Why our religion cant be practised in other countries

By Firdosh K. Sukhia

Contact with Teirra Firma the Mother Earth - Gaia

To get a clear perspective as to why Zorastrianism cannot be practiced in any other parts of world except chosen few countries like Iran & India, several spiritual raisons d'etre can be given. For a clear understanding we have to go way back to Cosmogenesis or Bundahishn before this mother earth was created for a predestined purpose of Farshogard. For the Earth to come into existence and for its sustainance later, certain Yazatic forces were required for its constant nourishment , and its maintainance thereafter till final goal of Farshogard is derived. These Yazatic forces are called in Avesta as "Geush Urvan", and "Geush Tashan", which acts like two opposite poles of a Magnet, or Male and female bifurcation of the soul of Mother earth. Geush Tashan is one side of pole which has its upper limits extended to Upairi Dakhu (List of all seven Dakhyus are mentioned in Khorshed Meher Niyaish). The other side of pole is called as Geush Urvan which has under its domain the physical earth with the matter which is extended upto the Hades or centre of the earth, which is called as "Patal".

The key role which has to be played by Geush Urvan, and Geush Tashan is done by the law of Mazda dat , or Law of infoldement of the spirit into Matter, and its periphery stretches from Upairi Dakhyu or upper realms of Meher Dakhyus which are like concentric orbs of celestial dome, upto Patal or centre of the earth. At the predestined time of Farshogard when the Druj ( or shortcomings for a perfect universe)has been transmuted to Gav or perfect whole universe,Matter will be infolded to spirit, and will regain its lost glory. This law of unfoldment is called as law of Ahuradat. There will be no need of this earth to exist then, when even a speck of dust has finally acheived perfection. At the time of Farshogard Geush Tashan which is upper most in Upairi Dakhyu will unite with Geush Urva or soul of this earth, and will become one in unision. In the Greek Mythology the word Gaia has been coined, which also means same thing as soul of the earth.

Any living thing which has soul and physical body is governed by Chakras or vortex points which are sensitve points, which acts as receptor and transmitter of subtle energies, which can be good or bad depending upon the thoughts projected by that person. If one leads a stressed life, and in the process harms others feeling, then his chakras turn in opposite direction from it intended direction and speed, which in turn causes different ailments. For us Zarthoshtis, with certain spiritual practices like Sudreh Kushti, Mathravani, Meher Patet, Tarikaats, and leading morally correct life, these Chakras automatically develop without ourselves being aware of it.

Our physical earth or Gaia too having its own soul and physical body is governed by Chakras. In Vendidad Fargard 1, reference of 16 Cities are given, which are in fact 16 Chakras of the earth. In hindu religion 7 Chakras are given where as we have 16 Chakras (1+6 = 7 )

Zorastrian religion because of its propensity to high standards of Druj Parhej , and exacting procedures which require high degree of spiritual cleanliness or Ashoi, can only properly flourish, where onslaught of materialism is less in comparision to other places of the world.

India inspite of being spiritually superior country, in recent times have adopted western materialistic way of life, and hence we can see the similarity of crimes commited in USA and India. Such moral degradation adopted by Indians require to be checked and corrected.

The cream of cream who migrated to India from Iran under leadership of Naryasang Dhaval who was an Ashvan or Abed, had one goal to be fulfilled, that of establishing Paav Mahal of Iranshah which will sustain parsees of today till advent of Rainidar saheb. With his spiritual clairvoyance and spiritual intelligence(Asne kherad), and under guidance of Magavs tolas from hidden secret Iran , he was able to check out with Divination or Ramaal (art with the sands) as to which Chakras of earth are suitable for Zarthusti din to last till advent of Varjawand saheb. He was able to foresee with his Asne Kherad that West coast of India is specially suited for this pupose.

Spiritual Intelligence:-

The following data has been taken from book Spiritual Intelligence the Ultimate Intelligence - By Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall - Bloomsbury Publication - London.

Science today is hinting that there are 3 kind of intelligence :-
1) IQ - Intelligence Quotient
2) EQ - Emotional Qoutient
3) SQ - Spiritual Quotient

IQ or wisdom obtained from learning or bookish knowledge is incomplete, EQ or Emotional intelligence is governed by emotions which could be good or bad, where as the SQ - Spiritual intelligence takes precedence to all, and is highest form of intelligence.

