What is the meaning of the word Jhirum?

by Mrs. Pervin Mistry

Some friends of TZML have discussed "jhirum" recently and questions have been asked. This is an attempt to explain what "jhirum" means as I have learnt through various books written by late Dr. Framroze Chiniwalla. Although it is an ancient universal teaching, in recent times it was forgotten. Ustad Saheb Behramshah Navroji Shroff re-exposed this teaching to his disciples at the beginning of this century because it is an important facet of esoteric teachings that explains the reasons behind the apparent diversity in Nature. It explains why there are various religions, prophets and species; why it is spiritually necessary to keep faith in one's own religion of birth; and why intermarriage is considered to be a spiritual sin against one's own soul and against the Laws of Asha.

This is what I have understood from the teachings of Kshnoom:

Regarding the teaching of "jhirum" and the Divine Plan of Ahunavar as revealed in Yasna 19, Ustad Saheb Bahramshah N. Shroff has very clearly explained how differentiation in Nature is pre-ordained by Divine Intelligence Itself through the Immutable Law of Asha. Yasna 19 explains the Ahunavar Manthra in detail. It irrefutably reveals that the five major religions and their prophets (pancha takaesha, pancha ratu) manifested according to the Plan and Will of Ahura Mazda. This is so because it stands to reason that any ONE religion is not universally applicable in practise since all men are not identical and are not evolved spiritually on the same level of enlightenment. Nature itself is diverse. Reciprocally, the spiritual needs of mankind are also diverse. To organise the various co-existing groups and their spiritual evolution, Ahura Mazda has established the five main "jhirums".

"Jhirum" means spiritual genes. It is the spiritual essence in the gene that distinguishes and makes a rose a rose and not a plum. Among the several different varieties of flowers, a rose will always be a rose and all roses have thorns. But, the inherent spiritual genes will vary and while some roses will accordingly turn out to be white, some will be pink and also, the intensity of their perfume, the shape and size of petals will vary. From the seed of an apple, only an apple will grow. Similarly, dogs are animals and all dogs are dogs. However, a Retriever will be quite different from a Doberman or a Dalmatian. By painting a Retriever or a Doberman white with black spots will never truly make the Doberman or the Retriever a "Dalmatian"! Sardines differ from salmon due to their spiritual genes. These genes are called "spiritual" because they are beyond the scope of empirical science which has not yet acknowledged these (neither the existence of a "soul"), while the occultists and mystics throughout the world have.

As there are diversities on Earth, there are certain diversities in the cosmos too. No rational thinker will deny the fact that each of the sacred planets connected to our Solar System has its own distinct chemistry although they each contain the same elements in different proportions such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, helium, etc. They each have their individual rotations, appearance and their particular atmospheric conditions depending on the chemistry of their elements. Depending on their individual chemistry, their resonant frequency will also vary. If these celestial variations had not taken place, there would have been no celestial movement (Zurvan), orbits and no planetary progression.

Our Solar System would not have materialised and there would have been no Earth created or sustained, and none of us would be reading this or contemplating what "jhirum" means or what it means to attain to frashogard!

It needs to be mentioned that although the ancients considered our Solar System as having seven sacred planets, they counted only five "jhirums" because they separated the prime functions of the Sun and the Moon as different from the other five planets. As above, so below. Each of the elements found in the composition of these five sacred planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury) is also found in minerals, plants, animals and humans. Each mineral, plant, animal, human is likewise sorted and grouped together in spiritual communion as belonging to and deriving its spiritual sustenance from a certain planet according to the chemical affinity. This is the basis for "orderly groups" in Nature. The ancient sciences of ayurveda, hatha-yoga and astronomy are based upon this classification according to "jhirum".

The teaching pertaining to "jhirum" is not newly invented. Occultists, seers and sages throughout ages have all affirmed, taught and believed in JHIRUM. They have taught that every Prophet is the Chief Representative of one of the five Sacred Planets and all five major religions that are manifested are the outcome of the effects of these planets.

The ancient Hindu sages, in order to indicate that Hindus in particular are spiritually affiliated in a greater proportion to the planet Mercury, symbolically depicted and identified Lord Krishna as blue. Blue is the colour that indicates Mercury. Christianity derives its spiritual sustenance from Saturn. To convey this esoteric teaching, Lord Jesus, while going for the Sermon on the Mount, is described as sitting on a donkey, followed by its foal.

In mysticism, a donkey is regarded as the sacred representation of Saturn. In Bundahishn too, Saturn is referred to as a holy three-legged donkey. Our Zarthushti religion is spiritually tied to the cosmic energy functioning within Jupiter. The ball of fire emanating from Asho Zarathushtra's hands is Atash-e Froba, the energy functioning within Jupiter. Also, bull is a very special representative of the planet Jupiter. In Greek mythology, Zeus (Roman: Jupiter), the Father of the Gods, is said to transform Himself into a Bull! This animal plays a very significant role in our religion because it draws within itself the spiritual essence of the planet Jupiter. Likewise, Islam is the outcome of the energy within Mars. Judaism derives its spiritual sustenance from Venus. All other religions besides these five (Zarthushti, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam) are mixtures of these five main "jhirums". Just as orange is a mixture of red and yellow, these other religions are likewise mixtures of these five primary religions.

