Interpretation of Manthras by Dravands

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Today, we have translations of Avesta Manthras into various languages. Some of our North American Associations are having special funds (eg. Gatha Fund) for encouraging people to donate their time and money to bring out new version of Gatha translation and/ or other prayers. We have some Parsis influenced by the western scholars, who thinks that by applying scientific, linguistic acrobat; they can revitalize HIS original message. Many scholars have attempted to unveil our sacred scriptures, Manthras and religious practices but none were left unopposed in the scholarly world. And you may wonder why there are so many intellectual wars among the linguists attempting to bring out superior version of Avesta translation? Why so many versions of Gatha, and other scriptures? Whose translation is correct; Stanley Insler, Duchesne Guillemin, Christian Bartholomae, Ali Jafarey, or some scholar from Columbia or Harward University? My dear Zarathustris, if it was that simple to decipher Avesta, we wouldn't have so many versions and, this scholarly learning process would not continue until today. Do you think anyone of these linguists ever come closer to the actual mystical meaning of our prayers? Obviously not, because they lack the knowledge of Staota Yasna. For those who are unfamiliar, Avesta is based on the Laws Staota Yasna (vibrationary colors), highly allegorical expressions that are so divine in its essence and composition that no human mind, (which is obviously corrupted by the external Drujih) is made to comprehend its original design per HIS divine wisdom. When people gets drifted from HIS Path by the influence of scholars with different ideologies and perceptions, an average individual will find it very difficult to understand the originality of HIS messages. People lose faith in religion; Drujih leads the material life of each person; destruction of nature is at its peak, and that is when HE sends Rainedar Saheb (Nabanazdistanam soul) to lead us back on the Path. We, Zarathustris, are waiting for such a Soul; who is none other than Shah Behram Varzavand.

If prayers are divine formulas to understand and attuned with nature and its attributes then every translator of our Prayers is a Messiah for us. He/ she should be idolized as such individual has capability to create, reverse or challenge any part of the nature. He/ she can design a spiritual Path for a particular Soul (as they normally do, by consenting on mix-marriages and discrediting our sacred rituals, scriptures and ceremonies) and justify that Path by scientific methods. If all that is true then, how can human is not successful in controlling natural events like storms, tornadoes and floods? After hundred years of scientific research by various intellects, if a particle of dust remains a mystery until today then how can someone comprehend HIS design and Avesta Manthras which is obviously much beyond human comprehension? My dear Zarathustris, you are facing Almighty and its creations. Your effort to match your wisdom to HIS, is far from reality. HE has designed a Path for your Soul to FOLLOW and you are expected to abide by. Stop abusing HIS divinity by using your worldly wisdom to interpret HIS Products. If human can interpret HIS wisdom then he can design a Path for his own salvation by comprehending HIS plan, which makes him/ her equal or even superior to Ahura-Mazda. Then, why should we follow all those scriptures, rituals and ceremonies? Let's start making idols of people who volunteers to spend their valuable time in translating scriptures that are meant for our Soul. My dear Zarathustris, our senses are limited to only certain fractions of this Universe. Our intelligence is limited to material life, unless you want to cultivate your Baodhang (spiritual intelligence) by PRACTICING HIS DAENA AND FOLLOW HIS WISDOM.

Writing and understanding Manthras is far inferior to actually Practicing it in daily life because, that is what it is meant for. PRAYERS WERE GIVEN TO PRACTICE AND NOT TO INTERPRET OR TRANSCRIBE. Follow the footsteps of our forefathers and learn to PRACTICE rather then stacking your prayer/ religious book (like encyclopedia) in one corner with an excuse that "I don't know how to pray", and/ or "I find it hard to pronounce Avesta words" or, "it takes too long to recite."

