Learn to Read the Gujarati script for Avestan prayers

Fellow Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtris,

For more than 1300 years, we Parsis lived happily in Gujarat (thanks to the great and benevolent Hindu Gujarati King Jadi Rana), and our Avestan prayer books have been in the Gujarati script. Only recently, due to modern generations of our youth attending English medium schools and not learning Gujarati (since the 1950s), our prayer books have been printed in the Roman script (ie, the script in which I am writing this).

The proper pronunciation of the prayers is very important when we pray Avestan prayers, since the prayers are themselves an instrument against evil. Our elders have always said that the Gujarati script is much better to show the correct pronunciation of the prayers rather than English, and I can verify this as true. The pronunciation in the Gujarati script is clearer and easier to understand for the proper pronunciation of our Avestan prayers.

For those TZML members who may be interested in learning the Gujarati script, here is the link from the internet, and also the Gujarati lessons themselves as a zip file.

Learn to Read Gujarati by Ukindia

Gujarati Lessons Zip file by Ukindia



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