The Kayani Aryan Race of our forefathers - a matter of GREAT pride

The Kayani Aryan Race of our forefathers - a matter of GREAT pride

As my father used to proudly say:




I am proud of what my father, and his father believed in,


I too am proud of my ancient race and religion, and I will

defend it against the scorn of the outsider.


If people like the outsiders insult the scriptures and beliefs of our

Zarathushtri forefathers, it is our duty, as Aryans, to respond.

An Aryan always obeyed the will of his forefathers, and followed

the path they had followed.


Hello fellow Mazdayasni Zarathustris,

A Zoroastrian, Mr. J. S. wrote:

JS: "1. What is Race? (specially the blue-blooded Kayani race)?"

Race is a proud community of people, living together in the way their ancestors did. Thousands of years ago, the lands of the earth had distinct races and religions in each land, and inter-marraige was non-existant. This was the Will of God, who Himself created the Seven continents and their races, as described in the Holy Vendidad.

The Kayani race is the race of the Aryans, originally from the Aryan homeland Airyane Vaejahi (Avestan for Seedland of the Aryans) who then settled in Iran, as explained in the Vendidad.

The Kayani Aryan race is the ancient noble race of mankind, filled with the law of righteousness (Ereta or Asha). An Aryan is one who is a "noble one", "Arya" is "he who follows the law of Ereta" ie. the law of righteousness. This is the paramount characteristic of an Aryan. This includes the following: unquestioning obediance to one's parents and teachers, respect to the aged, protection and non-pollution of the elements such as water, fire, and the earth, to defend one's wife, children and friends, to be chivalrous in battle - never hit below the belt or in the back, never pursue a fleeing foe, never raise a hand against women and children, and to give full protection to whoever askes for sanctuary. These are all hallmarks of an Aryan, as seen in the history of the Aryans both in Iran and India.

The second characteristic is wearing the Aiwiyaonghana, the sacred girdle, wearing which a 15-year old youth became a member of the Aryan race, and which an Aryan wore till his dying breath and beyond. The third characteristic is physical - large nose, lighter skin, dark/brown/blond hair, etc.

The Kayani race which A. scorned in his article is the race of the Kayani Kings, and of the Warriors Rustom and Sohrab. It is the race of my father and his father before him, who were proud that they were Kayanis. As my father used to say:



I am proud of what my father, and his father believed in, and AS AN ARYAN WHO ALWAYS FOLLOWS THE WILL OF HIS FATHER, I too am proud of my ancient race and religion, and I will defend it against the scorn of the outsider.

If people like A. insult the scriptures and beliefs of our Zarathushtri forefathers, it is our duty, as Aryans, to respond. An Aryan always obeyed the will of his forefathers, and followed the path they had followed.

JS: "2. How do you distinguish between two races? (ie. different skin colors, different characteristics, for example, blacks are faster, whites are ..... different vibrations around them, different spiritualities,..... anything else)"

All races are equal in the eyes of God. The Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion places the greatest emphasis on this equality, which is seen in the Farvardin Yasht, in which we respect the Fravashis of righteous men and women of every race, every country. If a man or woman is righteous, he or she is to be respected. Every religion teaches righteousness, therefore all religions are also equal in the eyes of the Zarathushtris and worthy of respect. Therefore, it is simply impossible for us to "convert" someone from another religion or another race - it goes against our innermost religious concepts.

We treat the members of different religions as our BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and give them the greatest respect, but we do not marry our brothers and sisters, therefore we do not marry the people of different religions and races.

JS: "3. Where do these different races come from? How were they created?"

They were created by the Will of God, who created the Seven continents.

JS: "4. What are the religions associated with each race? (list as many as you can). Where is it declared? (Vendidad, Bible,....)

There are innumerable religions on the face of this earth. When the Native American prays to the "Great Spirit", that too is a religion. When the Aborigine draws his sacred painting and describes the creation of the world, that too is a religion. When the Jews pray to Yahweh, the Hindus to Ram and Krisna, the Arabs to Allah, and the Zarathushtris to Ahura Mazda, they all follow their own God-ordained religion. As the Geeta says : "All religions are as so many streams falling into the ocean. Similarly, all people too follow their different religions which ultimately reach the one ocean - God."

The fact is, no one can "jump prophets" until the Saoshyant-saheb authorizes this process. For all you know the coming Master may decide to let each man stay in the religion he was born in - EVERY TRUE SPIRITUAL MASTER KNOWS THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUALLY VALID AND THEY ALL POINT THE WAY TO THE CREATOR.

