The "VAR" (enclosure) of King Jamshed: as described in the Vendidad

The "Var" or enclosure of King Jamshed described in the Vendidad (T.R. Sethna's translation of the Holy Vendidad) describes in detail an underground multi-level cavern filled with Zarathushtris which is self-lighted, self-sufficient and self-propagating in all ways, where all the rituals are observed. The descriptions in the Vendidad are very inspiring.

My heart too yearns towards living in a simple Zarathushtri community and tilling the land. This was the ancient way our ancestors lived, but perhaps we must wait for the Saoshyant to come before such Zarathushtri communities are established again in mainstream society. When the Saoshyant appears, the Zarathushtri faithful will leave everything behind and follow him.

If you read the Fargads or chapters of the Vendidad, there's a great description of the Var of King Jamshed ie. an underground enclosure. In this enclosure, the most perfect of the Aryans have been living for thousands of years, practising their religion. The Vendidad also says Zarathushtra Himself taught in the Var. Here are a few chapters from Section IV of the "Saga of the Aryans" that I wrote based on this religious evidence in the Holy Vendidad. These chapters were published in the Jame-Jamshed some time ago.

(The following chapters from the "Saga of the Aryan race" are based on the Vendidad translation by TR Sethna.)

Chapter Fourteen (SECTION IV)

And now Zarathushtra was shown an amazing sight. His eyes saw in a vision the ancient VAR - the enclosure and Aryan stronghold of Yima Kshaeta (Jamshed), king of the Aryans twenty thousand years ago. This Var, located in the ancient homeland Airyane Vaejahi (seedland of the Aryans) in the North pole was legendary and the Aryans had almost lost all memory of it, so distant in time seemed the age of it's construction by Yima on the command of Ahura.

Zarathushtra's gaze fell upon a thriving community of splendrous Aryan men, women and children in the Var. They had propagated themselves in the stronghold since the days of Jamshed. Zarathushtra was astonished at the wonders he saw in the stronghold, which was self-sufficient in every way.

The great mystery of the Var was now explained to Zarathushtra by Ahura Mazda. When the Var was constructed, it was the time of the ancient homeland of the Aryans - Airyane Vaejahi (the seedland). For a thousand years Yima had ruled. Three times had he extended the boundaries of his kingdom southwards and to the west...the Aryans had started their great migrations.

And then disaster had struck.

All this and more was revealed to Zarathushtra by Ahura Mazda, for the benefit of the future generations of the Aryan race. The Vi-Daevo-Dat (Vendidad) thus contained the most ancient history of mankind, since it properly explained the origins and the migrations of the Aryan race.

Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda:

"O Ahura Mazda, righteous Creator of the corporeal world, who was the first person to whom You taught the religion prior to me, the religion of Ahura Mazda brought by Zarathushtra - the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri Daena?"

Then spoke the Master:

"YIMA the splendid who watched over his subjects, O righteous Zarathushtra. I first did teach the Aryan religion to him, prior to you.

"Yima spoke to me, and said he would like to spread the religion among mankind by teaching others. It was then that I replied:

"O Yima you are not created for this task by Me. You are not learned enough to increase the religion among mankind - you are not the Messenger of the religion.

"Yima the righteous told me then:

"O Ahura, if I am not created for the task of increasing the good religion, then I would like to advance the world, to increase it and be a righteous king and protector. I ask You this, that in my kingdom there be neither cold wind nor hot wind (neither extreme winter or summer), there be no sickness nor death. That my subjects be undying and unwanting, and gloriously happy under my reign.

"I Who am Ahura Mazda, was pleased with this. I brought Yima a weapon - a Golden plough which was dagger shaped with golden forks, to signify that his authority was divine, sanctioned by Me. He became the mightiest King (Kshaeta) the Aryan race had ever known, the most righteous and most splendid Aryan man.

