Understanding the Meaning & Process of Pasu-Pach Kriya

By Ervad Hoshang J. Bhadha

The Pasu-Pach Kriya is elaborately mentioned in Tir Yast and its products are described in Fravardin Yast & Zamyat Yast. It's true that not many people recite these Yasts and most of us tend to forget & disregard the meaning and purpose of life as Zarathustri however, our religion has showed us Path & Means to follow every second of this life on Geti with specific prescriptions. Though given allegorically in our scriptures, these prescriptions are closely followed and explained by few of our spiritually gifted Dasturs of olden times. The Pasu-Pach Kriya is not for people who are dead or alive. This Kriya is for those individual Ashavans who are 'spiritually ready' for the Urvaan's progression. It is also regarded as a form of divine union of 'Minoi Urvaan' with its last counterpart on Geti reaching the final stage of Farshogard freeing oneself from this cycle of birth & death. [Urvaan is Avesta term for 'SOUL' repeated in many prayers whereas 'Ravaan' is a Pazaad term for Soul too. In all Five Gehs we repeatedly recite 'Iristanaanm Urvaano Yazamaide".] Only a person with higher level of Ashoi, a spiritually matured person (Dasturaan Dastur like Adarbad Marespand Saheb) or a Saosyant can see though the level of spiritual progression in a person to qualify him/her for this next stage. Sorry, no Harward, Stanford, Columbia Zarathustri Scholar has or can have such level of "Baodhang" to raise or qualify someone to the higher spiritual plain.

Explanation of Pasu-Pach Kriya requires detail understanding of precosmogenesis as explained in our literatures: Fravardin Yast, Zamyat Yast, Vendidad etc. on the preexistence of Urvaan and WHY, HOW & WHERE it was stationed in nature to release "Raethva" (undesirable force) for its ultimate return to AHU. Let me just briefly describe the technical composition and pre-existence of Urvaan, it's relation with AHU. Urvaan was once part of AHU'S 'Rae' & 'Kharenah', free from any Raethva. When HE saw the existence of Raethva in HIS Design, HE proclaimed "Vairya" (Order) with the help of HIS creation of 'spiritual council' Yazads & Ameshaspands, 33 Ahu's & Ratu's. With HIS inspiration those 'spiritual creations' implemented HIS Vairya, thus making Mazdadath (Laws related to Urvaan's Journey from Nisti to Geti) and Ahuradat (Laws showing the Path of Return to HIS Noor). Then Urvaan was divided into five stages / steps (Five Religions) strategically designed by HIM to ensure progression cycle towards HIS SOURCE. We will not go into details of Urvaan of Manthra-Spenta, 33 Ahu's & Ratu's etc here as that is another level of explanation for understanding how Ahu's 'Vairyo' gave rise to Baga-Ahunavar, Paorva-Fravashi & Staota-Yasna for Urvaan's progression through the creation of Geush-Urvaa, Yazads & Ameshaspands. Here one thing we must remember that the portion of HIS divinity within 33 Ahu's & 33 Ratu's (Daevo Vidatu) which remained "evil-inflicted", was subject to the process of 'purification' (to clean Raethva) through various spiritual processes including distribution of Urvaan into various creations: Four Anasars: 1. Fire, 2.Water, 3.Air, 4.Earth. Our body has all for elements of nature and this Pasu-Pach Kriya is based on all these four elements of nature.

Every human has certain form of Yazatic force within that keeps reminding him/her of the role it (SOUL) has to play in helping the Yazads to bring Nisti's Farshogard to Kanerath Bami. (Hosbaam is the starting of the Universe and Khanerath Bami is the end of its existence - Pre-cosmogenesis). [This portion require detail explanation. I will explain it some other time.] Human is referred as the leader of Nisti World as it has to go through MAZDADHHAT & AHURADAT to initiate Farshogard of Nisti. On the other hand Pasu-Pach Kriya is initiated for Spiritual amalgamation whereby an Ashavan is promoted to Magavan status. When an Ashavan has attained a physical condition (through Mithra-Manthra-Tarikats) that allows him to convert or match his 'Tanu' (body) with Kerhpa (Ultra-physical body) that has already attained immortality, the individual is said to have established Paiwand of Urvaan with Baodh. Such Paiwand also encourages attunement with Fravashi and thus an Ashavan's Urvaan resides within the body craving to meet its counter-parts for attaining Farshogard. Thus, a Need for Pasu-Pach Kriya is acknowledged by that individual at that stage of mortality.