Another American L.S. said:

LS: "I am one who is fascinated about the lore of the Indo-European peoples. I've read books by David Frawley, who brings up various Aryan influences on world history and culture. Of all ancient religions, Zoroastrianism is the clearest, noblest, and seems to echo Christianity (hence the 3 Magi visiting Jesus's birth). Is your ancestral faith older than Vedism (Hinduism)? If so, what evidence can you offer?"

In the Vendidad, one of our ancient Avestan scriptures (Avestan being an ancient Indo-European or Aryan language) the Aryans are described as living in the ancestral homeland, Airyane Vaejahi (seedland of the Aryans), under King Yima Kshaeta (Jamshed). Then, a great migration is described in this ancient scripture to the "South and South-West", which took place three times, during King Jamshed's reign, once every 300 years (the reign lasted more than a thousand years - the ancients lived long.)

Now, the Vedic Indians were the Aryans who migrated to the upper reaches of India, and built the great cities of Mohnejo-daro and Harappa (scholars have recently said that they were Aryan citadels). The Vedas were the scriptures written by the Indian spiritual masters, the Rishi-poets immediately after their arrival in India. This is seen by the close similarity of the Vedic rituals with the Avestan rituals, and also by the hymns to the sun, moon, wind, earth and water in the Vedas, very similar to the Avestan Yashts. Also, Yima Kshaeta the ancestral king of the Aryans in the homeland is remembered in the Vedas as YIMA RAJA, the ancient Aryan king. Later on, as thousands of years passed by, Yima Raja became the king of the dead in Hindu mythology, but the Aryans of Iran preserved the ancient knowledge and still remembered Yima Kshaeta as a great Aryan king. The Avestan Aryan religion has been remarkably well preserved, unlike the rest of the Aryans who migrated to the other parts of the world and sooner or later forgot it, and we owe this to the great Prophet Zarathushtra who re-taught the ancient wisdom to the Aryans in Iran.

Thus, because of the migration, and also because of the Hindus remembering Yima, we believe that we are more ancient. Some scholars also say that Gathic Avestan is similar to, but slightly older than Vedic Sanskrit.

By the way, a "Rishi" in Vedic Sanskrit is one who knows and can teach the law of RITA, the iron law of the Aryans - known as ERETA in Avestan. This is the law of righteousness, the law which controls the whole universe, which make the stars revolve, and the sun rise and set, and the seasons follow one another (Season - Ritu in Sanskrit, the word derived from the iron law.) The law also included the principles of God-Worship, morality, obediance to the parents and teachers, and nobility towards one's foes in warfare. It also included cleanliness and non-pollution of the water, fire and earth, a practise still preserved in our religion.

LS: "What are your opinions about the Indus/Saraswati civilization? Is it the world's first?"

No, because the ancient homeland "Airyane Vaejahi", the seedland of the Aryans, was the origin of the peoples who later inhabitated Iran and upper India.

LS: "What about Atlantis?"

Ignatius Donelly, an Aryan scholar of the last century wrote "Atlantis - the ante-diluvian world" in which he says that Atlantis and the seedland of the Aryans were one and the same. However, Lokmanya Tilak a great Indian Aryan Brahmin scholar of the last century (and one of our first popular freedom fighters, before Mahatma Gandhi) studied the Vedas and the Vendidad. From his knowledge of astronomy and the descriptions of certain star constellations that the Aryans saw, described in the Vedas, he concluded that the ancient home was in the North Pole. This also fits in well with the description of the attack of the "evil one" described in the Vendidad. The forces of evil attacked the ancient home and caused a "severe winter" to fall, "damaging" the earth, "wiping" out plant and animal life, making even footprints indiscernible. All this points to the North Pole, which some scientists say was warm and habitable before the coming of the ice age.

Based on the assertations in the Vendidad and the study of Tilak who concuded that it was the North Pole that housed the Aryans, I wrote the "Saga of the Aryans".

LS: "Finally, where can I get the Saga of the Aryans book in the greater Los Angeles area of the USA? Thank you for any information you can give me!"

The book is now available by mail order. Please go to and search for the link "How to get the Saga in book or electronic form". This page will give you the instructions on ordering the Saga.

Thank you for your order. I hope you enjoy the book.

A Zoroastrian, M. S. writes:

MS: "I am just curious. How do you find time to type all these long letters? Do you have a real job?"

Of course, unlike some others in this alias, whose only job is to poke fun at all that we hold sacred and dear for generations. I am a computer programmer/analyst, and I work hard for my living.

MS: "Do you think you made any impact by writing so much on this alias or simply more enemies?"

Whatever I have done, I have done my duty. I have defended morality and God against irreverance, homosexuality, hypocrisy, prostitution, blasphemy and adultery, all common thoughts in this mailing list, all thoughts raging through "modern" "liberal" Zoroastrian minds, all such thoughts being caused by the evil one, and which I have opposed.

