Asho Zarathushtra, Exemplary envoy of Ahura Mazda

by Ervad Pervez D. Mithaiwala

As an example of the inspiring articles printed by the Jam-e-Jamshed newspaper of the Zarathushtris in India, here is a famous article, full of DIVINE FAITH in our ancient miraculous Zarathushtri religion.

Asho Zarathushtra Saheb

The Exemplary Envoy of Ahura Mazda


by Ervad Pervez D. Mithaiwala.

In comparison to countless benefactions showered on earth through the realm of PAK DAADAAR AHURAMAZDA, having born into Zoroastrian fold THROUGH ZARATHUSHTRI PARENTS, is most praiseworthy. Enriched eternal elements in teachings of Pak Magav Sahebs off Demavand Koh - Iran, enlightened through Behesti Minocher N. Pundol Saheb, revealed true magnanimity of our Paighambar Saheb Asho Zarathushtra as Vakshur-e-Vakhsuraan being Prophet of Prophets. The curious reader, eager to know the basic formation of a Vakshur-e-Vakhsuraan may please refer to article, "Demaavand Koh and Magav Sahebs" published in Jame dated 18-8-91.

At the outset it must be noted that Pak Sahebs - the torch bearers of Zoroastrian religion, emphatically stressed on the dire need to replenish Zarathushri minds with the true divine characteristics of Asho Zarathushtra, to wean back our masses detracted towards alien faiths. The preparatory plan of intended procedings concerning the birth of a Vakshur-e-Vakshuran on earth, was initiated ages ahead insofaras the purification programme of Spitamn ancestors, being taken care of by PAK DAADAAR AHURAMAZDA HIMSELF in the final phase.

Suppressed under a plethora of evils, "Geush Urvaa" - the soul of earth raised an utterly piercing cry to Ahura Mazda seeking assistance of a Releiver to wipe off the melancholic state of affairs and this meant the beginning of the devil's end. Vakshur-e-Vakshuran Saheb is born just once in a Zarvaane Daregho Khadaat (Ref. Jasme Avanghe Mazda) - an appromixate period of 45 lakh years and during each birth brings an Atash, which on return is preserved in Demaavand Koh. (Refer article "Atash" its varied roles in Zoroastrianism - published in Jame dated 19th March 1995.) During the last birth, the fire of "Ader Burzin Meher" was left by Him.

Pourashaspa, ordained to be the blessed father of Asho Zarathushtra through astral communication from Sarosh Yazad, was apprised of Asho Zarathushtra's birth - a welcoming event of near future then. He was advised to assimilate thoroughly with prayers in clean state of body and mind at early dawn, when Ahura Mazda's aura in process of descendence would enter into himself. Thereafter, by means of his looking into Madar Dogdo's eyes with immense love, the divine element would transfer into her. So sparkling radiance emanated through Madar Dogdo till the auspicious birth of Asho Zarathushtra Saheb. Shining outburst of aura's glow at the instance of this blessed child's birth, spread around in such glorious blaze that Pourashpa on his return, felt as if the sun in its multiple forms had descended there. The request of father to have a glimpse of the child was favourably answered as Asho Zarathushtra drew back into Him the aura and the smiling child's cheerful face emerged in the lap of mother Dogdo. Explicitly enpowered is Vakshur-e-Vakhshuran alone to absorb the luminous light of his dazzling aura within Himself.

No darkness prevailed upon any portion of the earth upto continuous three days after Asho Zarathushtra's birth, with the result where night had plunged into, that place was also illuminated with sunlight. Neither a child was born nor death occured on the day He was born.

The just born child with a smile on his face was a rarity beyond imagination and reason came to light in the teachings of Pak Saheb. The devil, fearing his end in the near future, attempted vehemently to get rid of the child, but just could not succeed.

The blossoming child, Asho Zarathushtra in return blessed that may good be done to him. This surprised the evil force even more, since all throughout the world had condemned him, and for a change, the satanic force too wished that this child should get rid of Tur bara Tur - the supreme evil force. Imagine the influence of Asho Zarathushtra Saheb, as a just born child, that the devil's malefic effect was nullified as it came closer to him. Needless to state, that remained the same as he moved away.

