The Airyema Ishyo Nirang and How to read it in Gujarati



Behram Dhabhar wrote:
Dear TZML members,

As I have been flodded with requests from many members for the Airyema
Ishyo Nirang, I have posted it to the first few and for the benefit of
everybody I have got it scanned and am posting it as an attachment.

Hope this proves useful to all.

Thank you.

Note by Firdosh Sukhia: The Airyemo Ishyo Nirang is a very powerful Nirang and it cannot be prayed by any body if one is not observing strict rules of menstrual seclusion, or not continuosly covering his head all the time with 2 layered cap, or is not observing basic tarikaats like Meher Patet, keeping amal of sudreh kushti by regularly reciting it, or Baaj after toilet, or nahva ni Baaj etc etc. Like I said before it is a very powerful Nirang and if your body consitution is not made fit to receive this manthra than it will lead to nothing else than indigestion. Its like eating rich heavy Pulao, Biryani every day even when your stomach does not agree to it. So first strengthen your digestion, prepare your body ready for receiving these blessings by observing the basic Tarikaats and than think of praying this nirang. We do not tend to understand the importance of Tarikaats and hence all sort of questions and confusions creep in our mind. To sum up only one answer is needed to clear all our doubts and that is to follow tarikaats.

For detailed instuctions on how to recite this prayer, please read the instructions in the book "Shuddh uchcharni Khordeh Avesta" (page 206) which is available at:

Parsi Vegetarian and Temperance Society,
4th floor, Vatsa House,
Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort,
Mumbai 400001
Tel. +91-22-22870795



Kurus Kapadia wrote:

I had read about the power on this prayer in a very old book in an Agiary where I was attending a ceremony Varasyiaji ne nahn apvani kriya. It mentioned that Airayema Ishayo is the most prestigious Zarathosti prayer and can break absolutely any black magic.

Mahrukh Zubin Sutaria wrote:

Dear Porus,

Could you please post it in English too.



Porus Homi Havewala wrote:




Ill do better than that. Ill show you how to read the letters one by one in the prayer.



= AA as in AAH


 = A


 = ee


 = r


 = ye


 = ma


 = ee


 = sh


 = yo



 = r

 = fe


 = dh


 = ra

 = ee




Do you see, the prayer is actually better to read in the Gujarati script rather than English,

since the pronunciations are more lucid !


Ill now put multiple letters at a time:


 = Janatu


= nerebayasacha


 = naeereebayasacha


 = Jarathushtarahe


 = vangh


= heush


= rafedharaee


 = managhho


 = ya


= daena


= vaeereem


= hanaat


 = meejdem


 = aashahaya


= yasa


 = asheem


= yaam


 = eeshyaam


= Aharo


= masata


 = Majaadaaoo


Pray the above 4 times


Pray Ashem Vohu 4 times


 = Aaeerayamanem eesheem


= Yazamaeede, Aamavanatem


 = verethrajanem veetab


= Eeshaghhemm majeeshteem aashhe saravanghhaam,


= Gaathaaoo sapenataaoo ratubashthraoo aash-


= -oonish yazamaide, sataoot yesanach yaj-


= maide ya daata aanghheeush paoouuruuyehayaa.




= Yenghe Haatam Aa-at yesne paeeti vanghho, majdaao ahuro vetha ashat

hacha, aaooghhaamca taasca taaosca yajmaide.


(Gujarati readers of the TZML, please check the above and let me know if any error)

Instructions for the prayer:

Take bath in the morning to be clean and at a fixed time perform the Kusti-Padyaab, and the Sarosh Baaj

Ask your wishes from Dadar Ahura Mazda,

Then pray the above prayer,

Then pray the Ardibehest Yasht. After this do not pray other prayers for some time. If you want to do more prayers, then start again after some time.

This prayer shows its power after praying it for a number of days, regularly.






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