There are many people who deliberately misinterpret the concept of Goshpand in Pasu-Pach Kriya and ridicule this higher level ritual labeling it as a sacrifice of animal. Let's understand the concept of Goshpand and its role in this Kriya. When an 'entity' from animal kingdom has developed a Paiwand with the 'wisdom of Sarosh' in attunement with 'physical wisdom', that creature is called 'Pasu', and such development in human is known as 'Pase-Ratu.' When the Urvaan in Goshpand achieves that level of spirituality, it is miraculously attracted towards its counterpart in human and remain happy to go for a union through Pasu-Pach Kriya. Only an individual advancing from 3 Karsh to 6 Karsh of Ashoi can be regarded as a perfect candidate for this Kriya whereby 1/10 parts of Hevaan, 1/100 parts of Plants & 1/1000 parts of vegetation & mineral kingdom gets united. We shall not go into details on their separation however, as mentioned earlier, such separation was initiated from the time of pre-cosmogenesis.

There are three types of Goshpands who are qualified to undergo above Kriya. One should not translate Goshpands as some ordinary animal. As stated above, these Goshpands have highly elaborated spiritual composition. In Tir Yast these Goshpands are called 1. Aurushem, 2.Vohugaonem, 3. Hamo-Gaonem. These three terms are related to the bright white to faded white color of Goshpand. The bright white, faded white to shady-white color is allegorically described for the level of Ashoi that Goshpand has attained which ultimately converts to it original 'bright-white' on completion of this Kriya retaining its final product "Urvaan" for Farshogard Kriya. When this Goshpand has Urvaan of Nar & Naari within, it is called 'Aurush'. During the ceremony both Nar & Naari Ashavans participates for their final union with their counterparts in Goshpand. If a Nar or Naari Ashavan of Barjisi Jerum gets tangled in this worldly life and gets married, their Pasu is called "Vahugaon". When an Ashavan gets married to his/her counterpart from a lower Jerum, the nature offers him/her a third kind of Pasu called "Homogaon". The Myazda (Chasni) of Gospand is highly guarded by other Ashavans and people surrounding that ceremony from any person not considered legitimate candidate for this ceremony. The Ashavan has highly advanced Atash-e-Vohufruyan to send the Myazda of Gospand to its original source. If a non-participant consumes Myazda of this Kriya, he/she may cause serious damage to his/her Urvaan's progression cycle. In ancient times, this ceremony was performed in the presence of kings and local people. It is very important to understand the ingredients of Myazda of the gifted animal who acts as a product of final amalgamation of spiritual energy useful for that Ashavan to attain salvation. The ingredients of Myazda are those Four Anasars which helps the attunement of Bahman Ameshaspand with 16 Energy Circles (Ref: Vendidad) to enable the Ustaan of Anagraraochao to give rise to 'Vahistem mano' within the body. These Anasars are the products of six Gahambars guided by the spiritual processes designated via Ahuradat & Mazdadat.

There is no sacrifice of animal or consumption of meat in its material sense. We kill and abuse millions of life-giving elements and use sacrificial products everyday related to the above four Anasars but no one comes forward and say we are doing "sacrifice" or performing functions against the nature. Example: 1. Zarathustris smoke cigarates but no one questions its effect on polluting the life-giving elements in AIR and Ahu's Ustaan attached to our life. 2. We dump human waste in the water but nobody questions the destruction & abuse of life-giving ingredients of Ava Ardveshur. 3. We abuse fire in many forms but no one can relate its life-force attunement with Atash-e-Vohufriyan and call it a Gunah. 4. We each flesh, abuse plants for making furniture, paper & killing / abusing vegetation whereby inhibiting the natural process of spiritual progression via these creations of God. However no one volunteers to raise voice against such activities and say that's inhuman, sacrificial or non-religious. The answer to this question is simple, SELFISH, IGNORANT HUMAN PERCEPTION and its examples are as above. One should remember that each element is nature has to attain Farshogard via human. Whether it is plants, animals, vegetation or minerals - each has a certain form of 'energy' prescribed for its 'final release'. A scientist, biochemist, mineralogist or experts in natural elements can clearly justify a fact that each molecule of the natural products surely possess certain form of 'energy' and/ or 'unknown magnetism / activity' that can be seen only through electronic devices. A human cannot cultivate or explain such activity but surely accept its presence. It is a irony of our conscience that we tend to accept invisible things that are proven through experiments but fail to acknowledge our religious scriptures on visual practices corresponding to our soul's progression.