Vakshure Vakshuraan, with the supreme power at His command, brought an end to earthquakes, turned lava into fertile soil, unleashed his aura to the core underneath. resulting in the elimination of satanic forces and the earth, through virtue of this "Nahaan" (purificatory bath) shone as a sun for a few moments. Asho Zarathushtra Saheb, thereafter released His divine aura into Vourukash sea for purification of waters of the earth meaning the end of "angre-mino" forces. The purified waters became usable, flowers bloomed in fine colours, vegetation grew in full fledged form, happiness ushered all throughout and the earth sang in ecstasy "Ushtano Jaato Aathrava Yo Spitamo Zarathushtro" - Umpteen thanks to Ahura Mazda having sent an "Aathravan" on earth, Asho Zarathushtra.

With due respect to all concerned who hailed our beloved Paighambar Saheb as just a philosopher or friend, in reality so great was His status, that He appeared to be the inseparable entity of the great Trinity, viz. Ahura Mazda, His sons Atash Paadshah and Asho Zarathushtra. To state in a concised form, out of Ahura Mazda's oceanic aura, a minute drop derived, resulting in the formation of Vakshur-e-Vakshuraan Saheb. In every Geh, viz. Haavan to Ushen, next to AhuraMazda, is remembered Asho Zarathushtra, (Ahurem Mazdaam Ashvanem Ashahe Ratum Yazamaide, Zarathushtrem Ashavanem Ashahe Ratum Yazamaide.) In fact, Yazads, Ameshaaspands, Fareeshtaas mingled their auras with HIS hailing HIM as their leader.

None other with the exception of Vakshur-e-Vakshuraan, is destined to destroy "arvais" - the super powers of devils. As an effective measure to block the path of arvais coming down to earth, Vakshur-e-Vakshuraan Saheb created "Mino Karko" and this brought an end to its descendance.

He possesed potentials to know everything as Ahura Mazda, but as a mark of respect to the supernatural, preferred to be humble and remained unaware of certain secrets.

The word "Muktad" means remembrance of one who offers deliverance, ie. "Mukti." None other than Vakshur-e-Vakshuran Saheb can initiate our Frashogard. Sixteen days prior to Asho Zarathushtra's birth in this world, ie. on Roj Ashishvangh Mah Spendaarmad (Fasli), Ameshaashpands, Yazdads, Asho Rawaans descended on earth to welcome Him. The seventeenth day marked his birth (Fravardin Mah Khordad Roj) and these divine representatives returned to "Hasti" - the heavenly abode on the eighteenth day. Amardad Roj means "Valaavo", menaing return, thus also specifying Muktad to be of precise eighteen days.

During a proceeding at Demaavand attended by Magav Sahebs, Zarathushtra just a child then, after minute observation, rose to express His views. He asked the gathering as to which was the finest form of flower, fruit, grain, milk, and water. When the elite audience expressed a desire to be enlightened through Him only, He stated rose was the best flower, pomegranate among fruits, wheat as of grains, milk of a she-goat, and the water of a stream. The listeners were amazed at His profound knowledge at such a tender age.

Vakshur-e-Vakshuraan reigns supreme on sixth "Aasman" of Garothman - the vast expanse forming the base to ultimately merge unto A H U R A M A Z D A. Maidyoshahem is the Gahambar of Garothman (Khorshed to Daepmeher Roj of Tir Mah) and its performer succeeds on earth to attain religious goal in a meritorious manner. Nowhere on earth, as in Demavaand, Vakhshur- e-Vakhshuraan's day of birth is celebrated with jubilation. At the precise moment of His birth, the bell is rung, whose resonant vibrations spread in such a reverberating manner that its talismanic sound is heard throughout five hundred square miles of entire Demaavand. This is feasible due to mountains existing at appropriate positions. Instantaneously, Zarthushtis, in a rejoicing mood, hail heartily the advent of our beloved Paighamber Saheb.