According to the doctrine of "jhirum" or "spiritual genes", proselytism and intermarriage are against the very law of Asha. The only conversion preached by Asho Zarathushtra in the Holy Gathas is the ethical conversion of converting evil into good. Prophet Mohammed also advised his followers not to convert followers of other revealed religions or "Book". No prophet has promoted conversion from one religion to another as it is spiritually harmful to the soul to abandon its spiritual nourishment from a particular planet in order to seek nourishment elsewhere that may not agree with its own resonant frequency.

The freedom to choose our thoughts, words and actions inevitably involves responsibility for one's own choice. This so-called "freedom" enables the dual mentalities (angra mainyu and spenta mainyu) to choose only between the two paths of good and evil and not between religions that are pathways to Divinity and prescribed according to the spiritual needs of the individual soul! The immortal soul is omniscient and consequentially, by virtue of its immortality, it chooses before birth its time, place, parents and religion best suited for its own individual spiritual needs that depend on its inherent resonant frequencies. While the choice of thoughts, words and deeds during life on Earth is left to the dual mentalities, the selection of "destiny", or time, place, parents and religion is the soul's!

In any interfaith marriage, the seeds of two "jhirums" are mixed and the progeny as well as both the intermarried partners do not subsequently belong to any one proper "jhirum". Such souls are caught between two diverse resonant frequencies and spiritual sustenance, etc. Certain disturbance is created in Nature because it is retrograding for a particular soul to abandon a primary religion to take up one that is a mixture of two. It takes longer for Asha to progress such souls with mixed "jhirums" towards frashogard. For example, while red is a primary colour as is yellow, the mixture of these colours produces orange that is neither red nor yellow! To re-convert orange to either red or yellow, more effort and either of the prime colours are needed to accomplish the task of transforming orange to red or yellow. Similarly, it takes a lot longer and with greater efforts for Geush Urva to help souls with mixed "jhirums" to attain to a prime "jhirum" and then successfully achieve the Divine Goal of Frashogard. Perhaps this is why in Patet Pashemani, interfaith marriage is described as a "spiritual sin" (gunah-e ravani, karda 3). Other scriptures, viz. Vendidad (18.62), Husparam Nask (30.7), and the Pazend Chithrem Buyat also consider mixed marriage as spiritual sin.

The teaching of "jhirum" also explains why intermarried Zarthushtis are not permitted to enter consecrated places such as agiaries and atashbahrams. Through their intimate contact and cohabitation, their "ushtan" starts to absorb the different colour and vibes of their partner's "jhirum" as well. They loose their primary colour (spiritual essence) that affiliated them to the "jhirum" of Jupiter. Consequently, their proto-physical and spiritual "bodies" display mixed variations. Our agiaries and atashbahrams are consecrated according to the rituals prescribed by our religion alone. Through the consecrated fire (light), manthra (sound), and kinetics involved in different rituals, the "kash", "pavi' or the spiritual fortification drawn within these sacred places maintain and draw the spiritual energies affiliated only to Jupiter. Just as two electrical appliances can cause interference in their mutual electro-magnetic fields, spiritual disturbances occur when an intermarried Zarthushti or a juddin enters within the spiritual kash of our consecrated places. For example, when we enter a hospital, cell (mobile) phones are switched off because they affect the electrical frequencies of other gadgets. Although we may think that the cell phone will not effect other equipment because we do not see the electro-magnetic fields and their variations, we take it as a matter of faith in those who know about the workings of electrical currents that the cell causes disturbance in the workings of other hospital equipment. For much the same reason as that of a cell phone creating a disturbance in sensitive equipment, in our consecrated places such as agiaries and atashbahrams, other electrical sources such as lights and videos are also prohibited. The electrical energy discharged negatively effects the consecrated fire that too is a powerhouse of energy due to the consecrated process and manthra, mithra and rituals performed within the "kash" or force-field of these places of worship. Similarly, just as electricity is unseen except for its effect, "jhirum" is a spiritual teaching and just because we do not physically see the workings of the spiritual world or the colours of our aura, "ushtan", and other spiritual "bodies" does not mean these do not exist or that a disturbance is not caused in the spiritual functionings of Nature! The very rule of Asha prohibits intermixing among its varied species. Animals do not cross breed by Nature. Only the humans use their so-called "freedom" to choose wrong actions without realizing the havoc they create in Nature by such actions. When a Zarthushti marries outside the faith, he or she fully knows that our religion does not accept marriage with a juddin.

If one knowingly chooses to disobey religious tenets, one has no right to impose one's wrong actions on the community. It is a matter of faith to obey our scriptures that teach us about spirituality and these scriptures condemn intermarriage as a spiritual sin due to certain very spiritual reasons. Indeed, good thoughts, good words, good deeds are not a Zarathushti monopoly since frashogard or "rawan-bokhtagi", moksha, nirvana or renovation is taught by all the different religions. By verbally professing to follow the teachings of Asho Zarathushtra or the trinity of good thoughts, words and deeds, a juddin does not "become" a Zarthushti! Every religion guides its followers to ultimately attain to spiritual perfection thereby reuniting with the Divine.

Therefore, conversion from religion to another religion as well as intermarriage are spiritually wrong. Once the meaning of "jhirum" is understood, many questions regarding conversion, intermarriage, admission of juddins and intermarrieds in our consecrated places, etc. are answered. Hope this information will be satisfactory. Also hope this will not start an endless controversy but any questions are welcome. I will try and answer them, if I am able to.

With best wishes to all,


Mrs. Pervin Mistry.

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