Yazads and Ameshaspands

by Cyrus R. R. Cooper

In order of power and status Yazads and Ameshaspands come as follows -

The actual number of Yazads and Ameshaspands has never to the best of our knowledge ever been revealed, except to the extent that their numbers are legion. Moreover since Fareshtas are baby Yazads and Ameshaspands created by Dadar Ahuramazda the true numbers of these divine beings, and their religious endeavours, will always remain beyond the scope of our knowledge and understanding. However we do know that of these there are 33 specific Yazads and Ameshaspands, each of whom are linked to the primary 33 constellations and star systems from which influence the entire universe and most especially our Milky Way galaxy in which resides our solar system. Interestingly enough our Sun traverses a path which is 9 degrees between them, the significance of which is that 9 is the religious number for our Zarthushti religion, whilst 3 is the number for our community. Ours is the First and Oldest religion on earth and so from that most auspicious beginning one constantly notices the concepts of The Trinity. In due course the significance of numerology in connection with astrological knowledge will be given in seperate articles.

As previously explained there is a specific order in which one should pray, all of which I shall focus upon in the future. However for the purposes of this series of articles please note that prayers to each of these divine beings can result in a variety of spiritual and material benefits, dependant upon whom one is praying to and the correct observance of our Tarikats and Alats. The single most powerful prayer given to our ancestors was Behman Ameshaspands prayer, but such was its significance that it could grant absolutely any wish, even if that particular wish involved the performance of a bad deed. Consequently this prayer was removed completely from all of our prayer books and memory by the grace of Dadar Ahuramazda. Hom Yazad has a portion of every Yazad and Ameshaspand and recital of His Yasht can reap tremendous benefits. The rest of this article will focus upon these 33 awesome beings who represent a conglomeration of divine force beyond human comprehension.

Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

PS Whenever mention is made of the word roj we are specifically referring to our Fasli calendar.

1. Hormazd:

The first day of the month was named after this divine being, because as First Ratu he was chosen to lead the forces of Spenta Armaity and Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao. Hormazad Yazad also played a very significant role in the creation of our earth and the imprisonment of Ahereman upon the planet Saturn.

Praying Hormazd Yasht in Havan Geh on every Hormazd roj will invariably yield favourable results and if prayed for 41 consecutive days at the same time and place will help us to fulfill a particular wish or desire. Simultaneously to wear new clothes or the purchase of cattle on this auspicious roj are very beneficial. If one prays Hormazd Yasht continuously from Jamshedi Naoroz for 9 years then that person acquires the Arsh-Kushi(ie piety) from Asho Sarosh Yazad, phenomenal ravaan bokhtagi and a conglomeration of spiritual and notable physical presence. A child born on this day is considered extremely lucky.

2. Behman Ameshaspand.

Every Zarthushti who maintains an unflinching faith in Behman Ameshaspand who embarks upon a project on His roj will gain a good degree of success even if under the influence of malefic stars in their personal horoscope. As protector of cattle(gospand) on His roj the position of the Sun acquires such an angle that all of the beastly(Hevanyat) qualities contained in the meat are enhanced to enormous proportions. Remember we do NOT eat the meat of cows and bulls whatsoever for reasons which shall be explained later. To ride on any animal on this roj is forbidden.

Please do therefore remember this divine being every day, ask for His blessings and note that He grants peace, family harmony and the fulfillment of ones hearts desires.

3. Ardibehest Ameshaspand, Adar Yazad and Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra form a divine trinity that encompasses simultaneously the guardians of Garothman Behest and The Son of Dadar Ahuramazda. He is the bestower of heat, light, electricity and lightning, which is why we must always pray in front of a light and Never in the dark. Ardibehest Ameshaspand is the destroyer of evil and any person who worships Him with unflinching faith can rest assured that their sins will be forgiven and a place saved for them in Garothman Behest. The recital of Atash Nyaesh 9 times on this roj is extremely beneficial. A child born on this roj may lag behind in worldly affairs but it will make significant spiritual progress.

4. Sherevar Ameshaspand.

This divine being has supremacy over metals like gold, silver and bronze. He is the bestower of immense wealth as granted to Emperors and simultaneously is their protector. To recite any prayers on this roj is very good.

5. Spendard Ameshaspand.

This Ameshaspand has supremacy over the earth thus bestowing rain and fertility of soil. Often known as Spenta-Armaity, a child born on this roj does not enjoy a happy family life. The one deed which He rewards most especially is the feeding of a hungry being on His roj.

6. Khordad Ameshaspand.

This divine being has power over water, the sky and always helps us to develop our talents towards knowledge. Known to us as Haurvatat please note that we do not encourage the cutting of ones nails, hair or beard on His roj. A child born on khordad roj is considered fortunate and religious minded.

