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World of Traditional Zoroastrianism

Traditional Zoroastrianism Main Page

The Tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion, as believed in by thousands of faithful Parsis/Irani Zoroastrians.
Lots of religious articles and stories, explanations by Zoroastrian Priests, and links to other Zoroastrian sites. Includes details on how to join our new Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List which is uniting religious Zarathushtris worldwide.
Standing up for our Glorious religion on the internet.

The Saga of the Aryans

A Zoroastrian religious novel, based on the Aryan scriptures such as the Gathas, Yashts and Vendidad. This is a historical romance very popular among the Zoroastrians in India.
Inspiring our youth with faith and pride in their ancestral Aryan identity and religion.

Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page

Fellow Zoroastrians seeking matrimonial correspondence with their co-religionists. By the Grace of God, the Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page is highly successful and popular among the worldwide Zoroastrian community - many marriages have taken place.
Marry inside our community, and SAVE our religion.

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This famous Zoroastrian site is on the internet since 1996.
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