Asho Zarathushtra remained aloof from earth. At a blessed spot in ancient Iran, where his feet touched the ground, the sacred area was cordoned off with Avesta prayers in the form of a "kas". Pak Magav Sahebs, being caretakers of the entire universe and everything ordained therein, on a pre-ordained day, relieve themselves of all powers under their command, proceed to the divine place for offering respect with deep reverance by lying prostate on the ground. Even the feet of the camels on which they ride are covered with cloth when entering into the hallowed place.

He could, by means of His extravagant aura itself, initiate any miracles, but in dedication to Ahura Mazda performed miracles by uttering Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao meaning "Glory be thine, Ahura Mazda."

He performed the first ever miracle on Marespand Roj of Spendarmad Mah (Fasli).

As a preliminary preparation to reach the domain of Ahura Mazda, he moved underneath a mountain at a secluded place suitable to totally involve Himself in prayers without anybody's interference. He instructed the mountain not to open up the path without His consent. After a prolonged duration when Behman Ameshaspand and Sarosh Yazad appeared to escort him, the mountain honoured Zarathushtra's word and opened up. Celestial gifts of Arepat and Kyaan Aura (Khoreh) were conferred on Zarathushtra to enable His entry into the Kingdom of Ahura Mazda. Jaamyaad Yasht contains reference to these two auras.

An incident of the past which bears relevance to the future is that of Daiti river of Iran. Asho Zarathushtra Saheb, accompanied by His followers, came to the banks of Daaiti river and found no means to reach the other side. By virtue of His power, He managed to walk over the waters together with His followers. After accompliishing this feat, it was observed that a small child was left over at the other end and He, therefore again reached there to help.

He lifted the child and as was in the process of crossing over for the second time, His feet initially sank into the water upto the ankle, then to the knee rising till the waist and lastly upto the neck before crossing over. As per the teachings of Pak Sahebs, on four such instances, when Zoroastrianism is to dwindle during a Zarwane Daregho Khadhaat, (1) Shah re Shah, Shah Behram Varzaavand saheb, (2) Hoshedar Bami, (3) Hoshedaar Maah and (4) Soshyosh Saheb (whose names are remembered with due reverance by "Mobeds" whilst reciting Doaa Tandarosti) shall revive and rejuvenate our sublime religion to its original culmination. No, never on earth shall Zoroastrianism perish.

History bears a reference in disguised form, when it states that four legs of Gushtasp's horse sunk into its stomach and by the miracle performed by Asho Zarathushtra, these were removed and the Shah of Iran accepted Zoroastrianism. In reality, the conspiracy of evil forces ("arvai") led to the imprisonment of Asho Zarathushtra by Gushtasp, followed by the world plunging into total darkness through in all four directions, as in the case of the horse's legs being embedded in its stomach. Finally, with the acceptance of the Zoroastrian religion by (1) Shah Gushtasp of Iran, (2) Ketayoon the queen, (3) Aspandiar the prince, and (4) the entire population, the world zoomed to an ocean of light again. This miracle is known as "Aspe-Sihaa", "Asp"=horse,"Sihaa"=black, four legs of horse are compared to four directions. Sun is compared to horse - reference Khurshed Niyaayesh. (Khurshed Amarg Rayomand Aoorvad Asp Beresad). After this miracle, the "arvais" were totally destroyed.

In the true teachings of Pak Sahebs, Turbara Tur was eliminated by Asho Zarathushtra and not vice-versa. No power exists on earth to destroy a Vakshur-e-Vakshuran.

One fails to find words to express the overwhelming feeling of joy experienced by the fortunate ones of that age, when they witnessed Yazads and Ameshaashpands accompanying Asho Zarathushtra Saheb to Garothman Behest.

May every Zarthoshti live through his/her life woth unflinching FAITH in our Pak Paighambnar Saheb only, is the message of Pak Magav Sahebs of Demaavand Koh - Iran.


by Ervad Pervez D. Mithaiwala


12th May, 1996.

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