We must have complete faith on wisdom of Nar Ashwan Nairyosang Dhawal , and his Asne Kherad which is even above SQ or spiritual Intelligence.Not to get emotionally attracted to materialistic gleam which has only short term benefits, for all that glows is not Gold,and start working on spiritual aspect or destination of our soul. We must return to the roots,to our Karma Bhumi i.e. India where we have our pending Karma, because unless we fulfill our obligations with this land, we cannot return to our Dharma Bhumi i.e. Iran. There can be no short cut or direct tranAtlantic service from USA to Iran our Airyanam Vaij which is 1st Chakra of mother earth.

Spiritual liberation (or progress), and the three sirens (money, women, & power) are 2 extreme diverse poles, which are diametrically opposite ends. We cannot have both of them together. If we want to have one we have to forego another. In other words we cannot have the cake and eat it too. Simplicity of existence, and purity of the purpose is what we should strive to aspire for. By reducing our needs, and remaining aloof from the three sirens we are slowly but surely liberated from the shackles of bondage, the bondage of economic freedom,and instant monetary gains. Whatever monetary benefits( or lack of it), are in our destiny we will surely get it whether we are in India or abroad, what is required now is patience and faith towards our religion, for there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds and someday we will be amply rewarded for our patience. For future which looks bleak to us today, we can look back to it later and call it as a passing phase, only if we remain patient. The purity of purpose is to maintain our identity by remaining faithfull to the oath of Nairyosang Dhawal and treat him as our Icon. We do remember his name even today in our short prayers of Satoom no Kardo.

Our future can be termed as safe if and only if, we stick with one another and not remain scattered in various corners of the world, for our strength is in unity and not in diversity. There is an urgent need of having Physical contact with this Karma Bhumi India by planting our feet firmly on this soil, for fullfilling our obligations. No amount of Internet contacts can eradicate this need. The need to stay as one whole united community in one place, where nature had put us at birth.

Besides the practise of Zorastrianism is incomplete, if there is no Dokhmenashini practiced. I am not aware of any Dokhmas in existence, or coming up in near future, or for that matter Governement of USA being sincere enough in allowing to erect a Chotra, even though they (USA) claim to be practicing Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity .

About "contact":

There was a documentary on National Geographic channel, where science acknowledges the fact that for a relationship to be successful or intimate, physical touch or contact is extremely useful. This fact was illustrated by giving ample examples.

1) A reader or member, and librarian whose finger tips even touched for a second while exchanging books, are more friendly, coordial, pleasant and fulfilling to one another than those who are not in touch, and remain aloof.

2) A diner in a hotel who gets accidentally touched by the waiters or waitresses whilst taking away plates or handling credit cards, are more generous in giving handsome tips than one who remain untouched.

3) Last but not the least, the deaf dumb, and blind compensate their shortcomings by making full use of God given instinct of touch. They are able to communicate with sign language after touching the person on face thereby deriving vibrations from the moving jaws and understand what they say, inspite of their physical deformities.

The documentary further narrates that in a human body the finger tips, the soles of our feet, the meeting of the eyes, and the genitals are the parts of the body which are extremely sensitive to contacts.

The purpose of having carpets in our Atash Behram and Agiary has a valid reason for it. The reason is whilst praying we are not supposed to have direct contact with our barefoot with the ground , but a paivand or indirect contact between soles and the ground is necessary, so that the negative Terrestial Vibrations we emit whilst praying Avesta get grounded without causing any friction. On bare ground without any carpets, the right footwear required is a Sapat,or leather soled Mojrih, or simple leather shoes having leather soles. High heeled shoes are a distraction and are against the very fabric of scientific laws of terrestial magnestism in our din.Rubber soled footwear acts as an insulation, thereby preventing body vibrations emitting from our soles of feet continuously, from getting grounded.

The sole of the feet is the 16th Chakra, and complete down to earth humility is acheived if it is evolved in the right manner.

Wishing you all Parsee Zarthushtis staying abroad and in India a very Happy Navroz Mubarak.



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