ali jafry is an enemy of our religion

by Mrs. Pervin Mistry

This message is to caution all Mazdayasni Zarthushtis that the new group called "creatingawareness" is the brain child of certain heterodox individuals from North America who wish to promote and propagate heterodoxy among the gullible youth and adults. This group favours the likes of ali jafry, a Muslim heretic. These individuals, during the WZC2000 Congress in Houston had involved ali jafry in the Congress with the fake invention of "Principle of Inclusion" against the protest of the Zarthushti population worldwide!

Please read on and take care that word goes out to the Zarthushti community worldwide that this Group: "creatingawareness", is headed by the heterodox and the likes of ali jafry. The gullible and impressionable youth should not get carried away by false propaganda and information coming from this Group.

In a message from ali jafry in this group, ali confesses that he has been inside the Yazd Atash-Bahram and that he consumed the Hom Juice. He writes, "The ceremony I remember often is the "Jashan" ceremony at the Yazd Atash Bahram in which the two priests, Amy and I were the only persons who went through the entire four-and-half-hour ceremony. Others came respectfully, sat silently and left quietly. And we partook the 'haoma' juice as a part of the ceremony."

Emerging FACTS from the above statement made by jafry are:

1)ali jafry proves his ignorance about our religion by stating that "haoma" juice is extracted during a "jashan" ceremony. Hom is extracted during the Ijeshne (Yasna) ritual in which all the 72 ha are recited! Two specific realities emerge from this misleading statement.

a)that he has cleverly avoided using the name of the ritual he illegaly attended within the sanctity of our consecrated Atash Bahram as "Ijeshne" because thanks to the likes of him that today the Ijeshne ritual is banned from being performed in Iran. Why? Because during this ritual, the sacred Hom is pounded and extracted. It is ali jafry who has started the Gatha Alone Cult by advocating that only the Gathas are the words of Asho Zarathushtra and the rest of the Avesta is "invented" later by priests. How can he justify the recitation of the 72 ha of the Ijeshne ritual when all that he believes in is the fragment, the Gatha portion alone, from among the entire 72 ha? He cleverly omits the correct mention of the ritual as "Ijeshne" by substituting the word "jashan" to justify his own folly and misdeed! After announcing the Gathas to be the only valid scriptures, how can 72 ha be permitted to be recited in his presence and he to acknowledge such a recitation??? Oh, the cunning of this Muslim heretic!

b)the fact that he consumed the "haoma" juice makes him, in his own written words, an evil enemy of the religion and of Asho Zarathushtra! In his book "The Gathas, Our Guide", Ushta Publications, p.39, Ahunavaiti Gatha, Song 5 Aberration, jafry writes with reference to Hom ("dooroshem"), "Fired by the wisdom-wasting drink, they have declared that the world must be destroyed." This is PROOF that he confesses himself to be an evil doer, a destroyer of the world since he himself drank (according to him), the "wisdom-wasting drink"!

Dear Zarthushtis, it is imperative that you all know that within the text of the Gathas, it is mentioned several times that the ritual of IJESHNE (Yasna) be performed with dedication! And, the sacred life-giving Hom is mentioned as "dooroshem", meaning life-giving and not as evil or "wisdom-wasting"! >From ALL our scriptures, from the entire corpus of the sacred Avesta, especially the Gathas, Hom Yasht, Atash Niyayesh and Vendidad, from the Pahlavi Texts, it is made abundantly clear and indisputable that without Hom there can be NO immortality and NO Frashogard! Therefore, it is ali jafry himself, the worst evil-doer, who wishes to stop Ahura Mazda's Good Creation from attaining to Frashogard by inciting Zarthushtis to abandon the ritual of Yasna and by maintaining the heresy that Hom is evil! In our scriptures only Ahriman is said to fear Frashogard and therefore he, Ahriman, wishes to lead Zarthushtis to abandon Yasna and from consuming Hom! For proof, please note that according to the Avesta (Hom Yasht), the Sacred Ritual of Yasna or Ijeshne was performed by Vivanghan who thereafter begot the resplendent Jamshid or Yim who possessd full Kiyani Glory due to the Yasna Vivanghan performed! The other holy personages who performed the Yasna and pounded the sacred Hom were,

a)Athavian who subsequently begot Faredoon who conquered Zohak (manifestation of the evil angre mainyu);

b)Pourushaspa, the father of our revered Holy Paigambar Asho Zarathushtrta in order that the divine Fravashi of Asho Zarathushtra gets materialized on this Earth through the sacred Hom Juice which Pourushaspa and Dogdo (mother) drank!

