for thousands of years. You may dislike this religious practise of the Zarathushtris, because your own religion believes in burial, and we can understand that.

But that gives you NO RIGHT TO CONDEMN OUR BELIEFS. The practise of Dakhma-nashini is holy to us, because it is commanded by Ahura Mazda Himself in the Holy Vendidad. In my future postings, I will present to the members of this group, the evidence collected to show as to why exactly Dakhma-nashini is the BEST way to dispose of a dead body.

But, of course, you condemn the Vendidad itself. By what right? Simply because you have read a few books and have a little knowledge on "words" and how they are composed? Do you have FAITH, which is a thousand times superior to knowledge? As a saying by a saint of India goes,

"Pothi Padh Padh mar gaye, Pandit bana na koy

Adhai Akshar Prem se bole, Pandit ho to vohi",


"After reading volumes and volumes, they have passed on,

None of them was a true learned man

He who takes the name of God with love and faith,

He is the true learned man." - Saint Kabir.

Reason 4.

You mock the SAOSHYANT Himself - the expected Saviour of the Zarathushtris, that we have prayed for for thousands of years. You scorn this "hope in a Saviour" of the Zarathushtris. In your arrogance, you forget that YOUR OWN RELIGION waits for the Mahdi (messenger) to come, the Jews wait for the Messiah, the Christians for the Second Coming, the Hindus for the last incarnation of Vishnu - Kalki, and the Buddhists for the last Buddha - Maitreya. You thus mock the belief of all the great religions of the world, you scorn the hopes in the breasts of millions of human beings, and in this you do evil - all in your false scholarly pride and arrogance.

O man, be not so arrogant, that you condemn so many millions for the hope beating in their breasts. If a man waits for the Saviour, it is a good and holy hope, and you do great wrong by condemning it. Know this to be true.

You mock the pride the Parsis have in their "blue-blooded Kayani race", as in your last article in Parsiana. What right have you, an outsider of a different religion, to mock the pride we feel in our culture, our identity and our heritage? Every people on the earth have a right to preserve their identity - be it a racial/ethnic identity or be it a cultural identity. Do you deny people this right? Will you go up to the Red Indian and tell him that his pride in his heritage, in his people, in his culture, is all wrong? Will you mock the Red indian too?

Because of your dislike of the pride we Paris have in the Kayani race of our forefathers, you ask the Parsis to freely intermarry, in the insiduous hope that their identity will be lost (God forbid) and their pride shattered (God forbid). But dont you see, Mr. Ali, righteous pride is not wrong, and what you espouse in your propaganda - intermarriage - actually leads to a dilution of the religious faith too, because the child of inter- married parents too often decides not to follow any religion, especially in the modern world. My learned peers have ably explained again and again, that INTER-MARRIAGE IS MOST DETRIMENTAL FOR THE ZARATHUSHTRI RELIGION.

You wrote:

"Although now and then there is an outburst of an uproar, many of our opponents are showing signs of fatigue.. Many voices have died.."

These stalwarts may become silent now and then because they are working people, with families, and pressures of everyday living. They are not idle people with lots of money and time on their hands, they are not on the payroll of rich "liberals", who sponsor outsiders to the tune of thousands of dollars per month.

In this age, evil is indeed moneyed and powerful. In our Holy Prophet Asho Zarathushtra's time, the evil magicians, the Kavis and Karappans were likewise moneyed and powerful. But Asho Zarathushtra opposed them, because he had the power of Righteousness (Ashoi) on his side. He had the Yatha Ahu Vairyo (Ahunavar) on his side, and all evil against him was to no avail. The evil one ahreman itself attacked Zarathushtra, but Zarathushtra's chanting of the Ahunavar forced it to flee, weeping in terror.

So, rest assured, you will continue to be opposed, if you continue to do evil in the name of God. It is our sacred duty to oppose such evil.

The voice of truth will never tire or die out. It will be taken up by one, then two, then many. The flag of the true Zoroastrian religion will be passed from hand to hand, and these true Zoroastrians will always oppose your destructive ideas. Faith can move mountains, and our faith is strong - it will never be shot down by you.

