Sun Microsystems disbands the liberal mailing list

Dear Editor of the Jam-e-Jamshed,

The Jame readers have been regularly informed of the many horrific attacks on our sacred religion that have taken place on the "Zoroastrian" Mailing list on the internet, administered by an Iranian in North America. This mailing list had been infested with liberals and non-Zoroastrians such as ali akbar and his followers since the last few years, who used the internet as a medium to foster their anti-religious propaganda to young and unsuspecting Zarathushtri minds around the world.

Shameful attacks such as "The Zarathushtri scriptures such as the Yashts and Vendidad are NOT sacred", "The Hormuzd Yasht is a FORGERY", "Meher Yazad is a SNEAK", "Zarathushtra was NOT an Athravan NOR a Prophet", "Shah Faredun was a BHANG drinker", "Ancient fire temples were PROSTITUTE parlours", "The Vendidad is NOT Zoroastrian, NOT sacred", "The ancient test of molten metal on the chest by Adarbad Maraspand was a PUBLICITY STUNT and a TRICK", "Parsis worship Holy SHIT and Holy Bull-piss", and so on, have been circulating in this liberal mailing list since the last 4 years or so, and have caused untold grief to religious Zarathushtris worldwide. These dastardly religious attacks were mostly engineered by the American-based Gatha-alone cult with its Muslim leader ali akbar, and a few misguided young followers.

Some time ago, I received a PETITION OF PROTEST from Bombay, along with the signed signatures of 559 Parsi and Irani Zarathushtris, male and female from Bombay, asking for the closure of this mailing list which was carrying so many ruthless attacks on our religion. Since the liberal mailing list was in operation on the company computers of Sun Microsystems (an American hardware/software company), a STRONG PROTEST was recently registered with the Public Relations Dept. of Sun Microsystems about the sordid attacks on our religion in the mailing list carried on their computers. The support in this protest was immense - a religious Zarathushtri lady from India also wrote a strongly worded letter to the CEO of Sun Microsystems complaining about the lberal attacks on our religion on the list.

Religious Zarathushtris worldwide are now overjoyed that SUN MICROSYSTEMS HAS DISBANDED THE LIBERAL MAILING LIST. It seems that even in a "free" country like the U.S.A., attacks on religion are NOT tolerated, and we are grateful to the Almighty for that.

The Traditional Zoroastrianism Home Page at http://www.ParsiZoroastrianism.com has stood in steadfast opposition to the liberal activities in the modern world for a number of years, and has received more than 50,000 visits so far. The Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page, at new heights of popularity within our community, can also be reached from http://www.ParsiZoroastrianism.com. This page is dedicated to Ava Ardvisur Banu, the pure and spotless Ahura-created Divinity of Fertility and Child-birth, who is asked to come to our aid, and enable many fruitful marriages among us. The strong and heart-felt declaration of this page is: "MARRY INSIDE OUR COMMUNITY, AND SAVE OUR RELIGION." A number of marriages between Zoroastrian couples have taken place through the page, by the Grace of God. This page is totally free, and any Zoroastrian man or woman is welcome to place his/her details therein.

By the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda, our young men and women will find suitable partners AMONG our Zarathushtri community and marry them, through this Web Page.

New!A Mailing list connected with the Traditional Zoroastrianism Website is in operation since August 1998, called the "Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List (TZML)". The members of this list are hundreds of born Mazdayasni Zarathushtris who have full faith and pride in the tenets of our ancient religion. This is a place where the religion will be protected on the internet, and not attacked as it is in the unhappy liberal lists. If you honour and cherish the sacred religion you are born in and want to be part of a group that is upholding it's time-honoured beliefs and traditions, you are welcome to join this new FREE mailing list. Please either click here to send a message to New Subscription Requests TraditionalZarathushtris-subscribe@yahoogroups.com , OR you can use the subscribe box below, just enter your e-mail address and click on the box.

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Once we receive your request, we will then send you further information on the procedure of joining the FREE Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing list, which is STANDING UP FOR OUR RELIGION ON THE INTERNET AND SHAKING THE IVORY TOWERS OF THE RICH LIBERALS AND INTERMARRIEDS. The list is proud to have a Governing board of Ervads and religious writers including Ervad Jal N. Birdy, Ervad Adil Govadia, Mrs Pervin Mistry, Sam Billimoria, Fily Maravala, Noshir Dadrawala and Khurshed Pastakia. The administrators/other board members are Zenobia Patel, Afreed Mistry, Neville S. Gandhi, Karl Sahukar and Porus Homi Havewala. We have Zarathustri stalwarts on this list such as Ervad Hathiram and Ervad Jal Birdy, priests who are steeped in the mystic lore of our religion. We have famous Parsee writers like Mrs Pervin Mistry, Marzban Giara, and Mr. Noshir Dadrawalla, who send fine articles from their inspirational writings on our religion. We have many other writers who have raised the voice of our religion's ancient traditions, as opposed to the inter-marrieds and liberals who like to destroy these ancient traditions. We have representatives of the Kshnoomist and the Pundol group of mystical Zoroastrianism, as well as other proud and faithful Zarathushtris who believe with all their hearts in the religion of their forefathers.

As per the late Roni Khan, who was a leading member of the alias, a Traditional Zarathushtri is one who believes in all the following "Seven Pillars of the Relgion":

  1. Asha (Righteousness)
  2. Atarsh (consecrated holy Fire)
  3. Boonak Pasbani (preservation of the "seed"; purity of race)
  4. Dokhmenashini (disposal of the dead through exposure)
  5. Kriyakam (spiritual therapy of rituals and ceremonials)
  6. Maanthravani (sacred vibratory prayers)
  7. Sudreh-Kashti (talismanical spiritual instruments)

Boonak Pasbani implies that no inter-marriage of any kind is allowed, in the effort to preserve our seed. Concurrently we also pay homage to the righteous men and women of every race on the seven continents, as is mentioned in the scriptures.

Only members who firmly believe in these Seven Pillars can call themselves a Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, and consequently can be a member of this alias.

The following are the goals for the TZML mailing list:

  1. To spread knowledge about the Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtri faith among the members of the alias.
  2. To take a strong stand against the ills confronting our community today, such as inter-marriage and "conversion".
  3. To create unity among the Traditional ranks, so we can display a united front against the liberals and the "Gatha alone cult".
  4. To encourage the members to follow the Mazdayasni religion, as guided by the Dasturjees and religious scholars in the alias.

May our numbers grow into the thousands, by the Grace of Lord Ahura Mazda, and may the evil one be ever defeated in his plans by the Mazdayasni Zarathushtris who wear the Sudreh-Kusti and have full faith in the sacred religion of our noble Aryan ancestors. When the Glorious Saoshyant arrives, that day of the defeat of evil will truly dawn. Amin. Amin. Amin.

Yours Sincerely,

Porus Homi Havewala
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