Karl K. Sahukar

The Editor,

Dear Sir,

I refer to your editorial comments in the Jam-e-Jamshed issue dated 26
th November, 2000 in response to the article “Apocalypse Now!”

I appreciate your clarification that Mr. Rustom S. Gae, the author of “Dokhmenashini  System And the Alternatives” and “Marrying Out, Staying In”, who is also the Chairman of the WZO Trust for Women & Children, had written this article in his personal capacity.

It also alarms me that the WZO has appointed a man with such liberal views as Chairman of its Trust.  If the views of its prime movers have a tendency to tilt towards such staunch reformism, can it not influence the organization sooner or later?  You have rightly said that Mr. Gae is entitled to his views.  However, when a person of his stature pens such an article, the damage is even more severe!  Didn’t Hitler’s views adversely affect Germany, and don’t we know the result of it?  If the pilots fly dangerously, what will be the outcome of the aircraft?

The Zoroastrian community worldwide is almost small enough to fit into one large stadium.  Blow up the stadium, and there will not be any more Zoroastrians left!  It is therefore even more dangerous when leaders of such a minuscule community like our hold such alarming views!

I am surprised by your outburst as a self appointed spokesperson for the WZO, considering your remark that Mr. Rustom Gae had written this article in his personal capacityIt is hence obvious that the WZO has more than a cursory interest in your newspaper and vice versa.

As Zarathushtra himself spoke in the Gathas “Listen with your ears to the best things, reflect with a clear mind, man by man for himself…”, I am my own person and do not need to lend my shoulder for someone to fire from.  Your comment is in poor taste and probably reflects the “tangled web of deceityou weave.

Sir, you also seem to forget once again, as you had pointed out, that Mr. Rustom S. Gae had written the said article in his personal capacity.  Similarly, Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly and Mr. Dadi Engineer too had signed an affidavit supporting Dokhmenashini as Trustees of the BPP and NOT as representatives of the WZO.  No representative of the WZO has signed any affidavit to that effect.  I therefore repeat: “The objectives of the WZO may not match those of the local BPP!”.

The WZO must make its stand clear as to whether they uphold the system of Dokhmenashini, and are against Ali Jaffarey, inter-marriage and conversion.  By maintaining a “dignified silence” they seem to give their TACIT APPROVAL, and hence stand condemned by their own hand!

Some of the BPP trustees with their Bluffing Placating Policy talk with a forked tongueOn one hand they sign an affidavit supporting the Dokhmenashini system, while with the other they covertly send their cohorts to the Doongerwadi asking the priest there if they are willing to perform the four-day ceremonies of the dead at Doongerwadi, in the event of their being cremated!  This, despite the fact of the High Priests themselves having raised strong objections against this practice.  Some of the priests have already agreed with the lure of money!  Does this not reek of a hidden agenda?

I have no objections to any Zoroastrian wanting to have their own bodies cremated.  It is their body and they are entitled to this prerogative.  They are free to do so at the local municipal crematoria and NOT at DoongerwadiHowever, forcing the community to accept their views and implement their way of thinking is an entirely different ball game.

Dear sir, the orthodox Zoroastrians all over the world must unite and help the reformists see light to mend their ways.  In it only lies the key to our community’s survival.

May Vohu Manah prevail!

Karl K. Sahukar

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