You wrote:

"postings which will continue to be ignored by us."

How long will you continue to ignore the truth? Truth has a habit of sneaking up on you, where you least expect it. Even if you close your ears and become deaf to the voices of the righteous, ultimately, you will have to answer for what you do, when you will be judged by God on the day of the resurrection, which your religion believes in.

What will you answer the Almighty, when He askes you: "Ali, why did you leave the Muslim religion I gave you birth in?" "Ali, why did you decrease faith among the Zoroastrians? Why did you attack their beliefs, why did you poke fun at their scriptures? Why did you hurt their feelings?"

Will you ignore God then? Or, like a mischievous child who has repented, hide your face in shame and ASK HIS FORGIVENESS?

You wrote:

"... is a newcomer, just barely five months old."

The person may be a baby, it is true, but if a baby has the divine force of Righteousness (Ashoi) behind him, even a baby can stand up to you. Asho Zarathushtra was just a boy, when he stood up to the evil magician Durasarob, who also was powerful and moneyed. Mahatma Gandhiji was just one man - but with TRUTH behind him, he was able to stand up to the mighty British empire, and free India.

Similarly, if you mislead and exploit the Zoroastrians, if you oppose the teachings of the Zarathushtri religion, then I, and Noshir Dadrawalla, the Holy Dasturjees, the staunch Ervads, and many others, priests and Behdins will continue to oppose you. Remember - ultimately, the righteous will win in this battle between good and evil, that has gone on since the entry of the evil one into this world. The evil one, and all evil, is ultimately doomed - such is the great promise of our faith.

You wrote:

"All other parts of the Avesta and Pahlavi have their ethical, historical, geographical, and anthropological values and there is an accepted place for them outside the doctrinal scripture: the Gathic texts."

The Vendidad and Holy Yashts are NOT "anthropological" or mere remnants of dead cultures - they are living, breathing sacred scriptures, filled with the power of Ahura Mazda. You INSULT us Zarathushtris when you insult our sacred scriptures, that thousands of us pray daily in our fire-temples.


You wrote:

"The Z Assmbly has its Internet Access Board consisting of .... The six young persons named here are Computer Wizards. Three of them are Zoroastrian Alias members and Internet subscribers."

This is proof indeed, of the "liberal" proaganda machine. Maybe the ordinary folk of the Zoroastrian religion are not as organized as you are. But now and then they throw up a champion like Noshir Dadrawala, or Adil Rangoonwalla, or Ervad Darius Sethna, to defend the tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri Deen against the sick propaganda of outsiders like you.

You wrote:

"he is confined to the subscribers of Zoroastrian Alias and now alt.religion.zoroastrian."

For the first time on the Internet, a brave Ratheshtar (soldier) of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri faith has confronted your powerful, moneyed cult, and it's hynotic, seductive propaganda. One man against scores, but no matter. Even if you succeed in silencing one, ten such as this man shall arise, then a hundred, then a thousand, until the Saoshyant comes like an avenging storm. And that time is near, though you scorn this ancient sacred hope of the Zarathushtris.

Indeed, without rituals, the Zoroastrian religion cannot survive (God forbid). Which is why religious Zarathushtris oppose the outsiders, who are guiding our youth in the wrong way - they tell our youth to give up the rituals of their ancestors. These outsiders DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SECRET MEANING OF OUR RITUALS, AND MISGUIDE ZARATHUSHTRIS TO DISCARD THEM.

One of these outsiders, Ali has betrayed his nervousness by attacking the "Traditional Zoroastrians" in one of his messages. In his letter, Ali says:

"Ever since the establishment of the Z Assmbly in 1990, certain persons, calling themselves Traditional Mazdayasnis, have indulged in a campaign, generally in blasphemous name-calling language, against what they love to call the Gathas Alone Cult and GAC as an abbreviation for it."