"When Yima's rule extended to 300 years, then the Aryan land had prospered so much that the land became full of cattle, men, dogs, birds and red flaming fire (the fires kept burning in the house of every Aryan). Place could no longer be found for cattle or men.

"I made this known to Yima, and he proceeded towards the south, towards the path of the high sun (west), increasing the land with his golden plough (conquering and cultivating the lands). The boundaries of the Aryan kingdom were thus extended in breadth, one third greater than before. The king stood as an Aryan on the mother earth, praising the country with words fit for prayer.

"When Yima's rule extended to 600 years, the state of abundance reoccurred. This led to Yima proceeding again towards the south and the west, extending the boundaries of the Aryan kingdom two thirds greater than before. Thus happened the second great migration of the Aryans.

"When Yima's rule extended to 900 years, abundance again led to Yima increasing the land with his golden plough, towards the south and west. This third great migration made the Aryan kingdom three times larger than before.

"In the first 1000 years of his rule, Yima the splendid enjoined righteous order on his Aryan subjects. He controlled invisible time itself, making it so much large in size so as to praise and spread the righteous law.

"That glorious age of the Aryans did not last for ever, O Zarathushtra! It was time for the evil one's attack. I Who am Ahura Mazda spoke then to Yima Kshaeta:

"O splendid Yima, towards the sacred Aryan land will rush evil as a severe fatal winter; evil will rush as thick snow flakes falling in increased depth. From the three directions will wild and ferocious animals attack, arriving from the most dreadful sites.

"Before this winter, any snow that fell would melt and convey the water away. Now the snow will not melt (but form the Polar ice cap). In this place, O Yima the corporeal world will be damaged. Before in this seedland the grass was so soft the footprint of even a small animal could be observed. Now, there will be no footprints discernible at all (on the packed sheets of hard ice that will form).

"So, Yima; make a mighty VARA, an enclosure as long as a riding ground, with equal four sides. Here bring the families of Aryan men and women, cattle, dogs, birds and the red flaming fire.

"Inside the Vara, make water flow in a canal, one Hathra long. Keep earth inside the Vara, to grow green vegetables as food. Make cattle pens, to house the cattle of the Aryan people.

"Let love blossom unfailing in the enclosure, among the young couples therein - make for them a residence, with rooms, pillars, long extended walls and an enclosing wall."

Chapter Fifteen (in SECTION IV)

Ahura Mazda was revealing to Zarathushtra what He had told Yima Kshaeta, king of the Aryans twenty thousand years ago. The history of the splendid VARA, stronghold of the Aryans was being unfolded. Ahura had told the righteous king:

"O Yima! To this mighty Vara then carry families of all males and females who are on this earth most exalted, most excellent, and most beautiful. To the Vara carry the families of all sorts of cattle on this earth, which are most exalted, most excellent and most beautiful.

"To that place carry the seeds of all trees which are most exalted and sweetest of odour on this earth, carry the seeds of all food most eatable in this world and sweetest of odour. Make these couples unfailing in their love, and everlasting by reproduction; so long as the Aryans stay in the enclosure.

"There should be no person who quarrels, no one who slanders, no impure person. There should be no one with filthiness, no one with deceit nor meanness. There should be none speaking evil words, no one with an embellishment of evil spread over the body (a skin disease), no one here who in general has any characteristic of the evil one.

"Make three levels in the mighty Vara. In the uppermost level, make nine such wide enclosures, in the middle level, make six. In the lowermost level, make three enclosures. In the uppermost wide enclosure let 1000 couples, men and women live. In the middle let 600 couples live, in the lowest enclosure let 300 couples pass their lives.

"High above each of these enclosures, use a golden instrument and make doors and windows. By self-light should the inner parts be illumined.

"Yima now wondered how he might make this glorious Vara. So I Who am Ahura Mazda, said to him:

"O beautiful Yima, turn this land upside down with the heel and the hand, as men do to grow seeds; and thus build the Vara (by tunnelling underground).

