A Note from the Publisher

It gives me great pleasure to have published this work of Porus Homi Havewala, whom I have known for many years, both in India and abroad. Porus has been a good friend and has been my colleague in the computer industry since a long time. I am proud to associate my name to the Saga of the Aryan Race and its publication in India, in book form, after being serialised in the Jame-Jamshed since the late Eighties.

If you require more copies of this book kindly contact Neville Gandhi at 2/25 Old Khareghat Colony Hughes Road, Bombay 7, India; who we thank whole-heartedly for helping us out with distribution of the Saga. Neville is a childhood friend of the author and his selfless work in support of the Saga, for the sake of furtherance of the Zoroastrian religion, is much appreciated.

May this book truly inspire our Zoroastrian youth in the days to come, and may Ahura Mazda, our Wise Lord, reign supreme.

I am publishing this book in the beloved memory of my dear departed parents Coomi and Jemi Buchia, who have taught me all the values of life.


12 June, 1995.

First Edition, 1995: 1000 copies

In India: Rupees 35/-

Outside India: USD 7/-

Copyright Porus Homi Havewala, 1995

All Rights Reserved

Published by Nozer Buchia

Distributed by Neville S. Gandhi,

2/25 Old Khareghat Colony

Hughes Road, Bombay 7, India

Printed by Percy Bhatena through his

Caesar Enterprises, Bombay, India.

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