Mr. Ali, by CALLING THE TRADITIONAL MAZDAYASNIS "BLASPHEMOUS" when they are simply defending their religion, you are also indulging in a "personal attack". You also said:

"..infantile and see themselves helpless. Like little children, they do need someone to act as their parents. This is supplied to them by their scriptures which tell them, in the name of the reported dialogues between Ahura Mazda and Zarathushtra, what to do and what not to do. Whether they fully can put up with what are commanded or skip many of them, is another matter. But again like children, they shout at others to do this and not to do that, just because their parents have told them so. One can easily understand this obsession of their."

There are two brothers, Mr. Ali. Both of them are small children. Now, their father tells them not to steal fruits from their neighbour's orchard. The elder brother obeys, but the small one, a mischievous one rebels against the commandment of his father. He goes, climbs the tree, slips into his neigbour's orchard, and starts stealing the fruits. The elder brother watches, aghast. He shouts at his younger brother to stop what he is doing, else he would be caught in the trap the neighbour has laid, and their father would be very angry. But the younger brother does not listen.

Now tell us, Mr. Ali, who is wrong here, and who is right? Should the elder brother just walk away uncaringly, and let his small brother be punished for having broken his father's law? No, he should try to save him, BY SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS IF NEED BE, the error of his ways, and hope that the young brother stops disobeying his father, for his own sake.

Similarly, the rules in the Zarathushtri Scriptures are handed down to us by our Father, Ahura Mazda. Generations and generations of Zarathushtris have been following these rules eg. Sudreh-kusti, the rituals, dakhma-nashini, marriage within the community etc, as best as we can. Now, when our young, innocent Zarathushtri youths are being misguided by outsiders like you to FORGET the rules that God has given us, naturally we try to guide them to the right path, for their own sake, and for the sake of the religion.

Mr. Ali wrote:

"These do's and don't are endless. One should have quite a spare time to go through their commandment books to see the "tell-yous" and taboos that are so binding that one, like any child bombarded with do's and don'ts, is lost and gets quite puzzled."

A child is not puzzled with rules, Mr. Ali, a child is puzzled by the LACK OF RULES. Eg.: every religion on this earth says adultery is wrong. Now, people like you say "dont believe in religious rules, just follow your own mind".

Therefore, a youth whom you have misguided would say "there is nothing wrong in adultery". Maybe a more moral disciple of yours would say "no, adultery is wrong". If the two youths were to meet, there would be total confusion as to who is right or wrong, because there is a LACK OF RULES in your philosophy.

To me, you seem to be a mischievous child, Mr. Ali, who has rebelled against the commandments of his own religion - the religion of the Holy Prophet Mohammed - and now you are telling Zarathushtris to rebel against the rules of their own religion.

Mr. Ali wrote:

"they keep on urging others to follow the rules, rules that have their deep roots in pre-Aryan natives of the Iranian Plateau"

This is a highly misleading statement. All the rules in our religion are ARYAN in origin - the Vendiad itself is written in Avestan, and Avestan is an Aryan language, Mr. Ali - do you deny that? I would also ask you to lift your eyes further, to the great religious epics of India such as the Mahabharata, which are also Aryan epics and have many similar rules to ours, eg, Draupadi says she is in an "unclean" state of menstruation and cannot meet anyone.

If the rules had their "deep roots in pre-Aryan natives of the Iranian Plateau", then the Aryan damsel Draupadi of India would not be following a rule similar to what is mentioned on the Vendidad. The rules in our religion, as explained in the Vendidad and Yashts are all Aryan, Mr. Ali - please dont mislead us any further.

Ali said:

"Why these persons have never come up with a translation and commentary of the entire Avesta so that the laity knows what to do and does not turn to "liberals," "western misleaders," and "outsider mischief-makers"?

There are several translations of the Yashts and Vendidad, Mr. Ali, by proud Zarathushtris. I refer you to Tehmuras Rustomjee Sethna's translations of the scriptures in English, published in Karachi. I am proud to own this translation of the scriptures by a common God-fearing Zarathushtri.

