Protest to the Jame

Support for the WZO is IMMORAL and WRONG


The Editor


Dear Sir,

In Jam-e, dated 28th May 2000, we were amazed to read the report of WZO Seminar conducted at London, U.K., written by Farokh Vajifdar. In this article, the WZO, heterodoxy, and the intermarried Mrs. Dina Mc. are feted in the same breath by Mr. Vajifdar who is himself intermarried.

May we remind our readers that these very pages of Jam-e, not long ago, carried a global protest from Zarathushtris against the inclusion of the Muslim radical ali akbar in the forthcoming World Zoroastrian Congress at Houston. Zarathustris were outraged at this non-Zoroastrian who has called our Hormuzd Yasht a forgery, our fire temples to be prostitute parlours, the great Rainidar Adarbad Maraspand to be a trickster, Shah Faredoon to be a Bhang drinker, and such other contemptible, shameful attacks perpetrated over many years on the internet.

The global protest inlcuded personages and associations such as Khojeste Mistree, Noshir Dadrawalla, the Vada Dasturjis, Scholar Priests, Heads of the 9 Families of Udvada Anjuman, Jashan Committee, Athornan Mandal, Dadar Jashan Committee, Parsi Veg. & Temp. Society, Karachi Parsi Trust Fund and Behrana Parsi Agiary, ZTFE, Associations of New Zealand and Dubai, etc. and Jamshed Gazder on behalf of the BPP, who protested against everything that the cultish organization of this Muslim stands for, namely the unZoroastrian acts of INTER-MARRIAGE, conversion, and desecration of our sacred scriptures, kriyas, Agiaris, Atash Behrams, and dakhmas.

The Muslim ali akbar's cult is involved in selling our religion outside India - for a fee; any Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Negro/ Chinese can wear the kusti girdle and call himself "Zoroastrian" in a shameful and disgusting PARODY of our sacred religion.

We find it very strange that these very pages of Jam-e are now carrying articles by a known heterodox lauding the WZO and Ms. Dina Mc., one of the FOUNDING members of ali's cult. She, along with other inter-married Zoroastrians, is also one of the most fervent and fanatic supporters of this Muslim, a man who has viciously attacked our religion on numerous ocassions, hurting the religous feelings of tens of thousands of Zarathushtris all over the world.

The actions of the inter-married Zoroastrians in supporting this radical Muslim and thus betraying the precious community that gave them birth, fill us with disgust. Inter-marriage is no reason to savage the sacred religion of our ancestors in this manner by creating a ridiculous cult organization in North America, it is no reason to hurt the hearts of thousands of members of the community you were born in, neither is it a reason to hurt the Holy Fravashis of our ancestors by performing ugly actions against our sacred religion. That is what inter-marriage ultimately leads to, and that is why it is wisely forbidden in our sacred scriptures.

Also, many people are not aware of the sad fact that the majority of the membership of the WZO consists of those who are inter-married, their non-Zoroastrian partners and their progeny; hence its heterodox unZoroastrian support of intermarriage and conversion. A so-called "Zoroastrian" body seems to have been hopelessly hijacked by the inter-married heteredox and their non-Zoroastrian partners and progeny, this is a sad but true fact.

We have noticed that in the past few months, Jam-e has been giving continual support to the WZO. If support for the WZO means support for heterodox and inter-married supporters of Muslims who are seeking to destroy our religion, then that support is IMMORAL and WRONG and is detrimental to the interests of the religion and community. As such we request all right-thinking Zarathushtris all over the world to distance themselves from the WZO and its unholy support of inter-marriage and conversion, which are the true marks of the evil times and heterodoxy encouraged by ali akbar and his inter-married supporters.

We also notice that although the BPP has renounced the heterodoxy of ali akbar who converts and accepts intermarriage, one of the Trustees, Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly, is actually promoting and participating in this fete! This is in contradiction to the duties of a BPP trustee who is honored to uphold the traditions, rituals, properties of the religion/community, meant for Zarthushtis alone! Mr. Tamboly's participation in both the BPP and WZO is definitely a conflict of interest. If he continues as a trustee of BPP, it is his moral obligation to resign from and no longer support the heterodox and inter-married organization of the WZO. We trust he will choose the righteous Path and honour the Fravashis of his forefathers by his future actions.

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