We must not forget that each one of us has a spiritual counter-part "assigned" to help us attain the above stage of spiritual amalgamation. This is done through the transmission of Rae-Noor-Kharenangha of the assigned Tristar-Staar in connection with Kehrpa for our Urvaan's progression cycle. When a human attained victory over the evil ingredients of the Five Senses", he can perceive that power of Sarosh over his Urvaan progression. He is then called Dregu-Mard who is not compromising with temptations emitting through the five senses. With such an attitude he attains the next stage of progression which is called Dahm-Nar. He continues to stride towards spiritual progression when at its apex position he is called a Ashavan, also known as 'Nar' for Male & 'Naari' for Female. In Avesta (Narram Ashaonam Fravashiyo Yazamaide ....Naairinaam Ashoninam Fravashayo Yazamaide - We attune with the Fravashis of the Nar & Naari Ashavans). As he is expected to make many strides passing through each level of Ashoi, he is constantly engage in two major tasks: 1. To Free his Soul from temptations and conquest five senses through Mithra-Manthra-Tarikats, 2. Work for other Souls facing problems conquering the power of five senses giving rise to the presence of Sarosh Yazad in the race for attaining Farshogard.

Commentary: There is a truth in saying that the Nature helps an individual advancing towards Farshogard in many ways. 1. Some people are destined to born in Priest family with privileges of learning and applying HIS Daena, 2. Some gets inspiration from a stranger's talk on religion or come in contact with a religious entity. 3. Whereas few are inspired by an unusual event, circumstances, or even through 'self-realization' & self-motivated efforts. There is no specific method, Kriya or event that can help someone to realize his/her 'spiritual advancement'. Requesting Zindeh Ravaan ceremonies, daily prayers & observance of Tarikats helps advancement however ultimately it is in HIS HANDS and the way HE operates on our life is unknown and invincible. Reference of Pasu-Pach is also given in my article "Attunement & Invocation in Zarathustri Religion Part-IV.

Request to the Reader: Please do not challenge or abuse the ingredients of this highly sacred Kriya by interpreting its practices in practical / human form. Today, we do not have any 'qualified' person to perform or participate in such sacred Kriya. I request the reader to understand the prerequisites of this subject as given in this article before even using literal meaning or interpreting its contents. This is our religion. We must treasure and practice its commandment to its fullest extent and stop those who abuse them. It is a question of our Life, Death & Beyond. If I can help at least one Zarathustri in my life-time to practice this Golden Religion, I would consider myself fortunate and worthy of HIS gift to be an Athravan.

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

In His Service,

Ervad Hoshang J. Bhadha

(The above letter was in response to the following email:)

From: Rustomji Chothia

To: "Ervad Dr. Hoshang J. Bhadha"


Respected Ervad Sahib,

Greetings in the name of Ahura Mazda,

I refer to an article written by you entitled TESTAR TIR YAZAD. Towards the end you write:

"In para 57 of the above Karda, there is a question: What prayer is considered the best for Tir Yazad and its attunement? And the answer is none other than PasuPach-ni-Kriya. (I have explained this in religion class several times). This Kriya is performed on the flesh of three kinds of Goshpands

1) Aurushem,

2) Vohugaonem,

3) Hamo-Gaonem.

The significance of this prayer is, it is performed by the Ashavans for helping a person attaining the final stage of Ashavan. This Kriya is not similar to Afringhan, Siroja etc for dead or alive. It is also not possible in this age and time to perform such Kriya in the absence of any Dastur to have attained such level of Ashoi or who can be categorized as Ashavan in any form at anytime." - Ervad Bhadha.

I shall be grateful if you can let me know the following.

1. What is the "PasuPach-ni-Kriya. (I have explained this in religion class several times)." I have not had the benefit to attend your Religion class.

2. What are: 1) Aurushem, 2) Vohugaonem, 3) Hamo-Gaonem. Are animals sacrificed since you say the kriya is performed on the flesh of the 3 gospands?

3. How do people attain a level of Ashavan?

I await your learned answers.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Rustom C. Chothia.

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