Ali said: "All of them show, in their attacking articles, that they are well-versed in the "Mazdayasni" religion right from the days of the supposed first "prophet" Kayumars through the second supposed one Jamshid to the third supposed one Zarathushtra to the present wait-and-see days for the Savior Shah Bahram Varjavand. (Supposed because they say this without producing any concrete piece of the texts of messages received by the earlier two so that Zarathushtra becomes the third and not THE DIVINE FOUNDER of the Good Religion as we recognize him. Look at the Bible and you will see a row of prophets with their "revealed" texts.) "

Mr. Ali, The Bible is fairly recent compared to OUR history. The Bible must have been written 2-3 thousand years BC, whereas Zarathushtra probably lived 8,000 BC (as per the Greeks) and Shah Jamshed lived thousands of years before Zarathushtra, at the time of the onset of the ice age glaciations. How long ago was that? 40,000 years BC?

Our "concrete" evidence, as you term it, is in the Farvardin Yasht, which states clearly that THE MAZDAYASNI RELIGION WAS FIRST REVEALED BY AHURA MAZDA TO GAYA-MARETAN, THE FIRST ARYAN. The Vendidad says clearly that the Mazdayasni religion was then revealed to Yima Kshaeta, the Aryan King (Yiam = Jam, ksaeta = king = shed, so Jamshed) who ruled over the Aryans in the ancient homeland "Airyanam Vaejo", the Seedland of the Aryans, before they migrated to Iran.

After thousands of years, the Aryan religion had deteriorated, evil magicians and misleading teachers had sprung up, leading the Mazdayasnis astray, telling them to worship evil and RENOUNCE THEIR ANCIENT RITUALS OF WORSHIPPING THE DIVINE ELEMENTS OF GOD.

At that time, the earth cried out for a Saviour, and Zarathushtra-Saheb was born, he RE-REVEALED THE ANCIENT MAZDAYASNI FAITH IN IT'S ANCIENT GLORY, and also revealed the Agusto Vachao - Words of Ahura never heard before, such as the Holy AHUNAVAR - the most powerful prayer (Yatha Ahu Vairyo) with whose help God created the Universe. Zarathushtra asked the Aryan Mazdayasnis of Iran to stop worshipping evil. He REVIVED the ancient rituals of the YASHTS, putting his stamp of approval on each one of them - "Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda replied", and so on.

Ali wrote:

"Not a single one of them has any book to his or her credit."

God has INSTANTLY proved you wrong there, Mr. Ali. By the Grace of God, the book "The Saga of the Aryans" has recently been released in Bombay, and it is proving to be very popular among the Zarathushtris. IT IS BASED ON THE VERY ZARATHUSHTRI SCRIPTURES THAT YOU DERIDE, THE HOLY YASHTS AND VENDIDAD.

Ali wrote:

"From what one observes, they are not interested in the constructive side of the matter. They are too busy with their uproar and have no time to settle down to work."

Our religion enjoins on us to OPPOSE EVIL, in whatever form we find it on this earth. Our holy Yashts attack evil constantly, eg. "ahriman hich nadan" - the evil one is nothing - so it says in the Ardibehest Yasht Nirang. The person who prays the Vanant Yasht says "I tie the mouths of snakes, rats, cats, wolves".

So, opposing evil is also a VERY IMPORTANT PART of our religion, therefore righteous Zarathushtris "create an uproar" when they are faced with such insidious evil as yours, Mr. Ali, the evil of false propaganda that you constantly do.

Ali said:

"Another question which has perplexed me: Why all these persons speak of homosexuality, prostitution and other "vices" in their attacks on the "GAC" or "liberals" and reformists? Why of all other ethical "deviations" mentioned in their voluminous scriptures and Persian PATETS, they think only of "perverted sex"? "

Because, the liberals have shown time and again that by the very nature of the loose "freedom from rules" that you preach, they CANNOT OPPOSE homosexuality or prostitution, they champion the free evil choice of these individuals. Because there are no rules in your Gatha-only cult, Mr. Ali, thay cannot take a moral stand and oppose "perverted sex", which has reached an all time high in the modern world today. Then, they find they cannot speak against adultery, and "de-facto" living together. Soon, their family values deteriorate, the family deteriorates, and the religion is forgotten.

