Forward by Dr. Purviz Kolsawalla

It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword to this excellent publication by a young Zarthustrian who has spent a lot of effort and time to prepare this book.

The book is in the form of an easily readable story, in two parts. The first part of the book (Volume I) deals with the Great Migration of our Ancient Aryan forefathers to Iran. The story is set in a time period which is in deep antiquity. Although the incidents described in the story are entirely fictional, Porus has very cleverly weaved in the historical facts that have come down to us in our Avestan Scriptures as well as in folklore.

Porus has also used an ancient Aryan trait of using poetry which he has freely interspersed in the narrative. The second part of the book (Volume II) deals with the Advent of Asho Zarathushtra, the ancient Aryan prophet. His pristine message still shines clearly for all his followers. In light of modern science, all that he has propounded several thousand years ago is now being scientifically proven. This highlights the validity of his great teachings.

In Volume II, Porus has again used the same techniques as before to show the major highlights in Zarathushtra’s early life till his entry into a youthful stage.

Although this story would appeal to all Zarthustrian children, I am sure the parents will also find it very enjoyable and enlightening. I could be so bold as to suggest that these two Volumes be used as Text Books for Sunday Schools where our Children could be taught in a very enjoyable way the facts about our Great Mazdayasni Zarthosti Daena.

Porus is already well into preparing the story of Zarathushtra from his youth till the time he received the Divine Message from Ahura Mazda and his acceptance in King Vishtaspa's court. I would like to encourage Porus to continue his endeavours and I am sure philanthropists in our community will help him to print and circulate these books to Zarthustrian children at a low cost.

May Ahura Mazda guide this Zarthustrian youth in his Quest for Knowledge and give him Spiritual encouragement to proceed further. Yatha Jamyad, Yatha Afreenamee, May it be so as I wish.


Past President of Australian Zoroastrian Association,

New South Wales.

Sydney, Australia, 8th Jan 1995.

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