THE PUNDOL GROUP: by Cyrus R. R. Cooper

DADAR AHURAMAZDA'S realm of hasti is separated from our universe of nisti by a barrier of Adare Mino-Karko fire, such that only those spiritual beings who possess Adare Mino-Karko/more advanced fires inside them may enter into HIS hasti. However in accordance with HIS divine plan since time immemorial a miniature hasti has existed within a hidden realm situated upon Mount Demavand in Iran. Here in this Koh-e-Demavand live the caretakers and guardians of the Zoroastrian religion on earth - 72 Pak Magav Sahebs and 6 Banu Magavans, Abed Sahebs, Latif Magav Sahebs and numerous spiritually advanced Zoroastrians. All of these divine beings receive DADAR AHURAMAZDA'S instructions concerning this earth and its inhabitants through Sarosh Yazad, who communicates with the 72nd Magav Saheb (hence HIS title of Saroshavarez) inside the miniature hasti.

All Rainidar Sahebs receive their instructions inside Koh-e-Demavand and so just before the fall of our last Zoroastrian Empire of Iran, Pak Saroshavarez Murzban Saheb asked one Nairyosang Avval Abed Saheb to select and then lead a small group of Iranian Zoroastrians into India, wherein Nairyosang Saheb consecrated our greatest fire - Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb. As the centruries passed by most of Asho Zarathustra Sahebs teachings became lost/forgotten in Iran, but by the grace of DADAR AHURAMAZDA some aspects of this knowledge were preserved by the orthodox Parsi Zoroastrian community of India.

During the early part of this century Saroshavarez Murzban Saheb taught religious and astrological knowledge to a Parsi called Behramshah Shroff inside Koh-e-Demavand. Upon his return to India Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff imparted this knowledge to our Parsi community. Then many years later one Minocher Nusserwanji Pundol whilst praying at home in Bombay was contacted by Saroshavarez Murzban Saheb. Minocher was taken into Koh-e-Demavand so that his highly advanced ravan could be awakened (after every birth ravan and aatmaas/soul quickly falls into a deep sleep as the mind of the child takes control) and then linked to a Magav Saheb called Sarosh). Minocher thus became the supreme authority on Zoroastrian religion and science of astrology. With the passage of time as ever increasing numbers of Zoroastrians realised Minocher's true status they began to call him Saheb. Minocher Saheb's surname was used to name The Pundol Adaran and simultaneously create The Pundol Group of Zoroastrians who can be distinguished by their red prayer caps and the fact that they all follow the teachings of our Pak Magav Sahebs of Koh-e-Demavand. Minocher Saheb was given an agenda of tasks to complete by Saroshavarez Murzban Saheb, some aspects of which were to -

a) encourage Zorastrians to recite Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao as often as possible everyday,
b) reconsolidate the faith of Zoroastrians towards Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb, our other Atash Padshah Saebs and Vakshure Vakshuran Zarathustra Spitama,
c) contradict in writing the statements of some anti-religious elements who had gone to the extent of describing DADAR AHURAMAZDA and our Atash Padshah Sahebs as being of a very inferior nature,
d) consecrate the first ever Atash Adaran near to Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb in Udvada and answer questions such as :

1. why non-Zoroastrians cannot enter our consecrated fire temples,
2. why the navjote of a non-Zoroastrian cannot be performed,
3. who is a true Zoroastrian,
4. why the custom of Dokhmenashini is a must for every Zoroastrian,
5. life after death,
6. ravan bokhtagi (soul advancement) and reincarnation,
7. why Avesta Manthra cannot be translated etc, etc, etc.

Within The Pundol Adaran one can obtain religious and spiritual guidance based upon the teachings of Asho Zarathustra Saheb as imparted by representatives of The Pak Magav Sahebs of Koh-e-Demavand. Should you wish to visit and stay in this vicinity please note that there is good food and accomodation to be had nearby.

The Pundol group also provides religious and spiritual guidance throughout India and the rest of the world by sending representatives to teach the true knowledge of Zoroastrian religion. During August 1995 repesentatives came to England at the behest of Pundol group members and members of the managing committee of the ZTFE. They gave a series of superb lectures/seminars which reinforced the faith and devotion of many orthodox Zoroastrians living in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

In India the Pundol Group also -

A) provides financial assistance towards the maintenance and upkeep of our Atash Padshah Sahebs,
B) offers sandalwood to all 8 Atash Behrams and 3 Atash Adarans everyday,
C) holds regular religious and social functions to commemorate Zoroastrians like Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomanji, Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff and Minocher Saheb,
D) organizes and encourages regular 8 Atash Behram trips and a once yearly trip to Sanjan and Bahrot mountain where Pak Iranshah Saheb resided many years ago.

The true teachings of Asho Zarathustra Saheb are upheld with the utmost faith and devotion, such that when unworthy elements try to attack our original customs like Dokhmenashini, the Pundol group retaliates with unparalleled vigour. The Pundol group also makes every effort possible to wean back Zoroastrians from the clutches of other religions, cultural and social beliefs, in accordance with the message of Saroshavarez Murzban Saheb who stated that he who campaigns vigorously to bring back a Zoroastrian from other religious beliefs will be taken care of by The Pak Magav Sahebs.

The Pundol group has consistently encouraged all Zoroastrians to come before the awesome fire of Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb, within which exists a minute particle of DADAR AHURAMAZDA HIMSELF. Consequently every year on this auspicious date more and more Zoroastrians come from all over the world to receive HIS blessings. By the grace of DADAR AHURAMAZDA during November 1996 I was fortunate enough to be able to deliver religious lectures in Surat and Udvada, wherein on 24th November 1996 many thousands of Zoroastrians were fed by members of the Pundol group.

Minocher saheb passed away on 19th November 1975 at which time the Pundol group numbered several thousands, since then with the blessings of PAK DADAR AHURAMAZDA the Pundol group has continued to slowly but inexorably grow ever larger as Zoroastrians throughout the world await the arrival in India of our 100th Rainidar Saheb Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand.


Cyrus Cooper.

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