Save UDVADA from Non-Zarathustris

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Since last two decades UDVADA real-estate owners are inviting non-Zarathustris to buy houses next to our sacred Atash-Behram because of lack of local Zarathustri buyers. Some few months back a Priest was murdered and the suspect (non-Zarathustri servant) took over his business of selling sandalwood. Today the same servant also owns his entire property and got abundant wealth and living in Udvada without any opposition. The another example is: some few years back a Priest needed money in emergency and wanted to sell his house. But no Zarathustri came forward to lend him money or bought his house at that time. Eventually, a Muslim buyer took over and constructed a Mosque on that place which is just within half a mile from the Atash-Behram. Another example is: there is a non-Zarathustri garland-maker who bought house just within few yards of the Atash-Behram. If such trend continues, within next ten years we will be surrounded by non-Zarathustris and crooks all around whereby making it not only dangerous for our visitation but above all, losing the sanctity of our sacred place.

The demographics of Udvada shows that there are more than 95% Zarathustris living in Udvada are above 50 years or retired and the life expectancy of our Parsee population is certainly not encouraging. In the midst of all such diversities, we need investors from India and abroad to invest in lands and houses for sale near our sacred place. We have affluent people like Nani Palkhiwala donating Lakhs of rupees to Shirdi temple but no one is willing to donate for saving our holy land. The Zarathustris are famous for donating funds for anti- Zarathustri practices and non-Zarathustri beliefs for their material benefits. But when time comes to save our own they show their reluctance by abusing remarks for our Priests and administrators of our sacred places.

On my recent visit, I have contacted my brother Ervad Cyrus J. Bhadha, who is a real-estate broker-cum building contractor in Udvada, to understand this trend and demographics of losing real-estate from our community. He mentioned that there are many second generations of Priest families living in Bombay and outside owning lands and houses of their forefathers who were once residents of Udvada. There are many Parsee families who bought flats in new buildings in the surrounding areas for their vacation purpose but nobody is willing to invest in the existing ones. Because of the job market and poor economy, people are reluctant to stay there and commute. Besides, very few families are dedicated and knowledgeable about the benefits of visiting our holy place as often in a month. They show no interest in upgrading or spending any money on building improvements or maintenance, and thus willing to sell at prices range from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 25 Lakhs (approx. $2.2K -$60K) for 1K-4K sq ft to one acre open places ready for construction, or existing houses of 6- 15 rooms of two to four level houses in moderately good condition.

These lands and houses are of those Barshnoom Priests who dedicated their entire life for the service of Iranshah. It is really fortunate feeling to invest in preserving residents of such pious individuals. Those who understand the meaning of Aipi, Kerdar and Kehrpa of such Barshnoom Mobeds and its influence on the surrounding will value these lands and houses more than any others. As per my inquiry, my brother mentioned that there are many lands and houses within one mile radius of our holy Atash-Behram for sale.

We need serious people to invest in preserving our holy place Udvada within our ownership. If anybody is interested in buying an existing house or even constructing a new house demolishing the old structure, my brother Ervad Cyrus J. Bhadha is willing to help you complete the transaction. He will help you in negotiation and building a new construction as per your design. You may contact me via email for more details.

In His Service,

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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