Restriction on Electric Lights during Rituals & Ceremonies

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Why electric lights are causing danger to our rituals and ceremonies? So what if the lights are on? "I cannot read prayer book in darkness." Such mildly anxiety-filled questions will arouse curiosity in the minds of people who are sincere to learn about its reasons and wish to practice this scriptural fact. However, we are not short of people who take such questions as threat or a reason to humiliate a Priest who tries to enforce it. It is a common fact that modern Zarathustris are always in search of immediate solutions to their conveniences. They dislike taking trouble in understanding religious implications of "WHY NOT-type" of Tarikats. Obviously, there are several issues that remains unclear for Zarathustris to practice in daily life. Tarikats related to Jashan and related ceremonies that can be performed in any clean place (in the presence of Zarathustri by birth and married to Zarathustris ONLY) especially in foreign countries has recently came into the list of controversial issues. The following article will highlight only one of its aspect related to electricity and its harmful effects on Mithra-Manthra-Yasna-Tarikat related to the environmental condition under different subheadings of this article.


Electricity is dangerous for the efficacy of Avesta Manthras and quasi-Pavi (imaginary fortress around the Jashan area following certain Tarikats) 'constructed' by the Priest during Jashan or any ritual or ceremony. The electricity is composed of dangerous wavelengths and vibrations that are far inferior and destructive than of Staota Yasna (Avesta composition) for maintaining PaviKat area for our ceremonies. It is dangerous for people of Burjishi Jhirum (Zarathustris) to make use of electricity in any thing. I know this statement will generate several arguments but we cannot survive without making use of electricity in everyday activities. However, ritual and ceremonies are guided by scriptural facts that are far beyond our understanding or conveniences of day to day life. These are the spiritual exercises that involve sacred composition of Avesta Manthras, which has to practice as per the religious Tarikats without entertaining any exception. An oil lamp (Divo) has capacity to drive-off darkness, evil & Drujih after sunset.

It is because of this intrinsic quality (characteristic) of oil, and fire that burns with the help of such oil, which makes it more special for attunement with the Avesta Manthras and Tarikats, composed to maintain Ashoi during religious ceremony. The oil used in Divo must be of natural element from the vegetation Kingdom. Any other source of burning from the mineral kingdom like kerosene, gas or electricity generates 'Gashak Hariri' which destroys the individual Khoreh formed through Humata-Hukhta-Havarshta. Such destruction harms the Urvaan's progression as I have mentioned in my previous articles about Panje-Zarvekashe Batem and its contribution to our spiritual progression. These sources of light increase 'Gashak Hariri' and destroy our 'Gaetha' (vital organs of the body like brain, Heart, lungs, reproductive organs etc.) Such destruction is initiated when light from such sources comes in contact with 'Gaetha' (internal energy corresponding to functioning of each vital organ) which gets disturbed in its 'established' functioning by this mixer. In order to understand this internal energy one needs to study 16 energy circles in the body which I have briefly described in my previous articles.

We are accessing all kinds of destructive 'Hariri' from nature; we consume with food, we drink with water, we breathe with air. However, if we preserve a strong 'Gaetha' with "Spet hariri' (made of white cells) which fortifies our internal constitution with spiritual energy, it will not be exposed to 'Zaboon 'Hariri' (destructive cells) from outside sources to cause mixer and subsequent destruction leading towards Urvaan's progression. If we maintain the fortress of Stet-Hariri inside our body, 'Zaboon Hariri' will never have chance to attack our spiritual constitution and thus leave the body. It is sort of defensive field inside our body that has established spiritual immunization.


As mentioned above, electricity and sources of energy like mineral oils cause damage to the vital organs of the body. It destroys 'Vohu-Mithra' and 'Stoats of Manthras' to aid our internal energy to help in Urvaan's progression. These unwanted energy sources pressurize the spiritual energy inside to such an extent that we are actually prompted to think and do bad in this world. Thus, electricity of other mineral sources of light cause not only destruction to our spiritual composition but also make us think and do bad things bringing nothing but disaster in material as well as spiritual life. A result of such mixer is well known to all of us, starting from family quarrels, communal and religious controversies, to wars and riots in different communities, cities, states and countries. The cause of all is nothing but the usage of 'spiritually unhygienic sources' of light. The presence of electricity causes distraction to the Priest and disintegrates the composition of his Manthra, thus the effect of Manthra gets lost despite taking all kinds of precautions or maintenance of Ashoi during ceremony.


There are no common methods for all humans to overcome the effects of destructive energies around us. Depending on a person belonging to a particular Jhiren (Religion), there are ways and methods that their Prophets have given to PRACTICE for overcoming the bad effects of such 'Alien' energies. In Zarathustri religion, we have specific Tarikats to follow and practice in everyday life. One of those Tarikat is to have oil lamp Divo or Atash in house for 24 hours a day. We are required by our scriptures to recite prayers only the light of fire or Divo and no electricity. If you have electricity in that area, switch of the light and recite prayer using Divo or Fire light. There is no exception to this Tarikat. If you cannot read in one Divo than have two or three Diva's or glove fire high enough to read from the book. Every Zarathustri family is expected to have Divo or fire inside the house. This will help in destroying Gashak (same as Zaboon Hariri) accumulated by other sources of light inside the house. It is recommended to have one Divo where you sleep or nearby to help destroy "Gashak Hariri" that is constantly attacking the controlling energies of Mind and Body.


