Reply to the inter-married Parsi Dina Mc.

Reply to the inter-married Parsi Dina Mc.

Faulty translations used by the liberals

Mc.'s pro-conversion stance fundamentally FLAWED

The truth about our Glorious Sassani Parsi ancestors


Fellow Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtris,

As per Aspi Maneckjee's request, here is a reply to the inter-married Parsi Dina Mc. from the Traditional Zarathushtris mailing list. The help of our learned board members in providing the scriptural references and the material in this letter is greatly appreciated. Aspi, please forward this reply to Mc. and the liberal alias.

It is hardly surprising that Mc. would speak in favour of conversion, and the mixing of races in inter-marriage, and not show any signs of pride in her Aryan Zarathushtri lineage like the rest of us Parsis and Iranis. Unfortunately, the reason is that she is herself inter-married to a non-Zoroastrian Christian and therefore her personal bias and self-interest in all these matters is sadly obvious. It is sad that pride in one's ancestral Iranian Aryan lineage slips away so sharply after inter-marriage, one of the worst destroyers of our roots and culture.

We also note that she is a colleague of the Muslim ali akbar who falsely calls himself a "mobed" and "saoshyant", and is one of the founding/leading members of a Gatha-only organization along with ali akbar. This organization can best be described as a modern-day CULT due to its many weird practises in North America, being a commercal organization where people pay donations to become "Saoshyants" ie. saviour-prophets. Such activities are abhorred by many thousands of real Mazdayasni Zarathushtris worldwide, who are ashamed that our own Parsi and Irani people are participiating in such irreligious and shameful activities due to their own inter-marriage, or their son's or daughter's shameful inter-marriage.

Mc. has given three citations from the Aerpatastan and Nirangistan (fragments of the lost Husparam Nask, and now extant only in Pahlavi as far as we know) allegedly in support of conversion. The translation is by S. J. Balsara. To an untrained person, it would seem that our scriptures themselves speak of conversion and this is how the liberals mislead our young Zoroastrians. The fact is, the TRANSLATION ITSELF IS WRONG - as we well know, the liberals tend to twist the scriptures to their own end, by using the shameful tool of false translations.

We checked out the various anti-conversion monographs published by one or more of the three scholar-Dasturs Dr. H. K. Mirza, Dr. K. M. JamaspAsa and Dr. F. M. Kotwal. In all of these, we could find only one reference to the Aerpatastan and Nirangistan, corresponding (so it would appear) to Mc.'s third citation regarding the raising of a non-Zoroastrian child by a Zoroastrian. We give the entire extract below, culled from the monograph 'Antia's "Acceptance" -- A Zoroastrian "Ahrmogih" (Heresy)' jointly written by the three scholar-Dasturs. You will observe that the authors FIND FAULT WITH BULSARA'S TRANSLATION and it turns out that the child in question is that of an ex-Zoroastrian who has converted to Islam (i.e., a "darvand") and not that of a non-Zoroastrian (i.e., a "juddin"). If the scholar-Dasturs found fault with Bulsara's translation in one instance, his translation may be shaky in other instances too.

Dhalla [the liberal] notes that a 'Pahlavi treatise devoted mostly to the Zoroastrian rituals attests the practice of admitting outsiders into the Zoroastrian fold.' The reference given by Dhalla in the footnote is to the Aerpatastan, bk. 1 chap. 4 para 28, 29.

Evidently Dhalla relies on Bulsara's translation of Aerpatastan and Nirangistan (p. 38) which translates aburnayag ag-den (occurring in folio 16a 1.3 in Sanjana's facsimile edition) as a child of wicked creed. Buslara's version is based on the wrong meaning of this crucial word ag-den, thereby rendering the translation of this paragraph as INCORRECT. The Pahalvi word ag-den means a person of bad religion or a person of wrong religion and is generally applied to a Zoroastrian convert to Islam.

You will observe that the doctrinal undercurrent to Mc.'s pro-conversion stance is the "Freedom of Choice." This is the classic heterodox stance, and it is refuted by Roni Khan's article "Letter To Our Youth #2 -- Does The 'Freedom Of Choice' Apply To Conversion?" (which is on the Traditional Zoroastrianism home page at This article deals with the subject exhaustively and conclusively. The freedom of choice is truly the choice between good and evil that every soul must take in this life, and does not refer to conversion since we do not consider other religions as evil. Therefore, Mc.'s pro-conversion stance is fundamentally FLAWED.

One of Mc.'s favourite arguments is to opine that Parsis are physically "too diverse" to have come from one race. At best, this is a personal opinion. In our opinion, you can tell a Parsi from a mile! Also, the G6PD enzyme deficiency is a hereditary racial characteristic common in the Parsi community, suggesting in-breeding and racial exclusivity over an extremely long period of time.

Another favourite of Mc. is Sassanian-baiting. The heterodox don't like the Sassanians (our glorious immediate Iranian forebears, from whom the Parsi people are derived) because they were by and large orthodox. Witness how Mc. takes pot shots at them with raising the bogey of Armenia and with the familiar allegation that they were "not tolerant"! The truth is exactly the reverse! There is copious material to prove this (e.g., there were seven metropolitan provinces and 80 bishoprics, stretching from Armenia to India!), but here is a summarized account drawn from an earlier article of Roni Khan entitled 'Tempest In A Teacup.' :

"As the Christians intentionally burnt the Zoroastrian records of Armenia, save for those few that suited their purpose, it is mostly from Armenian Christian sources that information is derived. But careful scholars are only too aware that these sources (such as 'The History Of Vartan,' by the fifth century A.C. Bishop Elisaeus, secretary to Vartan Mamigonian who commanded the Christian army in Armenia) are notoriously HOSTILE, prejudiced and unreliable, and hence 'almost WORTHLESS' -- this is well recognized by authorities like Neumann, Rawlinson, West, Henning and Boyce."


Continuing from the article 'Tempest In A Teacup' by Roni Khan:

"The authentic historical position is briefly as follows:

- From 'Tempest In A Teacup' by Roni Khan.

Has the 'death wish' for our ethno-religious identity gone so far, that some Parsis are always ever so eager to wrongfully maul and malign their own immediate Iranian forebears, the glorious and faithful Sassanians?

We can only say one word - SHAME on these inter-married liberals, who have lost their roots, culture, and religion. SHAME TEN THOUSAND TIMES, LYANAT SAD HAZAR BAR. These people will be judged by God Almighty for their sinful actions in this life, and the judgement will be harsh because their sin is great.


Board members of the Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List.

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