We should not follow non-Zoroastrian Gods or Godmen

Fellow Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtris,

A Zarathushtri youth in India wrote:

>I believe in Zarthus respect as equal as Shiva / Ganapati.
>Start day with Khorde-avasta & ganapati sloka.
>Father believes in Bahram yazad /Hanumanjee.
>I have my Ganesha, his father Shiv,
>Hanumanjee (Bajrangbali) & krashna (with flute).
>They all accompany me where every i am.

Shiva and Ganapati are Hindu Gods, respect them at a distance. Zarathushtra is our Prophet, not a God so you should not consider him on par with Shiva / Ganpati. Shiva is the Supreme God of the Hindu Shavaites (believers in Shiva), whereas Ahura Mazda is the Supreme God of the Zoroastrians. Vishnu of course is the Supreme God of the Hindu Vaishnavaites (like Narsinh Bhagat).

Shiva has a form, whereas Ahura Mazda is formless and is more similar to the concept of the Nirguna Brahman (Formless Supreme God) of the Brahmins. Shiva is worshipped through idols, whereas Ahura Mazda is only worshipped through Fire. The Hindus are perfectly right in worshipping Shiva through a form and idols, we are perfectly right in worshipping Ahura Mazda through the formless Fire. However, MIXING the two disrupts the spiritual currents flowing from the worship and is ultimately damaging to the person's soul. This is why God makes the soul to be born in a particular religion only.

If you follow a religion, follow it with all your heart, dont mix it. The whites in the USA mix all religions into a sort of curry, and their lives are a mess. They dont know what to believe in.

I respect Shiva, Ganapati and Hanuman (still like those Ram-Bhagat movies). I must be one of the few who bought a 1940s Sant Sakhu movie in my last trip to India (she is one of the great Marathi Poet-saints who was a devotee of Vithal (Vishnu)). Respecting and appreciating Indian culture is fine, however there is no need to follow two religious paths, we should follow the path you are born in. The two religions are two different paths and we cannot openly worship two Gods - remember that a man cannot serve two masters.

For the Zoroastrians, the path of Ahura Mazda and Zarathushtra is the Best, NOT the path of the Hindu Gods. In a household where two religions are practised, the children are often confused. The children should know only one religion, not 2 religions. They can then perfect themselves in that religion and reach God.

We should try to be real Zarathushtris, like our forefathers were. If our forefathers had become Hinduized in this manner, we would have lost our religion hundreds of years ago and we would be Hindus today. By the Grace of God, we are still Zarathushtris.

We have a duty to preserve the sacred religion of our forefathers. Otherwise, all the sacrifices of our forefathers would have been in vain (God forbid).



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