"Yima did so as was demanded by Me, righteous Zarathushtra. He built the Aryan Vara with it's multiple levels that you see before you now. Here the most perfect of the Aryan race exist."

Zarathushtra looked at the Vara and it's inhabitants, and he was astonished yet again. He had never seen anything like this on the surface of the earth before. It was as if there was an entire city, an entire world in existance in the Vara beneath the snows and ice of the North Pole - a totally self-contained and self-sustaining Aryan stronghold.

What he really found amazing was, although the ancient homeland Airyane Vaejahi under which the Vara was situated was shrouded in inky blackness and blasted by continuing blizards of ice, the Vara itself was brilliantly illumined, as if the sun was shining directly down on it.

Zarathushtra thus posed a question to Ahura Mazda:

"O Creator of the World, where does this brilliant light come from, that gives light to this splendid enclosure built by Yima?"

Then spoke Ahura Mazda:

"Self-lighted is the Vara, the lights that shine down from high are artificial (man made) and they illumine the Vara through out the day and night, from the top to the lowest level. But certainly, the rising and setting of the stars, the moon and the sun are observed by the Aryans each day (through the roof of the Vara), this being for reasons of the Yasna (homage) to these my creations.

"Time flies by in the Vara, the Aryans therein spending it in continous worship and adherence to the most ancient Aryan religion, in cultivating the soil inside the Vara and in righteous procreation. It is as if one year is one spiritual day, to these inhabitants who seem unaged and ever-young.

"In forty years, one loving couple of man and woman give birth to a pair of children, male and female. Thus the Aryan race stays stable, never increasing and never decreasing in the Vara. So does it happen with the cattle in the Vara, and with every life therein.

"Thus it is that the Aryans are living a most beautiful life in this My Vara, O Zarathushtra! That Yima built in the days of yore."

Zarathushtra realised that Ahura Mazda had show him the Vara, to enable him to understand that the Aryan Mazdayasni religion would never, ever die out. Even if the Aryans ever forgot the ancient faith again, the VARA would still contain the purest adherents of the original faith of mankind, and they could come out at a moment's notice and populate the world once again.

"O righteous Creator of the world, who spread the Mazdayasni religion in that enclosure, the Vara that Yima built?" Then spoke Ahura Mazda:

"It was produced and spread through Spitama Zarathushtra.

"O Zarathushtra! I have given you the REVELATIONS which were hidden from mortal men before, the AGUSTA VACHAO. You have now become the spiritual leader of the Vara too, teach them what I have shown you. Then, go and teach the entire Aryan race."

Zarathushtra bowed in acceptance. He closed his eyes. In an instant, he was now miraculously present in the glorious Vara itself, and the Aryan inhabitants came forward to meet him.

Chapter Sixteen (SECTION IV)

Zarathushtra was in the Vara, the ancient stronghold of the Aryans that Yima Kshaeta - mighty king Jamshed had built under the North pole. The Master of the universe, Ahura Mazda had shown Zarathushtra the Vara, and had asked him to teach the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri Daena (religion) there first.

The Aryan inhabitants came forward in a group, to welcome the newcomer in their midst.

"Spitama Zarathushtra!" the leader intoned, a powerful bearded handsome man dressed in shining armour. Behind him were tall and equally splendid Aryan warriors, their faces shining with purity and the light of God-worship (MazdaYasna).

"I am Ashavazdah, son of Pourudhaxshti of the clan of ATHWYA. Arya Ahmi, Arya Puthro Ahmi - I am an ARYAN, Son of an Aryan. I worship Ahura Mazda, as did my forefathers in the Vara since the time of mighty king Jamshed. I welcome you to the Vara.

"My Aryan brothers and I seek eagerly your words of instruction. We know, by our ancient ability of discerning events of great importance, that Lord Ahura Mazda has revealed to you the greatest secrets of the Mazdayasni faith; the faith we have followed since the beginning of time itself.

