Prayer to start the book

By the Grace of God

I pay homage to Dadar Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord, the Master Fashioner (Geush Tasha) of the Universe. I am beholden to Him for my very breath. Who can describe His Wonder, His Glory? He is the Master of all.

I pay homage to Asho Spitman Zarathushtra, the blessed one who saw Ahura Mazda face to face, and sang of Him. He, the beloved Saviour of the Aryan peoples, restored the ancient Aryan faith of Mazda-Yasna (Mazda Worship) to all its pristine purity. Blessed is Iran, where his footsteps fell.

I pay homage to the Glorious Fire (Athro) the Son (Puthra) of Ahura Mazda. O Fire, splendid Warrior (Ratheshtar) of God against evil, in you shines the Glory of the Aryans, created by Mazda (Airyanam Khareno Mazda Dhatanam.) You enter the breast of the entire Creation, quickening it with life. From time immemorial, from the start of the world, the Aryan race has worshipped you.

I pay homage to my beloved Father (Patar), who gave me the greatest gifts a man can give his son: the Sacred Aryan Kusti, and the Love of God. As the son (Puthra) of an Aryan, I am beholden to him. If I write these words on the Aryan religion, it is because of his divine inspiration.

I pay homage to my beloved Mother (Maatar), who teaches me Righteousness, and love for all sentinent beings. Good thoughts, words and deeds are her gift to me. If I speak the truth, it is because of her.

I pay homage to the Divine law of Ahura Mazda, Ereta (Asha), the law that governs the entire universe, the seasons on the Earth and the movement of the Universe, that which is the law of Righteousness. May the law of Ereta be firmly established in the minds and hearts of all men and women, as it was in the ancient days. May Righteousness increase in the world, this is my wish.

I pay homage to the Holy Aryan Scriptures, the Gathas, the Yashts, the Vendidad and others, all equally pure and inspiring. These scriptures contain the essence of the Aryan faith, and when intoned as Avestan Mathras, are fierce and death-dealing to evil. Masters such as T.R. Sethna, Framroz Rustomjee and Dasturjee Dhalla have inspired me endlessly through their glorious translations of the Aryan scriptures, and so I pay homage to their souls. I declare my full faith in each and every Aryan Scripture, as set down through the ages, as being the Absolute Truth. May faith such as this grow among the Aryan people, this is my wish.

I pay homage to all Righteous men and women, of all races, of all countries. May Universal good come to be for all such people, this is my wish.

I pay homage to the Creation of Ahura Mazda, the Pure Waters, the Earth, the Plants, and the Good Animals, the Wind, the Sun, the Moon and the shining Stars in the heavens created by Ahura (Ahura-Dhatam.) May I respect, protect and nourish these creations of the Almighty, never polluting or destroying them.

May these words of mine, drawing Glory to the One God, and extolling the ancient Aryan faith of Mazda-Yasna (Mazda Worship), go forth into the world and inspire humanity to the right path once again, destroying the influence of the evil one on the minds of men and preparing them for the coming of the Glorious Saviour (Saoshyant.)

May the Kingdom of Ahura Mazda be established at that divine time on the waiting earth, and the evil one expelled and annihilated. Such is the fervent wish of every Aryan, and this I, a common soldier of Ahura Mazda, wish with all my heart.

Khstremchai Ahurai Ayim,

Kingdom of Ahura come.

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