Testar-Tir Yazad

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

The world of Stars and its function in nature is clearly sanctified by our prayers (Fravardin Yast & Tir Yast) with illustrated definition & processes hardly understood by our Harvard/ Stanford Avesta scholars. Those visible form of energy, we call it “star’ has quite a few implications and applications with reference to our ultra-physical and divine body. In Fravardin Yast Karda 22 (para-80), Testar Tir is regarded same as Ahura-Mazda HIMSELF “Aurusho-Rakshno” The expression ‘Aurusho’ signifies a bright beam of light “Staot” arising from HIS creation of seven “glorious beam of lights” whereas, ‘Raokshno’ designates “Immortal Light” that is a part of Testar Tir. The “Testar Tir” is also an integral part of HIS design where it remains within the boundaries attuning itself with Four Anasars designed to promote immortality of soul. Remaining attuned with Teshtar-Tir is an act of helping Ahura-Mazda to speed-up Farshogard of this universe.

Let us understand the word “Tir’ and its connection with “Teshtar”. Though the word ‘Tir’ in Gujarati means for “Arrow’, its usage is widely elaborated in Iranian languages. Teshtar is used for Star and because of its unmatched speed in shooting its effect through Avesta Manthra, it is known as Teshtar-Tir. There are many ways of shooting Tir, however the one that our religion prescribes is through practicing Manthric exercises. In ancient Iran, we had many Rathestars from Peshdadian & Kyanian dynasties who have had used that method of keeping Paiwand with Behram-Sherevar & Daami-Upaman to keep distance from the most dangerous Demons and Arvahi’s (Spirits) existing in those times. We have many such Nirangs of King Fredoon for different occasions however, majority of our community believes in those barbarous events allegorically described in Shahnameh by Firdoshi. Just a Note: My dear Zarathustri, those Kings of Peshdadian Dynesty were Paoryotakesh Souls and they had that gift of remaining attuned with Testar-tir and Ahura-Mazda and thus they could defeat any evil with special Nirangs. Believing in those stories in its literal meaning is not only ridiculous but also dangerous for practicing & understanding our religious in its true version.

Testar-Tir is sometimes described as a part of the world of Stars whereas in some instances it is regarded as a Yazad. It’s multiple role in the spiritual world is called ‘Maethan”. For its elaborated role, it is also considered as the super-STAR in the divine world. It is widely known for inviting rain and increasing fertility of Geush-Urva. Here it is very important to understand this concept of fertility. It means it encourages immortality of soul by making our Tanu work for its progress. Through its “Raokhsna” (Divine illumination) it sends special form of blessings for material life to work in attunement with HIS Divine Plan. The reflection of Raokhsna creates an illumination, which we can see as Star in the skies. The Raokhsna is a VITAL ingredient of those Perfected Souls of the Yazads that are constantly working for the Divine Plan of Ahura-Mazda. Teshtar-Tir also helps in implementation of Ahura-Mazda’s divine plan via Humata Hukhta Havashta. Teshta is Ahu’s energy “stur” that remains with HIS first creation Immortal Fravashis of Yazads attuned with Ahu’s “Baod” (Divine wisdom) for HIS Humata (Creation of this Universe for the spiritual cleansing process). The importance of Testar-Tir is so widely acknowledged in our prayers that it is considered a vital force in attaining salvation through Manthric exercises. It is recommended to perform 144 Vendidad for those Zarathustris who are intensely tangled with committing sins and facing adversities in life. Of course such commitment and act would be almost impossible looking at the present condition of Priests in our community.

The Teshtar-Tir is remembered in our prayers in relation and Paiwand with Ahura-Mazda, Yazads & Ameshahspands, Ashavans (Nars) of the Highest Order. In Nyaish & Yast we recite “ Fradathai Ahure Mazdao Raevato Kharenanghato, Fradathai Ameshanam Spentanam, Fradathai Treshtrahesh Staro Raevato Kharenanghato, Fradathai Nars Ashaono”. In ancient times, appearance of Testar Tir Star was regarded as a sign for cropping season and rainfall. When these is famine, the Priests used to perform Baj of Teshtar-Tir. Ava Yazad nad Teshtar-Tir Yazad works hand-in-hand to perform functions of HIS divine plan towards Farshogard. Karda 12 (Tir Yast) describes that if a Zarathustri reciting Avesta Mantra of Tir Yazad is ‘truthful’ as per His definition of Asha, that person can successfully attune oneself in Paiwand with Ushtaan of Teshtar-Tir for spiritual inspiration. This Karda also explains a condition of famine when there is no water and all kinds of germs & disease gets multiplied, a prayer for Tir Yazad helps in destroying those life-threatening diseases. Karda 13 acknowledges Teshtar-Tir as the spiritual leader (ratu) of divine illuminations “Stars” & Paigambar Saheb as the spiritual leader of Human life on geti. In Khordad Yast, the Kehrpa of Paigambar Saheb is identified as one of the Ameshshaspands and in Gatha 51-12 He is known as “Uru-Raoshta Asto” Undefeated. Thus, a devotee while reciting Manthras for Teshtar-Tir, one is also getting help from our dear Paigambar Saheb. Karda 15 describes how glorified and significant effects of Teshtar-Tir portrays on human life through ITS connection with Seven Keshvars of Nishti, Seven Dakhyus and all spiritual plains of Spena-Mino that enhances spiritual progression. (We will discuss these parts of spiritual world some other time). Karda 16 elaborately justifies that Teshtar-Tir is “Thmunghuhanta” meaning cures all kinds of diseases to human Mind-Body & Soul. The same status is also given to our Manthra-Spenta or Avesta Manthravani. It is also said that those who are working for Frashogard and find happiness unto it, (Conscious of “Man Ano Avayad Shudan), the Manthravani of Tir Yast will provide nourishment whether or not it is asked for by that person. In fact, it is suggested that if the Iranians (Zaratustris) wish to see the country prosper and follow HIS Commandments, they must perform Yazashne of Tir Yazad.

In para 57 of the above Karda, there is a question: What prayer is considered the best for Tir Yazad and its attunement? And the answer is none other than PasuPach-ni-Kriya. (I have explained this in religion class several times). This Kriya is performed on the flesh of three kinds of Goshpands

1) Aurushem,

2) Vohugaonem,

3) Hamo-Gaonem.

The significance of this prayer is, it is performed by the Ashavans for helping a person attaining the final stage of Ashavan. This Kriya is not similar to Afringhan, Siroja etc for dead or alive. It is also not possible in this age and time to perform such Kriya in the absence of any Dastur to have attained such level of Ashoi or who can be categorized as Ashavan in any form at anytime.

Please note that the above explanation is incomplete without understanding its relationship with Dakhyus, Keshwars, Humata-Hukhta-Havashta of Ahu, and several other Manthric exercises. If questions are raised, I would be glad to explain them individually. Hope this will help you understand the basics on Teshtar-Tir Yazad.

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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