"You are indeed the Savior of the Aryan faith; sent to renew the ancient religion of mankind on earth. Let us be the first to benefit, for we are of the earth too; albeit we are spiritually closer to God than the rest of the earth's inhabitants.

"When you teach the rest of the world, you will have to struggle to gain acceptance; this due to the evil that clouds the minds of men. But this, our Vara is immune from evil - Yima Kshaeta made it so. No evil of any kind is present or can enter here. Our minds thus accept you readily as the prophet of God. From this moment on, we are the MazdaYasni Zarathushtri - the followers of the Mazda worshipping religion as revealed to Zarathushtra, the holy one!"

The prophet raised his hands in blessing, and the Aryans bowed with the utmost respect.

Zarathushtra spent a number of days among their midst. The families in the Vara listened to his words reverentially, commiting each word to their flawless memory. The prophet himself was astonished at the splendours of the Vara, a totally self-contained city with three levels and self-lighting under the icy wastes of the Polar cap. It was the most advanced underground enclosure ever built by man, and unique in that it was based on the spiritual force of the holy Mathras rather than on material science alone.

There were flowery gardens and fields of cultivated soil. There were water canals, and trees with birds chirping in them. There were dogs and cattle in cattle pens, and rooms and halls with pillars where the Aryan families met in their clan meetings (the Saba). Each Aryan couple had a holy fire flaming in their own residence, and the fire amazingly seemed sootless and smokeless. Because of the lack of evil, which made fire smoke and darken matter in the outer world.

And the most amazing thing was the constant daylight that shined in the bowels of the earth, although everyone knew directly overhead was the inky death-dealing night of the North pole, with freezing blizzards of ice and snow. Yet it seemed a light as strong as the sun shone, in the perfect position of Rapithvanem (Noon, the most perfect time in the Aryan scriptures) day and night. All due to the power of Ahura Mazda, invoked by the hands of Yima Kshaeta who had made the Vara under the Almighty's instructions and guidance.

In the centre of the Vara, the middle level had a triangular hall which housed the guardian Fire of the entire Vara, the Royal Fire lighted by King Jamshed himself twenty thousand years ago - the fire which was the main source of power for the Vara. There the Aryans met each day and worshipped Ahura Mazda when they bowed to the enormous benign flames of the royal fire.

And now the perfect lives of the Aryans in the Vara became even more perfect, when they heard and understood the hidden relevations that had come down to Zarathushtra, from the lips of the prophet himself. They understood the AhuNavar (Yatha Ahu Vairyo) for the first time, and they felt even more spiritually confident and powerful.

They were now the first Mazdayasni Zarathushtri on the world. And they vowed never to let the pure faith taught by Zarathushtra ever die out on the earth.

When a number of months had passed, Zarathushtra's work was done in the Vara and he knew that it was time for him to depart and go and teach the rest of the world. So, he went before the Aryan elders as they gathered before the Royal fire. And spoke.

"O beloved Aryans of the Vara! The time has come, when I must leave you. Nobody would want to leave this splendid place that Jamshed built, but I must do so.

"Almighty Ahura Mazda has given me a task: to teach His religion to the world, the Aryan religion followed by our ancestors - the Pouryodakeshan. To obey this command of God, I must leave you in your Vara and enter the outside world I was born in.

"Mighty Aryans! This is indeed a stronghold of the ancient Aryan culture and religion. I pray that your community within remains blessed by Ahura Mazda until the end time of the world, when the Saoshyant Himself, the final Messenger to follow me opens and enters your doors!"

Ashavazdah, the bearded Aryan walked forward and bowed to the prophet. Love for Zarathushtra was written large on his face.

"Holy Zarathushtra, that shall indeed be so; and we await the day when Saoshyant shall lead the Aryan race out of these walls at the time of the final conflict between good and evil, when the world shall be renovated; as taught to us by you."

(And so the Saga continues...Sections I and II of the Saga are already published in book form, and Sections III and IV are to be published in the glorious future, by the Grace of God.)

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