Every effort to understand Manthras is an addition to our ignorance because, our material intelligence is useless without cultivating 'Baodhang' to help Urvaan to succeed in its journey to His world. Again, your life is meaningless if you fail to Practice Mithra, Manthra and, Tarikats. Writing about some historical controversy like Mohammad Ali Jinnah's life or defending Mahatma Gandhi on TZML Internet Alias will not cultivate your 'Baodhang'. I strongly recommend each and every one of you to first PRACTICE the above "formula" before putting on the robe to preach or translate. One more time, WE ARE HERE IN THIS WORLD BECAUSE OF OUR URVAAN'S PROGRESSION AND NOT TO ENJOY THE BOUNTIES OF THIS MATERIAL LIFE. So, work for your Soul rather than working for your body. "Atma Amar Hai, Shareer Nashvar Hai", is an old Hindi saying that applies to everyone of us but, probably the best learning exercise for someone who is materialistic and practice Khud-Parasti (self-glorifying attitude).

Paigambar Saheb Asho Zarathustra Spitama arrived in Kyanian Dynasty, i.e to say, HIS arrival is much after the starting of Zarvane Drego Khadhat. Our religious literature dictates that Paigambar Saheb has designed 21 Nasks for our Urvaan's progression. If that is so then, what was there before HIM in the Peshdadian Dynasty? Our scriptures dictates that there were some Manthras brought down with the starting of Zarvane Drego Khadhat, which includes mainly, Ashem Vohu, Yatha Ahu Vairyo & Yenghe Hataam. Those Manthras were used by the Poiryotakesh Souls (Kings of Peshdadian Dynasty) to formulate Nirangs & divine prescriptions for the progression of the Souls in those days. Example: (Nirangs by King Jamshed, Faredoon etc). Then came our Paigambar Saheb with HIS 21 Nasks and conveyed Gathas to the people. Just imagine the level of spirituality (types of Souls) of the crowd to whom HE conveyed HIS messages including Gathas. Comparing to those souls, we are not even worthy of having whatever (scriptures) we have it today. Obviously, there is some truth in not having all those 21 Nasks in our possession. The above facts proves two things: Avesta Manthras are divine expressions meant for a certain group of people to follow, who were non other than Mazdayasnians before the advent of Paigambar Saheb and, Mazdayasni Zarathustris after HIS teachings to the same group. Secondly, nobody other than Rainedar or Paigambar Saheb can translate, revise or compose Avesta Manthras.

There are many types of 21 Nasks: Staota Yasna, Fshusho Manthra, Manthra Spenta & Soasyanto Manthra, written in Avesta, Pahalvi and Zend Avesta. Read my article on "Avesta Manthras & Secrets of our Scriptures" on www . for more information. There are many secrets of these 21 Nasks and, how and where it is preserved by 99999 Fravashis in "Khao Afraziaman." A hint for those who are familiar with this term, it is about pre-cosmogenesis. Anyway, What we have today, is the composition of Manthras in Avesta and Pazand. The Pahalvi literatures are rather historical then Manthric compositions for daily prayers. The Rainedar Saheb does "designing" of Manthras according to the composition of Urvaan's 'progression cycle', and 'time' that influences our Urvaan from practicing it in daily life. The divine formula of Mithra-Manthra & Yasna does not apply to them (Rainedar) as they are directly attuned with Ahura-Mazda. With the starting of the new era, these Nabanazdishtanam Soul's arrives with HIS authority, attuned themselves with Paigambar Saheb Zarathustra in "Sehzda" (a form of telepathy, divine consciousness) and compose Manthras in a specific design to influence our Souls that are destined to practice it. Through generations of "Pasbani" (preservation), today we are lucky to have five types of Zoroastrian scriptures: Khordeh Avesta (includes Kusti Prayer, Geh, Nyaish, Yasts, Nirangs, Setayast etc), Yazashne, Visparad, Vendidad and, Pazand compositions like eight Afrins, 15 Kshnoomuns, Pazand Ashirwad, introductory para of Afringan, 101 names of Ahura-Mazda etc. We have a long list of prayers that are left ignored and abused by our community by not practicing it.

