A Heroic Aryan Song: Zarathushtra opposes and fights against the evil one

The following prose and verse is from Vol IV of the "Saga of the Aryan race". It is based on the verse in the Holy Vendidad, one of the most ancient and Holy Zoroastrian scriptures, wherein the ancient Aryan song in the language of Avestan has been preserved for thousands of years, right from the days of Asho Zarathushtra.

The Iranian bard was singing the ancient song. This was a favourite of the Iranian people, and they sung the verses along with the bard. The song was composed in the heroic metre of the ancient Aryans: the Anushtubh.

The children clapped their hands and danced to hear the song. They loved to hear this story, of how Zarathushtra fought the evil one effortlessly. And the adults stood behind, their faces aglow too at the very mention of their great prophet Zarathushtra, the beloved of the Aryan peoples.

The bard started singing in a deep sonoruous voice:

"From the northern direction rushed forth the evil one,

angro-mainyush, full of pestilence, the evil of evil.

Thus spoke the evil one, to his chosen demon:

Drukhsh! Demon of destruction,

Rush forth to kill the righteous Zarathushtra.

Hearing this, Drukhsh, deadly treacherous destruction

ran to smite righteous Zarathushtra!

Also the evil demon Buiti rushed, intending to kill.

Zarathushtra chanted the Ahuna Var,

Yatha Ahu Vairyo to Vasterem.

Praised he highly the good, virtuous lawful waters (Apaam),

He declared faith in the Mazdayasi religion (Mazdayasni ahmi).

Drukhsh was OVERTHROWN by it, Buiti the demon ran away,

both the destroyers intending to kill were defeated!

Ran back Drukhsh to the evil one, shouting:

"Imposter angro-mainyush! Full of glory

and righteous order is Zarathushtra.

Think cannot we even of doing him harm,

how can we think about his death."

The evil one heard, and itself came forth.

Perceived Zarathushtra then in his mind,

that the evil one, irreligous and cruel

was rushing to him, seeking for his death.

Zarathushtra arose, Zarathushtra came,

not fearing the malignant evil one.

Grasping in hand a stone as large as a kat (house)

is the righteous Zarathushtra,

spiritual weapon obtained from the Creator.

He held back fast the evil one in a wide circle,

repulsing back the deceiver was the son of Pourushashp.

Zarathushtra declared loudly to the evil one,

"O evil knowing evil mentality, I will smite

the wisdom evil created, smite putrefaction

and death evil created, smite the witches of Khnathaiti

and the evil idol worshippers, till

the victorious Saoshyant is born

from the waters which give happiness,

in the far off eastern directions."

To him spoke angro-mainyush the creator of evils,

in a wailing voice, filled with tremors:

"Do not smite my creations, O righteous Zarathushtra.

Tum ahi Pourushaspahe puthro -

You are Pourushasp's son, from birth

you have invoked righteousness.

Abhor the good Mazdayasni religion,

and obtain favour from me as did

Vadhaganant the ruler of this country."


Answered He who is Spitama Zarathushtra,


"I will not abhor this good Mazdayasni religion,


not even if my bones, nor if my life breath,

nor my intellect be separated from one another."

Again spoke angro-mainyush the creator of evils,

"With which word will you smite,

with which word will you destroy my evil,

which weapon well made of spiritual creation

will destoy me the evil mentality?"

To him replied Spitama Zarathushtra,

"With the mortar and dish used in the Haoma Yasna

will I strike, with Haoma the good true worshipper

will I destroy your evil, with the words (Mathra)

prounounced by Mazda to me

will I defeat and destroy you,

for these are the weapons best,

the spiritual weapons well made.

Helped by the beneficient spirit Spentahe Mainyu,

strengthened by the Amesha Spentas,

the good rulers and the good priests."

Zarathushtra chanted the Ahuna Var,

Yatha Ahu Vairyo to Vasterem.

Praised he highly the good, virtuous lawful waters (Apaam),

He declared faith in the Mazdayasi religion (Mazdayasni ahmi).

That evil one, running and shouting,

weeping and shouting, ran away, saying:

"Born, alas for us, is righteous Zarathushtra

in the house of Pourushashp.

How can his death be obtained? Never!

He has a smiting weapon for evil,

he is a counter to evil. He is the one

who contradicts the lie,

he is a destroyer of the worship of evil."

Shouting thus, rushed the evil irreligious evil one

to the bottom of the world of darkness,

drujo demane (abode of evil),

the evil one's stinking inferno."

The children shouted loudly with glee when they heard the wonderous end of the heroic Aryan song. Someone had started to strum a musical instrument, and the Aryans gathered there spontaneously burst into dance, happy at the victory of good over evil in the song.

This was a selection of prose and verse from Vol IV of the "Saga of the Aryan Race".

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