c)Asho zarathushtra Himself performed the Ijeshne and pounded the sacred Hom when Bahman Ameshaspand appeared and took Asho Zarathushtra to the Spiritual Realms in the Assembly of Ahura Mazda!

From the above, anyone who is even a little bit discerning will KNOW that ali jafry is an enemy of our religion. He is a hypocrite who writes AGAINST the ritual of Yasna and the pounding/consuming of the sacred Hom and then, to influence the gullible, writes as to how he alone, with his wife, attended the entire ritual of "jashan" and drank the "haoma" juice! Why would he drink something that he considers evil and "wisdom-wasting" unless he is himself a personification of the devil who quotes the scriptures to mislead the gullible! jafry is an unwise "wisdom-waster" because he is guilty of participating in the ritual in which (according to him) the "wisdom- wasting drink" (Hom) was extracted! Should we believe or not that he actually consumed the sacred Hom after writing such nonsense about this ascred ritual and drink?

Be Aware! As proven above, jafry, as a fake "ratu", is a liar and an enemy of our Religion! This so-called "creatingawareness" group is an anti- Zarthushti propaganda group!!! Do NOT Get Carried Away! Read and study for yourselves our sacred scriptures and you will soon become confirmed that ali jafry and his Assembly, his Spenta University, and this "creatingawareness" group are anti-Zarathustrian! Ask the heterodox Meher Amalsad, one of the supporters of the Muslim heretic, whether or not he accepts intermarriage and conversion. However, be prepared that he will give you two different answers on the same subject within two different days! And in the name of "Love and Light" everything wrong and unrighteous will also be rhymed to look like morally correct and compassionate. Universalism is NOT Zarathushtrianism although we respect ALL religions and ALL prophets as Divine Messengers! Therefore, we believe that ALL religions are manifested on Earth according to Ahura Mazda's Will and converting from religion to religion is against that which God has ordained. It is not the name of the religion that makes an individual more spiritual, rather, it is in following the disciplines of the religion one is born into that makes the person spiritually evolved since the motto "His Will Be Done" is fulfilled by following the Path of Religion the immortal Soul chose, before birth, for that individual during this Earthly sojourn!

2)jafry also writes, "I succeeded in convincing the late Chief Mobeds Rostam Shahzadi, Ardeshir Azargoshasb and Firuz Azargoshasb that the given age in the Avesta and Pahlavi is 15 years and above" (with reference to the performance of the ritual of navjote), is another false statement! The actual quote in the Pahlavi Text, Sad Dar, SBE Vol. 24, p. 268 reads, "It is incumbent on all those of the good religion, women and men, every one who attains to fifteen years, to wear the sacred thread-girdle". It does NOT state that a Zarthsuhti HAS to be 15 years and above!!! Rather, a Zarthushti HAS to be under 15 years if age, not more, and Navjote is INCUMBENT before that age of 15 years is reached!!! Ritual tradition going back to many millennia affirms that navjote is mostly performed when a Zarthushti child reaches the age of 7 or 9 and only in unusual circumstances navjote was held when the child was 15!

Dadistan-i-Dinik, SBE VOL. 18, p. 129, another Pahlavi Text, also refers to navjote. "Thus spoke Auharmazd: When for him, of those who are Mazda-worshippers, there is this beneficial, star-sprangled garment, always (after seven years of age) first he covers up (that is, clothes) his own body in it, and with that he is properly a preserver of faith...."! jafry has twisted the words "after seven years of age" to fulfil his evil intention of converting adults born of other religions to become Zarthshtis knowing full well that if the injunction of performing navjote REMAINS as "before 15 years" he will not succeed in converting other Muslims and Christians into our religion!