We are Dravants (practitioner of Druj) in any worldly/ bodily functions and spiritual duties assigned to us by birth in Zarathustri religion. That is why we are imperfect, and here in this world to follow HIS commandments. Not everyone of us are blessed with well-developed 'Baodhang' to reach that level of spirituality to understand HIS divinity. One can learn this religion only in 'Sehzda' by coming in contact with some Abed Saheb or Ashavan. One of such Soul was Ustad Saheb Behramshah Shroff who came in contact with Abed Saheb of the Demavand Koh. If you believe in Iranshah Atash Behram, and if you ever come across a learned Priest from Udvada, do ask him a question on the contribution of Ustad Saheb Behramsha and, effect of his teachings on Iranshah Atash-Behram, Athravans and Zarathustri community as a whole. His teachings were so much full of truth and divinity that it has not only enhanced daily Kriyakams (rituals) in Iranshah but also started a group of people believing in the mystic nature of our Manthras and messages conveyed to us by our Prophet and Rainedar Saheb's through prayers. Unfortunately during his lifetime very few believed in his preaching (just like our present stock) but, today his messages are valued and practiced largely by the Udvada Priests and a group of traditional Zarathustris, (unlike few of those on TMZL Alias and web-site.) Remember, HE will always have means and ways to convey HIS messages to us. In the 19th century, it was Behramshahji who was blessed to receive the divine messages through Abedan Sahebs of Demavand Koh. Tomorrow, Shah Behram Varzavand will appear with the same inspiration and divine messages. There are many Zarathustris who would then call Him fake or false figure? On the other hand, there are Zarathustris in Europe, US and India who either believe in western efforts in understanding our religion and, having an attitude portraying just plain arrogance of knowing the best or, keep themselves neutral because of their unscrutinized ignorance that dominates their material mind. We also have people who are sitting on the fence or back- benchers who claim for their right to shoot the breeze against the stringent laws and religious practices meet their ends. No matter what people like to believe, think or practice, His (Shah Behram Varzavand) presence will overthrow everything that is untuned with HIS wisdom. These divine beings "gifted" with superior 'Baodhang' (spiritual intelligence) and Kharenah (aura) to influence and transform Drujih into the spiritual products and needs.

My dear Zarathustri, today we have no one else in our proximity to qualify for a divine exercise "Sehzda" to understand our Manthras. All those scholars who are spending time in translating our scriptures, and those Associations who are having Gatha Translation Fund, are profusely kidding themselves. With the advent of Shah Varzavand, all our present scriptures and practices will be reformulated for our spiritual needs. Until then, PRACTICE those Manthras that were designed by our last Rainedar Saheb Dasturan Dastur Adarbad Mareshpand, and learn from those fortunate beings came in contact with the Abedan Sahebs of Demavand Koh. Sounds unreal !! Well, hold your guns, because that is the reality and you got to wake up.

We recite Pazand prayers in Kusti prayers to every high liturgical ceremonies (Yazashne, Vendidad, Nirangdin, Baj), Jashan, Navjote, wedding, and death ceremonies. Pazand prayers were formulated and divinely woven with the Avesta scriptures by our last Rainedar Saheb. According to one Irani Zarathustri on the TMZL Alias, we should not follow or practice any of our religious doctrines with Arabic terms like Tarikat, Ilm etc. This person is proud to call himself Irani-Zarathustri but, unfortunately, without any knowledge of PRACTICING our religion in everyday life. My dear Zarathustri, your PRIDE in religion is material and PRACTICE is spiritual. Your pride in belonging to a Zarathustri religion won't help you on the Judgment day when your "Kerdar" will be tested for its effect on Soul. If we follow as per the argument of this Zarathustri then, all of our Pazand literature and scriptures (also includes Kadmi Prayers) is devalued and discredited because it is composed with the ingredients of alien language. If Arabic word is unacceptable then, all modern Persian Zoroastrian literatures are useless and should be devalued. Example: Zaradusht Name of Behram Pazdu (1278); Saddar (prose, 15th century); Saddar (ordinary and long metred verses, 16th century); Shayast ne Shayast; Arda Viraf Name; Jamasp Name; Minokhard; Quisse Sanjan by Dastur Bahman Kaikobad Sanjana (1600); and all those Persian Rivayats and Sanskrit writings of Dasturaan Dasturs like, Nairyosang son of Dhavala, are worth destroying, why? because it contents Arabic expressions. For those who are unfamiliar with word Pazand, it is only a mode of writing Pahalvi and practically all the extant Pazand texts are transcriptions from Pahalvi.The Pazand Rivayats are only the Modern Persian texts transcribed in the Avesta script. Strictly speaking these writings belong to the Modern Persian Zoroastrian literature. On the other hand Avesta is no ordinary language of everyday communication and intercourse. Avesta Manthra are based on the Laws of Staota Yasna (Science of Attunement) for its sound-effect and word-effect in prayers and rituals. Hence Avesta compositions necessitate a previous knowledge of all the grand laws of Staota Yasna in accordance with the colors produced by the frictions of the atmosphere made by articulate sounds. Remember, these Laws of Attunement are not taught in Columbia or Harvard University where people with linguistic capability juggle with Avesta vowels on the basis of 'their accepted' grammatical rules, to decipher HIS WISDOM. It seems like even God is subject to scrutiny of HIS DESIGN. What the world is coming too?

