Science and Religion: by Neville S. Gandhi

It is a common belief that modern man with all his knowledge of Science and Civilization is growing more and more materialistic. Man is forgetting his own Creator. With the advancement of Science, the Spiritual Bliss has taken a back seat.

What does the word "Science" signify. It means search for the Truth and Reality. Man seeks truth. He is the only animal that feels this curiosity and acts on it. This feature is one of the qualities which makes this animal called "Man" a "Human Being".

An American author quoted "What is the true end and aim of science but the discovery of the ultimate power - a seeking after God through the study of His ways." Science and religion are percieved as two separate paths. In fact they are two sides of the same coin. Some discoveries made by our scientists are even found in the holy scriptures. Science and religion in other words may be termed as knowledge. Science has injected a new realism in human faith. It enables us to remove the darkness of ignorance and see things in their true and clear light.

Human ignorance and prejudice may for a time seem to have separated what God has joined together, but this situation is temporary. Science and religion will blend their magical effective rays into the beautiful bow of light in future which will link earth with heaven.



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