Unfortunately, the gullible High Priests of Iran fell to this cunning! This may have been because the Priests in Iran wished to have the navjote performed of all those Zarthsuhtis who remained without wearing the injuncted sudreh-kusti. Due to persecution if found out to belong to our religion many Zarthsuhtis in Iran neglected wearing sudreh-kusti and abstained from performing the navjote of their children. Also, some Zarthushtis in Iran remained ignorant of the customs, traditions and rituals their ancestors preserved and followed through FAITH - even if it meant giving up their life for what they believed in! During the middle of the 20th century, in order to assimilate with the Muslims and gain favors, many Zarthushtis in Iran were moving away from their own religion. To contain such attitude, the High Priests may have, under unusual conditions, permitted navjotes of adults but alas, this subsequently became the norm and jafry started his conversion movement that is distinctly anti- Zarthushti.

Yet, another eye-opener is stated in the Pahlavi Text, Sad Dar, SBE Vol. 24, p. 310, where it is emphatically stated that " And, in former days, if any one should have become completely fifteen years of age, and should not have worn the sacred thread-girdle, they would have done for him by stoning, as bread and water are forbidden (haram) for him"! WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE SCRIPTURES STATE THAT NAVJOTE SHOULD BE, MUST BE, PERFORMED BEFORE THE AGE OF 15 AND NOT AFTER!!! As abundantly proven, ali jafry is twisting the scriptures to justify his heresies and to mislead the gullible!

Zarthsuhtis, it is time our High Priests in India and the entire community begin to take notice of the WRONG that is being propagated by a MUSLIM calling himself a "Zarthushti" and the damage he is doing by influencing the mind of the gullible! jafry has succeeded in extinguishing the sacred flames in Iran by replacing the wood-consuming fires with gas-lighted ones! Atash Niyayesh admonishes Zarthushtis to offer dry and perfumed WOOD to the fire daily! Today, thanks to jafry, the wood-burning consecrated fires are replaced by gas ones and the Atash Bahram in Kerman is now turned into a "museum"! One by one, due to our own ignorance, we have accepted the so-called "reforms" and "changes" to our religious traditions, rituals, customs that this Muslim has and IS advocating in order to achieve his evil intention of changing our religion into a CULT devoid of Divine Revelation!!! His personal perferences are replacing our Divinely Revealed Commands and is there no one who cares!? Who will speak out!? Are all Zarthushtis really spiritually DEAD!?

3)jafry and his converts who call themselves the "good behdins" are travelling through South America, to Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico, to convert others and to establish the so-called "Universal" Doctrine of our religion! It is an insult to the High Priests when there are 8 of them in India and this sham "ratu" propagates such heresies without their consent or any Divine Communion that gives him the authority to alter our established rituals and traditions. Arise, ye Parsis, you Zarthushtis, who are sitting complacent accepting this person to do his evil deeds!

If in the last 20 years the wheel has rotated anti-clockwise towards heterodoxy, it is not too late to stop the momentum. If every true Zarthushti speaks out, the turning of the wheel CAN be changed in the other direction, to reflect the correct doctrines of our religion. If only the High Priests of Iran had, at the time, realized the hidden agenda and cunning of jafry, they would never have decreed that navjote can be performed after the age of 15. Mobeds in Iran would still be performing the Yasna, Vendidad and Nirang-e-Din rituals had jafry not succeeded in influencing some High Priests with his cunning and "sweet" (love and light) tongue.

I hope this will create RIGHT awareness among our community members including the Vada Dasturjis who may be unaware of the heresies committed in the name of religion.

Yazdan Panah Baad,


P.S. Please circulate this e-mail to the Vada Dasturjis, mobeds and friends, especially to the youth. Thank you.

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