The Great King Jadi Rana

by Noshir Jesung

Jadi Rana name is a corrupt version of Vijyaditya. From Vijyaditya it became Jyaditya from that it became Jyadi and got corrupted into Jadi. The title Rana as a king was added to the name.

Around sixth century a branch of Chalukya Lineage conquered south India. Its first King was Jaysinh. After Jaysinh, Ranaraag and after that his son Pulkeshi came on the throne. He made Badami his capitol. Kirtivarm and Manglish became kings after Pulkeshi. In year 611 AD Pulkeshi 2 became the ruler of Chalukya kingdom of Badami. Pulkeshi 2 became famous for defeating the Mauryas and the battle with Maharaja Harshvardhan of Kanoj. Khusrow Perviz of Iran knew of Pulkeshi 2. Vikramaditya 1 became the king after Pulkeshi 2, he enlarged his rule over Gujarat and established his brother Jaysinhvarma as a governor of Gujarat.

After the demise of Vikramaditya his son Vinyaditya became the king in 680 AD. Vinyaditya’s rule seems to have ended disastrously. His son Vijyaditya defeated his enemies and captured the Palidhvaja standard and other articals. Vijyaditya became king in 696 AD. His reign was a peaceful period. He was also very charitable, he built a magnificent temple of Siva at Pattadakal in Bijapur district.

There is footnote in the Indian History books that the first colony of Parsee imigrants from Khurasan is said to have settled at Sanjan in AD 735. After the reign of Vijyaditya, Vikramaditya 2 and Kirtivarman 2 were noteworthy kings. During the reign of Kirtivarman 2 the royal fortunes of the Chalukyas of Badami passed on to the Rashtrakuta Dantidurga also known as Dantivarman 2. The Chalukyas of Badami reign ended in AD 742.


Noshir Jesung.

The following references are provided.

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2. Ahevaale Iranshah By Ervad Framroze Firoze Mirza of Udvada.

The above article was in response to the following query:


I received an e-mail from a Gujarati individual asking me where he could find information about Jadi Rana, his life and history. He complained that on the various Zarathusti websites, he could find only sketchy information about Jadi Rana giving refuge to the first Zarathustis to land at Sanjan, but beyond that, there was not much information about what happened to him and his descendants. I too could not find any information on the web about this generous King.

Is there any reference to Jadi Rana in any history books talking about his lineage and what happened to his kingdom after the episode of the Zarathustis landing in Sanjan? Does anyone know where else I can find this info? I, for one, feel he deserves a lot more mention on Zarathusti web pages everywhere and would like to collect some info to put up on my website, as an appreciation of our gratitude to him.



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