Hi Friends:

I am writing this on behalf of Manijeh Pirojsha Sachinwalla Charitable Trust. It is a verbatim copy of the handbill given to me by a representative. Please try and help for a noble cause. Every penny counts!

With escalating costs the construction may come to a standstill due to lack of funds. Although many persons have contributed towards this noble cause since we are still seeing a shortage I appeal to all of you, no matter how tiny, your contribution will help a long way. Donation in kind (e.g. a carpet, tharas etc.) is also welcome. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve Ahura Mazda. Please do not hesitate nor give it a second thought. Kindly circulate this mail to as many Zarthushthris known to you.

Best Wishes

A Zarathushtri Lady.


In sizable proportions Zarthushtrians are now settling in the Vasai-Virar sub Region (Bombay-India). There are more than 250 families in Vasai, Nallasopara and Virar. Parsi settlement is expected to enhance considerably in the near future also with view of the purchase of lands by Bombay Parsi Panchayet, and Postwalla Gandhy Charities along with our trust to provide affordable housing to the community in village Valiv about 5 kms. from Vasai Road Railway Station (East).

Considering the in flux of parsi settlement in the Region the necessity for a Dar-e-Meher was largely felt by our trust, as the nearest Fire Temple at present is as far as Jogeshwari in the South and Dahanu in the north.

The trust, a Public Trust is constituted by the settlor Mr. B.P.Sachinwalla in the name of his mother Manijeh and has donated 10 gumthas (an Indian measurement of land) of his land at village Valiv to the Trust to build the pious Dar-e-Meher.

The built up area of the Dar-e-Meher structure is 1600 sq.ft. along with wash area and a 600 sq.ft. structure for the priest, to maintain the sanctity of the Dar-e-Meher.

The mode of construction is load bearing in dressed stones thereby creating a masterpiece structure by the Managing Trustee who is an architect by profession. The estimated cost of the project (exclusive of land) is Rs.20 lacs (Rs.2 million).

The Trust has obtained donations of Rs.6,00,000\-(Rupees six hundred thousand) and the cost of construction to date is Rs.12,00,000\-(Rupees Twelve hundred thousand), the deficit is being incurred by the settlor himself as loan to the Trust.

The superstructure of the project alongwith the well is complete and awaits finishing by way of plastering, flooring, polishing, utensils, carpets etc. along with the Inauguration and Kathi and Mobed Funds for which we are desirous to have donations.

It is a divine privilege for all who are fortunate enough to gain liability from the Universal Authority to understand the priority and sanctity of the mission.

Any and all acts to help and promote such mission shall certainly be noted and rewarded in the Holy Court of one and only Master of the entire Universe.

In the spirit of sincerity and devotion.

Mr. B. P. Sachinwalla, Managing Trustee

Mr. A. J. Bhiwandiwalla, Trustee

You may draw a check favouring 'Manijeh P Sachinwalla Charitable Trust' and may mail the same at the undermentioned address:

Ms Naju Baji Davar
Block C; Flat #4 Rustom Baug
Sant Savta Marg
Mumbai 400 027

I am certain my friends on the Traditional Zarathushtris alias will not disappoint the Trustee.

Best Wishes always

A Zarathushtri Lady.

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