7. Amardad Ameshaspand.

Also known as Ameretat He has supremacy over cattle and vegetation, such that our Iranian ancestors always commenced the planting of their crops on this day. This Ameshaspand has the power to grant immortality(a subject that I shall discuss in the future). A child born on His roj is considered fortunate.

8. Daepadar Dadar.

As the chief helper of Adar Yazad one who worships Him by performance of His Yajashne is bestowed with the highest degree of behest by Adar Yazad. The pious natured who do charitable works or those who endeavour constructions on this roj benefit greatly, as is the recovery of a person who falls ill on this day. The reason behind his name centres on the fact that simultaneously He assists Dadar Ahuramazda.

9. Adar Yazad.

Dadar Ahuramazda emanated khoreh from within Himself and said " Oh holy Atash I designate you as the supreme authority over behest. You will descend to the earth and bring joy and prosperity to all through your illuminating presence. to those who respect and worship you, you may give the deserving degree of behest. However those who do not do so you may punish as you see fit. You will be known to the world as Ardibehest Ameshaspand and Adar Yazad and the Key to behest will be entrusted to you. You will have supremacy over any form of light, because the existence of any light is due to you alone. A person doing charity on this day will derive its benefits a thousand fold and have their wishes granted. A person who worships you will acquire wisdom beside attaining all happiness".

10. Avan Ardvisur Banu.

We always recommend zarthushti males to recite their prayers to Yazads and Ameshaspands for 40 days consecutively and then on the 41st day to seek that divine beings blessings after praying once more in the same place and time. A person attains their goal in life by worshipping this Yazad, which is best undertaken in front of the sea, a river or a well. Avan Ardvisur Banu bestows wisdom, piety, health, wealth and a pleasant disposition.

Do not borrow anything on this roj and note that if you fall sick on this day one does not recover fast. Should a person get seperated from their family on this roj the reconciliation will prove very difficult. A child born on this roj is very fortunate and victorious in life. Lastly please remember that just as we do not pray in the darkness we do not pray before water after sunset.

11. Khorshed Yazad.

The light of Hasti and Nisti is provided by this being who is Lord of the 4th aasman and gave us a spark of Himself in the form of our sun. he blesses us with improvement of our eyes, hearts and spleen. This Yazad destroys the squalor from the earth and evil from surrounding it. A child born on this roj is very fortunate and highly advanced spiritually.

12. Mohor Yazad.

Known to us as Mahabokhtar He has supremacy over the moon, growth of vegation and the First Varasiaji(white bull) born after the advent of Gayomard at the beginning of each Zarvane Daregho Khadhat. The moon directly influences our minds and so the prayer of Mahabokhtar Niyaesh purifies our minds to a very great extent. Unhealthy thoughts are destroyed such that we wish to perform more nobler deeds. A child born on this day is very fortunate.

13. Teshtar Tir Yazad.

This Yazad has supremacy over rain, other stars and planets. He grants us long life, good eyesight and helps those with bad backs who pray to Him. Anyone falling ill on this day takes much longer to get better.

14. Gosh Yazad.

Gosh Yazad has supremacy over Gospands(animals with split hooves), although Behman Ameshaspand has the ultimate authority. We are forbidden from destroying Gospands on this roj. He grants us strength, health and prosperity. Should a person fall ill on this roj they will recover fast.

The great Pehelwan Rustom was assisted on a number of occasions by this divine being. One day after a particularly exhausting battle Rustom bathed and then prayed to Gosh Yazad. Immediately Khoreh appeared before him and it split in two. One Light said " Oh Rustom I am Asho Sarosh Yazad and I wish you success". The other Light said " Oh Rustom I am Gosh Yazad and I drew within me all of the energy that you had used up. I now return it back to you". Rustom then emerged and picked up his opponent and threw him to the ground, thus destroying him immediately. In actual fact Rustom was blessed by Gosh Yazad who in order to help him live in our world actually took away his colossol strength and weight until those occasions when he needed them the most. Iran has been blessed with the greatest number of Pehelawans of which Rustom came second only to Kershasp whose immortal body is preserved to this day.

Lastly but not the least a few centuries before the birth of Vakshure Vakshuran in each Zarvane Daregho Khadhat, Rustom is born to do battle with Aheremanic forces and thus pave the way for our beloved Paighambar Saheb.

15. Daepmeher Dadar.

It is very beneficial to embark on any new venture like teaching ones children to pray, buying property, take a bath and most especially recite the maximum amount of prayers. A child born on this day is very wise, intelligent and should one fall ill on this roj their recovery is very quick. We recommend that one prays 999 Yatha Ahu Vairyos and 333 Ashem Vohus on this roj to help overcome the difficulties in life.

