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The use of your FULL name including your surname as your login name is compulsory. Supplying your parent's full names is compulsory, and this includes both your father and your mother.
If you are a totally new Zarathushtri user, you can add yourself as either a READ ACCESS user or a FULL ACCESS user. After approval, you will be able to use the page. You MUST supply all details such as your full name, the full names of your parents, postal address, and so on. For Read access users, this information is not displayed to anyone. For Full access users, your name or telephone or address can be displayed but you will be able to control which information is displayed on your entry ie. you can hide your name/phone number/address when your entry is shown to other people. You can change the settings above that control this. Note that the names of your parents will never be displayed to others. Then the admins will check your details (this may include verifying your identity) and approve you as a FULL ACCESS user, within 1-2 days. Your entry is then visible to other searchers, and you can also search for other entries.
If any of these details such as your full name/parents name/ address are missing and we cant verify your identity, we will NOT approve your entry and we will have to email you to supply them. In this case unnecessary delays may occur before your entry is approved, so please supply all details initially. Please note we are doing this in our spare time and we do not want to keep emailing you to supply all your details. We will simply delete your unapproved entry if you dont respond within a few days. Only entries that have supplied all details will be approved.
For full access users that are displaying their entry, display of email address is compulsory, so if you dont want to be identified please use an email address from hotmail or yahoo that does not disclose your identity. Full Access users should also type in a 3-4 line description of themselves, and what kind of partner of the opposite sex they are looking for. A description is not compulsory, but it will help when someone finds your entry.

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