All because of your Gatha-only cult, Mr Ali, which doesnt believe in rules or rituals. Why do you want to destroy these people, Mr. Ali?

Lastly, by comparing the Traditional Mazdayasnis to "barking dogs" in your letter, you have shown them the utmost disrespect. We know that a man of your faith (the faith of Muhammed) shows the greatest scorn to dogs, (quite unlike our Vendidad which shows the highest respect to dogs) and by comparing the righteous Zarathushtris, men with faith in their religion to "roadside barking dogs", you have done them a great injustice.

As one of my Zarathustri friends rightly said, "When the druj is attacked, he goes into a frenzy." How true.

The Muslim Ali launched a personal attack yesterday on 3 Parsi Zarathushtris, including myself, just because we have stood up to defend our precious Prophet Zarathustra and our religion against his constant attacks. He wrote about myself, in the most vicious personal terms possible:

"After all, he is a bachelor of 37 years obsessed with homosexuality and prostitution, and somehow he has to vent his frustrations! ...his uproar and blatant lies."

First of all, get your facts right, Mr. Ali. I am not 37 years old. And if I have spoken out against homosexuality and prostitution, it is because all religions say that these things are wrong, including my religion Zoroastrianism, and your religion Islam, Mr. Ali. However, in the Gatha-only-cult that you are propagating in North America, you say that there are "no rules" in our religion. You therefore imply to your disciples that anything and everything is okay in our religion. There are simply no books, no rules of right and wrong in your cult, and this is what is *wrong* - it weakens the morality in the world. Thus, you easily attract the white youth who are disillusioned with Christianity, and who are experimenting with drugs, homosexuality, bisexuality, free sex and the like - all in the name of our great and ancient religion. SHAME on you, for perverting the name of our ancient religion thus.

The books of our religion, such as the Yashts and the Vendidad, clearly teach what is right and wrong, but you heap contempt on these books and say they are of "anthropological value only, not sacred". What right have you to say these things about our Holy books, when you are yourself a Muslim? What right have you to mislead our Zarathushtri young? Have you no shame, when you turn away our young from what their forefathers taught them to do? Have you no regard for the many sacrifices our forefathers made to PRESERVE their ancient religion, giving their very lives for this?

You have clearly no moral right and authority to do these things. Morally and spiritually, you are in the wrong, Mr. Ali, and any man of God will tell you that. You should practise the great religion of Islam you are born in, Mr. Ali, and not try to subvert our religion.

You wrote:

"within a period of six years, the movement of the Gathic pristine purity has progressed to such an extent that, in addition to attracting knowledgeable persons from all over the world, it has made the "Defenders of the Traditional Faith" to hurry and scurry and to mobilize themselves, and that too with the help of international non-Zoroastrian scholars, to ward off the danger that threatens their "interests." Too late! Too late!"

For the forces of Good and Righteousness, it is NEVER TOO LATE. The final Victory of Good over evil is assured in my Zoroastrian religion, Mr. Ali. If we are seeking to preserve a great tradition, we are doing GOOD, and if you are seeking to destroy our tradition, you are doing BAD, and can never achieve victory. It is as simple as that.

About following the COMMANDMENTS of the Zarathushtri religion, Zarathushtra himself proclaimed:

'That which Mazda Ahura, the Knowing One, told me, (saying) "For those among you who will not practice these 'manthra' (holy words) in the way I think and pronounce it, for them 'woe' will be the last word of (their) existence."

Yasna 45.3 (Ushtavaiti Gatha)

(Humbach-Ichaporia, The Heritage of Zarathushtra, 1994)

Dr. Ichaporia rightly wrote on this:

"This is the clear and lucid direction to practice and strictly follow the "holy words/sayings" (manthra) as Zarathushtra conceived them as revelations from Ahura Mazda, Zarathushtra gives the strict warning of WOE that will befall those who will DISREGARD them. The question of so called, often heard "reflection" is nowhere in sight, here as well as in the whole corpus of the Gathas. The word 'reflection' does not even occur once."