16. Meher Yazad.

This Yazad in conjunction with Rashne Rast Yazad, Asho Sarosh Yazad and Astad Yazad delivers Dadar Ahuramazdas judgement to a ravaan on the dawn of the 4th day after the demise of its last human re-incarnation. Moreover thereafter Meher Yazad decides the nature of punishment to be meted out, which in due course will be given out. Meher Yazad has supremacy over all the Atash inside our bodies and those who worship Him acquire straightforwardness because this Yazad advocates faithfulness, honesty and integrity. He is assisted in His tasks by Mino Ram Yazad. It is very beneficial to recite Meher Nyaesh/Yasht and have Meher baj performed in the memory of departed and living Zarthushtis. On this roj it is good to go hunting. A child born on this day is very fortunate.

17. Asho Sarosh Yazad.

Created in the Second Frashogard, this Yazad has no form but exists as Avesta Manthra and thus whilst simultaneously keeping watch over the earth, He is The Language of Dadar Ahuramazdas realm of hasti. He actually keeps watch over our earth 7 times each night, at which time He destroys all evil spells from the earths surface. A Zarthushti who recites Sarosh Yasht Vadi at night is protected against evil. In all of His endeavours He is assisted by Morg, abeing whose voice is heard by the Rooster(Cock) which is the reason behind why we do not kill/eat the male amongst chickens. Any Zarthushti who indulges in anti-Zarthushti activities is not granted this Yazads protection.

18. Rashne Rast Yazad.

This Yazad helps alleviate a ravaans emotions when placed inside Hamestagan for its past misdeeds committed during its last re-incarnation on earth as a human being. Should their be an equilibrium between bad and good deeds normally the stay in hamestagan equates to an earthly period of some 13 months. That is why the ceremony of Nirangdin is always performed 13 months after death. the recital of this Yasht helps to eliminate the malefic effects of stars.

19. Farrokh Farvardin.

This divine being is very very ancient and powerful, such that if one visits Farvardin(Towers of Silence) on His roj and month equivalent to more than one third of ones life span, your ravaan bokhtagi(soul advancement) is benefited tremendously. Farrokh Farvardin rules over Farohars-the conglomeration of good, is the guardian of Behest and presently takes care of the ravaans of the 3 Prophets to come later on in this present Zarvane Daregho Khadhat, long after the arrival of our 100th Rainidar Saheb Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand. These 3 beings are none other than Hoshedar Bami, Hoshedar Maha and Soshyos Saheb.

Today in conjunction with 99,999 Fravashis Farrokh Farvardin Yazad looks after the immortal body of Pehelwan Kershasp who one day will be revived to fight and destroy the evil brute force of Zohak who will be released shortly before him to wreak havoc on our earth. Please note that in His month our sun is exalted on 2 occasions to co-incide with the New Year on 21st March and the birth of Asho Zarathustra Saheb in accordance with the Fasli calendar.

20. Behram Yazad.

This Yazad bestows success and protects our earth during the period of Gaask, ie between 12pm - 3 am at which time only our religiously ordained Zarthushtis may recite prayers. His colour is red and so we encourage the wearing of red prayer cap, use of red ink etc. The attacks of evil in the form of winds from the North(Apakhtar) is nullified by this being who is simultaneously Lord of the 5th aasman and protector of the seas. A child born on this day is very lucky. To reduce the effect of bad stars or a prolonged illness it is very beneficial to recite His nirang as follows - "Behram Yazad Firozgar Dushman Zadar Amahe Hutaatahe Beresad".

21. Mino Ram Yazad.

This assistant of Meher yazad is actually another form of Him and upto a distance of 100 Farsang, ie 300 miles He maintains watch over our earth. This Yazad has supremacy over happiness, joy and weddings. On the 4th day after death this Yazad accompanies a ravaan to Chinwat, thus bringing very great joy to the ravaan. A child born on this roj is very unlucky.

22. Govad Yazad.

Even to this day Iran is famous for producing the most powerful of men. Our tiny parsi community has produced an amazing number of "Giants" whose strength was simply prodigious. From this you can deduce that Govad Yazad as Lord of the wind grants strength, prosperity and rain. A child born on His roj is usually lazy and refuses to put his heart into any work.

23. Daepdin Yazad.

As a close associate of Rashne Rast Yazad, through Him we are able to perform noble deeds, and so it is very good to pray on this roj, wear new clothes and purchase cattle. One who saves an animals life from the blade of a butcher on His roj, or who feeds animals in captivity is blessed by this divine being.A person who falls sick on this roj ultimately recovers. Any child born on this roj is considered very fortunate. This Yazad is specifically assigned to guide the work of our Rainidar Sahebs, and so we ordinary Zarthushtis are encouraged to pray to Him after recital of our daily prayers by repeating "Daepdin Dadar Berasad" 108 times.

