Protest against the Jame's tactics

by Hanoz M. Mistry

21st January 2002
The Editor
Jam-e-Jamshed Weekly


This has reference to your write-up titled "Kissa Kursi Ka" appearing in Jam-e-Jamshed Weekly dated 20th January 2002 which is nothing but another vicious attempt to keep alive and festering an issue which is being settled to the satisfaction of an overwhelming majority of the community.

If indeed the Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet have decided to rescind their ill-conceived decision to construct, at the behest of DDD-AG, a Prayer Hall at Ambawadi on Doongerwadi estate, then all right-thinking Parsees should heave a sigh of relief. But of course, you will have none of that . Instead of appreciating the religious considerations involved and heeding the voice of the community, you have now chosen to needle and instigate some of the BPP Trustees.

All your claims about being "a free and fair press", are thoroughly exposed for their inherent hypocrisy; as being nothing but hollow claims. Where was your sense of fair play and lack of bias for the last few years -

(1) when you published vituperative article after article maligning our revered system of Dokhmenashini and openly promoting the irreligious arguments forwarded by the DDD-AG and its cohorts;

(2) when you blacklisted all those who firmly opposed and exposed your unholy intentions and nexus and letter after letter from various traditionalists decrying your attempts to denigrate the system were consigned to the trash can;

(3) started your malafide opinion poll "Pulse of the Parsees" and used it to promote your unholy views on Dokhmenashini.

Over the last few years, you raked up the Doongerwadi issue with unfailing regularity and all this under the facade of 'accountability' and 'transperancy'. Not so incidentally, these are also the catch words frequently used by a Trustee of the BPP who, it is widely believed, is also your Godfather and mentor and the de-facto editor of all these trash write-ups attacking the orthodoxy.

Today, both of you stand thoroughly exposed for leading the community up the garden path. However, instead of being contrite and repenting, you have again chosen the path of deceit and tried to mislead the community in your article 'The Aviary Fiasco-I'. The letter of Adi Doctor which you have republished is a year old. Though it was addressed to the BPP Trustees, your mentor in the BPP leaked it to you for publication because it suited his purpose. However, with the objective of sowing discord and disunity in the ranks of the orthodox and mislead the community, you have surreptitiously changed the date of that letter from 9th January 2001 to 9th January 2002 and then republished it to make it look as if it is a fresh letter and that the orthodox are disunited and there has already surfaced a rift in their ranks.

You and your mentors may please note that though the orthodox may have varied views on many issues, when it comes to protecting our spiritual institutions from depradation from HETERODOX like you, we shall sink our differences and UNITE as ONE.

- Hanoz M. Mistry

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