Well said. Indeed, as other religious scholars from India have pointed out, even the Holy Gathas themselves, precious scriptures of the Zarathushtris have been twisted and perverted in meaning by the liberals and outsiders in North America. The Gathas were written at a time when there was only one religion, Zoroastrianism, and these great poems speak of the eternal choice between good and evil that lies before every man. Even this choice between good and evil has been perverted into a "choose your own religion as if it were an ice-cream cone" by the liberals of North America, and their outsider (mis)leaders.

In so doing, THEY NOW ATTACK ALL RELIGIONS AS "EVIL"! I have been privately informed of VICIOUS attacks on ALL religions in the European mailing list that calls itself "Zoroastrian", headed by a Christian disciple of Ali.

The fact remains that Ali HAS IMPLICITLY SUPPORTED SUCH ATTACKS BY HIS CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT OF THIS CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE, as we saw in a letter in which Ali calls himself "Baba" and tells the disciple to do this and that. Never once has Ali admonished this disciple, and asked him to stop equating sordid homosexuality with Zoroastrianism. Never once has Ali explained what is morally right and what is morally wrong.

On the other hand, when this Christian disciple of Ali wrote to me a year ago that the Bible was "bullshit", I immediately told him he was very wrong and also that homosexuality was outlawed in his religion, and mine. But his "baba" told him there were no rules, he could do anything. The Christian listened to the misleading voice of the "baba", not to his own religion, not to our religion, and not to my voice which told him clearly that attacking other religions was wrong, saying the Bible was bullshit was wrong, and that sordid sexual acts such as homosexuality were NOT allowed in any religion.

As a result, Ali's disciple is indulging in vicious religious attacks, all in the name of Zoroastrianism. He teaches newcomers to his list that our sacred religion allows any kind of perversion, even homosexuality.

This is very shameful, for Zarathushtris do not allow homosexuality in our religion, nor do we call other religions as "evil". But this is the direct result of the teachings of Ali to outsiders like this Christian, and spiritually starved people are often led astray - even educated people, by sweet talk and high sounding words.

Cults are very, very dangerous for young people. Witness the recent mass suicide of 39 Americans in North America, led astray by a radical CULT leader who went against mainstream Christianity. Such things happen in cults, which are very dangerous because they misquote and pervert the teachings of the Prophet of the religion, and often attack the priests, holy places, and traditional aspects of an established religion.

A Parsi Zarathushtri wrote:

"Undoubtedly, today we have a better understanding of the Gathas than most of our ancestors did a hundred years ago. But I am certain that our understanding of the Gathas, the younger Avesta and later texts and rituals is still evolving and is FAR FROM PERFECT. We owe it to ourselves to continue to study ALL the texts, observe ALL the rituals, and follow ALL the Zarthusti practices we can WITHOUT PREJUDICE OR SMUGNESS. "

Well said. A Parsi is always a traditional at heart, he will never destroy his motherly religion, when the Parsi realizes what the liberals and outsiders around him are upto. After all our blood has not turned into water yet. We cannot destroy our own mother, the religion.

Ali's TWO-FACED answer to this plea from a fellow Zarathushtri, amazes me. He says:

"You may, by all means, study ALL the texts, observe ALL the rituals, and follow ALL the Zarthusti practices. No one is telling you otherwise. "

And in the same breath, he says:

"As far as other Avestan, Pahlavi and Persian SCRIPTURES of daily life "prescriptions" are concerned, they constitute a literature that suited well their times. Although a rich heritage, they are MOSTLY OUTDATED now. As an Iranian and of Iranian ancestry, these scriptures are very much my heritage too and I am benignly proud of them. But they are, with the exception of selected pieces, OUT-OF-DATE AND NO MORE GUIDING."




- A Religious Zarathushri youth.

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