Yazdi Desai's introductory letter to the Press and the voters

By Yazdi Desai

7/4 Rustom Baug
Sant Savla Marg
Mumbai 400 027.

28th August, 2003.
The Editor
The Mumbai Samachar

Kind Attn:

Dear Sir,

I have been involved in community affairs only for the last two years. In this period I have observed firsthand the politics that are taking over the Community. I am sick and tired of the duplicity and hidden agendas of people who are supposed to be leaders of the community. I am alarmed at the manner in which money is being used to undermine and manipulate our cherished religious institutions, like the Athornan Mandal, and our revered Priests and people who care for the preservation of our traditions and customs. I am appalled at the manner in which a section of the Parsi Press is being controlled by money power and there is no medium to voice what the silent majority feels about our religion and community affairs. The lies, the defamation and the suppression and distortion of truth in the Parsi Press has made me very angry.

Recently, the manner in which a Candidate in the election for the post of Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, Mr. Noshir Dadrawala, was bullied into withdrawing his candidature by Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly, a sitting Trustee who is standing for re-election through a vicious and malicious attack in the Jam-e-Jamshed and through personal pressure, has made me decide to stand for election.

I will ensure that there is honesty, transparency and freedom of expression in the BPP with no hidden agenda and no ulterior motives except to continuously achieve the objectives for which the BPP was formed.

My brief background after graduating from Sydenham College, I completed a three year Articleship for Chartered Accountancy with A. F. Ferguson & Co. I joined Writer Corporation (renamed from P. N. Writer & Co.) in May 1984 and, presently, I am the Director in charge of Finance, Legal and Administration.

Writer Corporation is a 50-year-old Company engaged in the business of Relocations, Information Management, Freight Forwarding, Travel & Lifestyles related services, Cash Management and Community Welfare.

Since 1981, I have also been the nominee Trustee in charge of Finance, Legal and Administration with Kripa Foundation, a registered Trust, devoted to fighting drugs and other substance abuse and related HIV / Aids afflictions. I will shortly be releasing a detailed manifesto.

I will be grateful if you will publish my letter in your Newspaper.

God bless.

Yours truly,

Yazdi Desai

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