As I always say, ignorance is no excuse in practicing our religion incorrectly or incompletely. We, Zarathustris, have to first learn to be humble with an open mind, without any preconceived notions and beliefs, in order to practice our religion as left by our forefathers. Your wealth and worldly wisdom is not important to be a student of Zarathustri religion. If graded in academic terms, an average Zarathustri won't even pass fifth grade in religious knowledge. Such a pathetic state of religious consciousness exist among the community, and here is a Irani-Zarathustri engineer by profession, trying to discredit our religious literatures. Shah Behram Varzavand Saheb, we need you sooner than you are scheduled!!

We have to work for our Soul because on the Judgment day, our "Kerdar" will be weighed for our Urvaan's progression. The Avesta word "Kereta" or the Pahalvi 'Kerdar' is very important in understanding the products of Mithra-Manthra- Tarikats and the actual efficacy of our rituals and ceremonies for living and departed Souls. The word Kereta or Kerdar implies literally 'what is done,' and therefore it signifies a graphical collection of the lasting vibrations of the thoughts, words and deeds committed by the soul during its physical existence. The Hadokht Nask Pargarad 2 & 3 signifies the meaning, effect and composition of Kerdar of different individuals with Urvaan and its progression in the divine world. Gatha HA 49:11 depicts the condition of souls having a bad Kerdar which is a collection of "Dush-Kshathreng" i.e. evil actions; "Duz- Vachangho" i.e. Undesirable words; "Duz-Daenengh" i.e. evil consciences; "Dush-Manangho" i.e. evil thoughts; and the bad Kerdar is collectively represented as "Akaish-Kharethaish" i.e. all sorts of evil food or evil aura accompanying the soul. Gatha 46:19 and 10 both refer to good Kerdar and merits deserved by a soul of such Kerdar.

Let me remind you all one more time, only HIS WISDOM can help you succeed in spiritual and material life. A requirement is one has to be sincere, dedicated to the spiritual & material duties of life and, practice Mithra, Manthras & Tarikats as much as possible. By giving up your family responsibilities for practicing religion, going to the mountains & oceans for reciting prayers or, translating Manthras by grammatical rules to establish superiority in scholarly world cannot make you a devoted Zarathustri. Everyone of us is destined to pass through this life-cycle by encountering evil in every step of life, and be successful in overpowering its influence by walking on HIS given Path. We should face every obstacle in life with Manthravani and perform our everyday duties (family, religious & professional) and responsibilities, truthfully and religiously. HE is within your "sixteen cities", your Urvaan is destined to follow a Zarathustri Daena, and, you have people and books available within your reach to educate yourself in practicing HIS Daena. You should have no excuse to turn around and discredit yourself, I mean, your Soul in HIS Divine world. It is not your fleshy shell, but your Soul that has to bear the consequences of your actions on the judgment day. Wake up Zarathustris, Wake up.

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

In His Service,

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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