24. Din Yazad.

Second only to Asho Sarosh Yazad, He grants forgiveness to sinners, cures our ailments, miseries and most especially helps unhappy women. Through him even the most difficult of tasks are possible and should one get lost, harrassed or frightened then one should draw a circle recite Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao, then "Din Yazad Berasad" 9 times followed by one Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao. To heal anyone recite Din Yazad and then whilst passing your hand over the afflicted person recite Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao repeatedly. A child born on this roj is not lucky and usually has a short life. Remember this Yazad through mention of His name has the power to destroy and ward off evil.

25. Mino Ashishvang.

This Yazad presides over wealth(most especially the metal gold), happiness, health, a happy family life and fame. A father who does not get his daughter married incurs this Yazads displeasure. He was worshipped by Emperors like Hoshang, Jamshid, Faridoon, Kaikushru, Gustasp, the Pehelwan Hom and even Asho Zarathustra Saheb. On His roj it is good to perform marriage, whilst children born on His roj are considered fortunate even though quite often they grow up to be misers. Besides the usual recital for 40 consecutive days, followed by the seeking of blessings on the 41st day we also reccomend that you recite Mino-Ashisvang Beresad 108,000 times.

26. Ashtad Yazad.

This Yazad stands by a person who speaks the truth, helps the poor and risks his/her life for the cause of truth. A person who worships this Yazad is rewarded with wealth by Mino-Ashisvang and any child born on His roj is considered fortunate. Ashtad Yazad has supremacy over Mount Demavand upon which exists the kas of Koh-e-Demavand.

27. Mino Asman.

In accordance with the wishes of our Pak Magav Sahebs our Minocher Saheb revealed little/no information of this Yazad who gifts us with good health, introduces new metals and protects the spaces surrounding our earth.

28. Jamyad Yazad.

There are 2,244 sacred mountains on our earth all of which are watched over by this Yazad, because they contribute towards the protection of humanity. Jamyad Yazad is also the current possessor of the Khoreh of "Ahu".

29. Mino Marespand.

This Yazad is supreme over our ancient Mathravani and so looks after those who recite their prayers. Always do therefore seek His blessings after recital of your prayers, because He has the power to help one reach a better class of Behest through the advancement of your ravaan. He is supreme over all of our aasmans to the extent that one who worships Ardibehest Ameshaspand, renders service to Atash and propagates the TRUE knowledge of our religion is assisted to attain Dadar Ahuramazda.

30. Mino Aneran.

Lord of Roshni(Light) in Garothman Behest, supreme over metals and ever lasting happiness this Yazad also accompanies a ravaan on its journey through Chinvat. Through worship of Him one gets peace, prosperity and ravaan bokhtagi.

This Yazad carries out the commands of Dadar Ahuramazda and interestingly enough quite often takes the form of a bird(Garud) on our earth.

31. Burjo Yazad.

To bury the dead or erect graves is totally disliked by this Yazad. Thus since the time of these events becoming commonplace inside our true homeland of Iran, His blessings have been removed from Iran. He does however protect Mount Demavand.

During the reign of our 100th Rainidar Saheb Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand, his successor to come in the future, being none other than as previously mentioned Hoshedar Bami will miraculously descend to our earth. This descent will be witnessed by millions of people in Iran who will see Him exterminate all of the graves therein. Thereafter the Zarthushtis will emerge once more to be extremely powerful, prosperous and recipients of Burjo Yazads blessings. He is the chief custodian of hasti, proof of which can be seen in the 9th Karda of Sarosh Yasht Vadi.

32. Hom Yazad.

This Yazad has a portion of the power of each Yazad and Ameshaspand. Thus He gifts us with untold blessings including securement of an unmarried female Zarthushtis wishes concerning a kind and noble husband. He also blesses us with superb children who ultimately attain great fame and fortune. through regular worship of this Yazad one avoids being the victom of revenge and both Mino-Ashisvang and Asho Sarosh watch over that persons house.

33. Daham Yazad.

One should worship this Yazad on the 4th day after death of a departed Zarthushti(ie Chahrum) because without His assistance we cannot enter Hasti due to their being the necessity of passing through His barrier of Chowkie. At the time of birth and death this Yazad determines our fate abd so we most strongly urge every Zarthushti to seek His divine blessings. In conclusion please remember that every roj relates to the Fasli calendar, to which all of our consecrated Atash and the entire parsi community of India will be converted to by Saheb-e-Akhas in the 3 years and 9 days prior to the arrival in India of our 100th Rainidar Saheb Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand.

Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

Cyrus Cooper.

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