As a spiritual soldier of righteousness, as my religion teaches me, I have done my duty, as an Aryan would have done.

MS: "Is this from your upbringing or just recent enlightenment?"

It is because of our Divine scriptures, which have inspired me with faith and pride in the religion. It is because of my forefathers, who had the same pride in our religion and community.

I have stood up for what is right - and opposed the Druj (evil), as any Zarathustri worth his salt would do. I am a full-blooded Parsi Zarathushtri, and it is to my community that I owe my fervour, as it is in our blood to preserve the faith. Remember, we sailed from Iran only to preserve the Zarathushtri religion, and for no other reason. We will never tolerate it being maligned and raped, as it is being done now by the "liberals" in the West.

A. M. writes:

AM: "I suggest that you examine Vendidad fargard 18, verse 62 and 61-65 for yourself, before quoting someone else blindly. As I mentioned a few weeks ago these verses refer to prostitution and not marriage!"

The verses say "the person who mixes the seed of a Zarathushtri with a non-Zarathushtri sins". This verse does not mean a prostitute, because a Zarathushtri is enjoined never to visit a prostitute. This verse has been proven by several great scholars, including Dasturji Dr. Kotwal, to mean that marriage between a Zoroastrian and non-Zoroastrian is prohibited. Besides the Vendidad, several other religious texts exist that prohibit marriage between a Zoroastrian and a non-Zoroastrian.

AM: "Let us have the courage to admit that the so called "conversion/ non-conversion" issue is not a religious one and that it was a communal decision which grew out of the neccessities of time and place in India (and Iran for different reasons)."

The old "Hindu King stops the Parsis from converting" theory again. Let us also study other ancient cultures. You will find none of them ever "converted". Look at the aborigines for example, they dont "convert" people into their religion. How come? There was no Hindu king in Australia.

Conversion in fact is a modern-day evil, it only started less than 2000 years ago when Paul, after Christ's death decided to start "converting" the gentiles (non-Jews) as well as the Jews. Conversion went on to cause immense suffering and evil in the world. Witness the extinction of the Aztecs in Mexico, and the near extinction of the Native Americans in your own America, becuase of the dreaded evil of "conversion".

AM: "allowed our fellow Z's in the Indian subcontinent to survive the early years of migration. I said to an extent, because it did not prevent the loss of the Persian language (the single-most important element for preservation of identity), it did not prevent the loss of certain Iranian traditions, it did not prevent the adoption of many Indian customs and names....the list goes on. Do these changes make a Parsi any less Zartoshti--the answer is a resounding NO! We should be proud of our "enriched" heritage and welcome some new positive ones from non-Eastern cultures as well (of course with much care and discretion). Twelve hundred years from now, the Parsi and the Irani cultures will evolve in the respective countries of India and Iran. "

Our Dasturjis at that time, great men of wisdom decided to go to India because they knew that the Zarathushtri religion would be preserved in India, come what may. Of all the countries of the world, India with its proud Aryan traditions and tolerance was the country most suited to shelter the Zarathushtri faith. We went to India to PRESERVE the faith, and for nothing else.

Today, Zarathushtris have come to the West, not for "preserving" the faith, but for material comfort and gain. No spiritual masters like our Dasturjees advised the Zarathushtris to go to the West, they went on their own. There is therefore a big difference between the Zoroastrian religion in india and the Zoroastrian religion in the West, and this is evident from the "liberal" Zoroastrians who want to severely CRIPPLE their ancient religion, albeit to appear very "modern" and "westernized".

AM: "the Sasanian rulers began to impose their own version of the religion on the majority of the population"

This constant baiting of the Glorious Sassanians - what is it due to? Who has fed you the ridiculous notion that the brave rulers of Iran before the Arabs were dictators? They were brave, cultured, people, with faith in the religion, due to the Sassanians we have the religion as it exists today, otherwise it would have been wiped out by the aftermath of the Greek invasion, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN.

AM: "Let us pull out of the seventh century mentality and move into the twenty-first."

Move into mental and moral degenration, as the West is doing today? Any one, with the eyes to see, can see where the West is going, in it's atheistic hedonistic materialist society.

If one wishes to discard his Eastern culture, the culture of our forefathers, and embrace what is attractive in appearance only, it is like LEAVING THE WIFE OF THE HOUSEHOLD AND GOING TO THE PROSTITUTE. The West will give you a moment's pleasure, but the pleasure will be gone soon when you realize it's shallow nature.

AM: "PS: Stagnation=Death. That's why in Persian we call a noxious swamp or any body of stagnant water "MordAb" (literally, "Dead Water")"

Preserving the ancient principles of truth and righteousness in our religion is a God-given duty. The laws of morality, nobility, chivalry are immutable, they exist for thousands of years. For example, a thousand years ago, it was considered wrong to commit adultery, it still is now. Are such Divine laws "dead water" in your eyes? Do you want the world to sink into an abyss of immorality and atheism, as we are seeing happening now in the Western world?

