Places to buy Prayer books from: by Marzban Giara

You can buy prayer books from the following places:

1. Union Press, Homji Street (near Horniman Circle), Fort, Mumbai (Tel. +91-22-2660357, 2695007). These books are not shudh uchcharni i.e. not with correct pronunciation. Prayer books in Gujarati and English are available .

2. Ervad Kavasji Kanga's Khordeh Avesta Ba Maeni (= with meaning) and Gatha Ba Maeni in gujarati and English are available at Parsi Punchayet office, 3rd floor, 209, Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001 . Tel +91-22-2617421-22-23.

3. Bombay Zoroastrian Jashan Committee, 2nd floor, Navsari Building, Dr. dadabhai Naoroji Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001.( Khordeh Avesta shuddh uchcharni is available in Gujarati)

4. Parsi Vegetarian and Temperance Society, 4th floor, Vatsa House, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001 Tel. +91-22-2870795. Shuddh uchcharni Khordeh Avesta is available in Gujarati. Ervad jal Vimadalal's book of Zoroastrian Daily Prayers in Gujarati/English is also available.

Sadras can be purchased readymade from Dadar Parsi Youths Assembly Gruh Udyog section, Perviz Hall, 800, Jame jamshed Road, Dadar Parsi colony, Mumbai 400014. Tel. +91-22-4129437 or from Liaision Committee office, Zoroastrian Colony, 275, Tardeo, Mumbai 400007.

If you need books on Zoroastrianism/Parsi History you may contact me.

Marzban Giara


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