The electricity generates friction and vibrationary effect, which you may not be conscious of, but your body does experience its effect. It generates a very destructive form of energy, which is not in compliance with the constitution of our internal energy and spiritual composition. Like any other energy in nature, electricity also produces certain form of vibrationary colors however, because of its inherently destructive elements of its composition, it breaks or destroys our spiritual magnetism or 'Kharenah' (Khoreh).

Even using electric fan cause disturbances in your bodily and spiritual mechanisms. When fan is on, it disturbs the energy "Vayu Uparo Kairya" with "Mino Ram" which is the integral part of Spena-Mino (encouraging Asare-Roshni) to enhance life in all living creations of Ahura-Mazda. If electric fan is used during rituals and ceremonies (Kriya-Kam) in house, outside or in Agiary/ Atash Behram, the Staot (vibrationary colors) remaining in air gets disturbed, and as a result it will not be a part of 'Meher-Aipi.' Thus, air circulation and electricity both will harm the composition of Avesta Manthras and eventually our 'Aipi' (atmosphere around our body) while reciting prayers. We have even restriction on using any stove running on Kerosene, gas or electricity. Not even eating near the stove is allowed. If you ever visit Iranshah Atash Behram or Boyce Agiary in Bombay, do check the cooking area. All food items prepared for Stum prayer or for Mobeds are done on wood stove. My dear Zaratrhustris there is some truth in this tarikat and one thing is certain that our forefathers were wiser than we, nuclear age people are, to understand the bad effects of other sources of light.

According to our traditions from Iran, we are supposed to keep Fire or Divo within three steps or ten feet distance while reciting Avesta Manthras. Those Manthras will be preserved as per its 'Aspandis' of Staot however; any movement or electrical circulation will effect the original atmosphere of Manthras. There is reason why our forefathers (Priests & Layman) used to memorize Prayers. Today we have very few who recite prayers orally without a need of light.


Electric lights, telephones and cellular phones in Agiary are very destructive for internal atmosphere of Agiary and Atash-Behram, which exists under PaviKat area secluded from outside Drujih-filled environment. I have written a detail article on this topic under title "Zarathustri Ignorance of Agiary Karsh" posted on Traditional Zoroastrian website. These sacred areas are made to expand divine Kharenah of its Atash and spread Ashare-Roshni within and surrounding areas. By introducing electricity in such divine atmosphere, as seen earlier, we are destroying the internal atmosphere of Rathviya Chakhra composed of Manthras and presence of divinities within the sanctified PaviKat area. By practicing such a convenience, we are allowing Drujih to enter our holy places and thus, weakening the sacred Pavikat area and breaking the sacred foundations at the price of our conveniences. Let me inform some of you who are unfamiliar with high liturgical ceremonies of night time where the Priests have to recite hundreds of pages in the light of fire and a small Divo. When two Priests does Vendidad and Nirangdin ceremonies starting from midnight to sunrise, the Joti (officiating Priest) read from Vendidad book in Diva light. If somebody has not seen Vendidad book from where our Priests recites its 22 Pargarads (Chapters), this book is around four inches thick, 1 foot wide and 2 foot long with at least three rows tall scripts. This is because; the Priest will be able to read from it clearly in limited access of light in that room. If some Agiaries and Atash-Behram places are using electric light during such ceremony than somebody has to stop them doing such a grave Gunah. However, one must realize that although electricity was invented and came to India in whatever year, our Priests in Udvada, Navsari and Surat never had used electricity to perform these ceremonies. Unfortunately due to material awareness of personal conveniences, majority of our Priests started adopting alternative route, and thus use of electricity during these prayers became their needs to meet their professional duties. Today, except Udvada and Boyce Agiary at Tardeo, almost all Agiaries have electricity and telephone connections. Despite the fact that these conditions are detrimental to the sanctity of our holy places, people made them as precedence to our scriptural facts and argue with our Priests to establish such condition within and outside places where he has to perform ceremonies.

My dear Zarathustris, if at this point you realize that whatever has been written in this article has some truth in PRACTICING our Tarikat to have Divo or Atash (for those who have Fire-Place), please make yourself & your family available to the divine energy emitting from its light for your Urvaan's progression. Our religion has prescription or precautionary measure for every evil-inherited substance and element (Drujih) or destructive forces in nature and its various dimension not yet known to the mankind. It just takes oneself to have faith and dedication to practice in life without exception. Creating exception to any religious ritual or practices is like taking a bribe from evil for its entry into your spiritual domain. Destroying or furthering the cause of your Urvaan's progression is in your hands. I hope you will make a right decision.

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

In His Service,

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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