Let us look at the American Indians, in your own country, the USA. Have you studied their ancient culture and what has happened to them? They too wish to preserve their ancient RITUALS but they were forced, by the white Americans, to abandon them, they were told that the wisdom of generations was "archaic", a word you are using today about our own ancient traditions.

Today, the descendants of the American Indians regret this. They want to continue the ancient rituals, and PRESERVE them, even though they are living in the midst of modern civilization. In no case will they say as you say, "let us discard our ancestral rituals and culture, we are now Westerners, let us become more Westernized than the Westerners."

Take the case of our daily prayers. As you know we are all expected to wear the Sudreh/Kusti, and pray the Kusti prayers, 5 times a day in the 5 Gehs (divisions of time). Many Zarathushtris cant do this, especially if they are employed. However, religious Zarathustris and our Holy Priests (Dasturjis) do pray in the 5 Gehs. Now, just because you cant pray in the 5 Gehs, will you discard this ancient practise of prayer and ask others too not to pray to God? Of course not.

An American wrote:

"I am a student at a small alternative private school in Upstate NY. I am doing an independent study on sacred rivers. I've expanded it to include sacred water and water rituals (including ablutions and washing rituals). I thought you might be able to help me come up with some sources (especially on the Web) of information. Could you also tell me about how these topics relate to Zoroastrianism? What is the Zoroastrian attitude towards water?"

The sacredness of water is an ancient Aryan belief. The Aryans or the Indo-Europeans were the peoples who later branched out, thousands of years before Christ, into Iran, India, Greece and all the countries of Europe. As such, Zoroastrianism, the religion of the ancient Iranians and Vedic Hinduism, the religion of the Indian Aryans, lay a great stress on the purity and sacredness of water. The Zoroastrian Yashts or Aryan hymns include a special hymn to the divinity of the waters, as also to the sun, moon, wind, earth and fire. Today, in India, rivers such as the Ganges are still considered sacred, and this doubtless stems from the ancient reverance the Aryan had for water.

The Zoroastrian scriptures consider water as "death-dealing to evil". Stress is laid on purification with water before all religious ceremonies, of the person as well as all instruments in the ceremony, washing upto three times with water. During this purification with water, care must be taken that the earth is not polluted with the washing, or any body of water itself is not polluted. Therefore, the wash of the person as well as the utensils must be performed on stone, which absorbs all impurities and does not let the earth get polluted. This also means that traditionally, Zoroastrians did not bathe in rivers, ponds or lakes, because they did not wish to pollute the main body of water. As such, Zoroastrianism followed the laws of ecology, hygiene and non-pollution thousands of years before modern science discovered those words.

Note that ancient Brahmins, the Indian Aryans also never crossed an ocean - this was forbidden in their scriptures, because they would have to pollute the ocean during the crossing. Brahmins also had a strict sense of cleanliness and bathed every day compulsorily in the morning, and after passing excreta. For the Zoroastrian too, physical and spiritual cleanliness was very important.

GS: "Since you are so fond of the laws of nature, heres the most important law of all - Nature abhors stagnation - which means that the only thing that is constant in nature is change. Whether those changes are for better or worse is a matter of opinion. But change will always take place. And remember, if you dont bend, you break!"

Here itself you misunderstand the ancient truths again. The ancient law of ERETA or righteousness, ASHA for the Aryans was the IRON law - the IMMUTABLE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE. The entire heavens follwed this law, the sun rose and set and it followed this law, the stars revolved in the heavens and the seasons followed one another, and they followed this law. The law of Asha also included the laws of morality and religion.

Now, tell me, DO THE SEASONS CHANGE? ARE THE STARS EVER SHAKEN OUT OF THEIR ORBITS? Then, how can you tell me that nature likes change. Nature likes constancy - the laws of nature are IMMUTABLE, and the laws of morality and religion are immutable too.

The laws of truth, morality and righteousness will stand till the end time. Truth is never "stagnant". Morality can never "change". Our religion will thrive, if only in the breasts of a few thousand or so, till the end time.

Remember, GOD is on the side of preservation of the ancient truths, madam. God is NOT on the side of the Western-style "changes" you propose. These Western-society inspired changes are against the IRON law of righteousness, and will lead people like you to ultimate ruin, so far as your souls are concerned.



* "Hormazd Dadari, ahriman marochinidari" - Ardibehest Yasht Nirang

* Ahura Mazda is the Creator, the evil one the destroyer

* Fellow Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, don't destroy your own religion.

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