Zarathustri Ignorance of Atash Behram/ Adaran Karsh

by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

Since the last few decades, Zarathustris are in limelight for destroying the spiritual environment of our sacred Agiary and Atash -Behrams in Bombay. This is not the first time that we have to deal with such internal disturbances caused by sheer ignorance of religious taboos among our community members. People have been insulting our Priests and traditions since the day they found themselves smarter and superior than HIS Daena. Is there any Zarathustri willing to PRACTICE our Golden Religion?

In India and abroad, our community is facing serious threats from the local religious and cultural beliefs and foreign scholars propagating the corrupted version of our religious taboos and philosophies. People are ignorantly following non-Zoroastrian beliefs, thinking of getting additional blessings for achieving "materialistic salvation." In the midst of all such inconsistencies, our community is constantly exposed to ever-growing ignorance of Ashoi and spiritual power of our sacred Agiary and Atash Behram. Today, due to obvious ignorance of Karsh around these sacred places and effect of Atash on ones Urvaan and its composition, one cannot surprise to see our part- time devoted Zarathustris using cellular phones inside these structures. It is very unfortunate that today, majority of our sacred places have to display a sign-board to restrict such busy executives using telecommunication device inside the Karsh guarded structure of our holy premises. How many Zarathustris follow this prohibition is a million dollar question! Despite enforcing such restriction and repeated verbal requests of the Priests, our fancifully- devoted Zarathustris continue to prove themselves superior in their lifestyle than observing Tarikat to protect the "internal environment" of our religious places under talismanic forces.

Progress in life does not necessitate whimsical changes in the tenets of our religion to render its suitability to our lifesyle. We have to compromise our preferences to adapt to HIS Daena in order to encourage progress of our Urvaan, which one can only attain by PRACTICING our Zarathustri religion with no exception. Unfortunately, the majority is unfamiliar with the intrinsic value of our high liturgical ceremonies (Yazasne and Vendidad) and its efficacy on our Urvaan and each particle of our body. Our community is forgetting those painstaking efforts of our Priests to perform these ceremonies under extreme measures to maintain purity of the place on which a consecrated Fire (Atash Behram, Atash Adaran or Atash Dadgah) has to be established. Those busy executives using cellular phones in such places have no knowledge of what harm they are doing to the Karsh and Paao-Mahal structure of our holy place besides endangering their own Kerdar, Urvaan & Aipi.

Why Zarathustris say, "it's a peace of mind to be in front of the fire", "I feel good by just being in Agiary/ Atash-Behram", "I get inner satisfaction just by reciting prayers." Lets discuss some basics of our sacred Fire-Temple and its effect on human being. First of all, reciting prayers in Agiary and Atash-Behram is a blessing in itself. One has to understand the composition of its "internal atmosphere" to feel the presence of spiritual entities and their functioning in each part of the structure. Besides, there are abundant secrets of its "internal environment" in connection with an individual's Urvaan and Kerdar which is evidently unheard by our part-time devotees. One needs to realize that, when a Zarathustri enters Agairy or Atash-Behram, he/she is crossing three to nine imaginary lines (Karsh), that maintains talismatic powers to separate "sinful environment" and "contaminated earth" from the consecrated land. The land selected for the sacred structure is consecrated by performing hundreds of Yazasne's and Vendidad's (high liturgical ceremonies) to consecrate each type of sixteen fires from various sources for "crowning" a particular type of fire (Atash Dadgah, Atash Adaran or Atash Behram.) If one pair of Priests were to perform these ceremonies, they would take 1,128 days, i.e. about 37 to 38 months. But generally more than one 'jor" or pair of Priests are employed in the consecration ceremonies. Such consecration is a requirement for separating outside world of evil influences and Drujis from the spiritual place where sacred fire is established. Thus, before entering the Karsh area, one has to leave behind all man-made gadgets generating magnetic or electronic vibrations that links to the outside world. Even transmission of electricity for lights in the Fire-Temple is harmful for maintaining composition of Manthric vibrations forming a colorful channel which keeps attracting Yazad's and innumerable Kehrpa's of all "sacred illuminations" "Manyavaongho Yazataongho Stemcha Hazangaremcha" in the designated area for their blessings.

In Agiary and Atash-Behram, there is another area or channel, which is called "Paao-Mahal" where only those Priests who have undergone Bareshnoom (Highest Purificatory Ritual) can enter. This area is especially designated for performing high liturgical ceremonies as explained above. Bareshnoon is a requirement for the performance of such ceremonies. Any kind of electricity or connection with the outside energy or vibration can distort Paao-Mahal, as this will encourage "impurities" to penetrate in the composition of Ashoi- filled Kehrpa of Paao-Mahal. Any ceremonies performed under such condition will unable the Manthric compositions to maintain Paao-Mahal for its appropriate effect. For those who are familiar with the composition of Energy circles in Agiary and Atash-Behram; Rathviya Chakra (concentric circles creating an electromagnetic circuit) is formed because of Manthric environment inside these sacred places. This Rathviya Chakra of "internal environment" helps the one of Paao-Mahal, to provide encouragement to Spenta-Mino (who resides within that designated area) to perform His assigned function. Since many have argued on why a Jashan cannot be performed in the presence of non- Zoroastrians, let me highlight some important issues from the standpoint of Rathawya Chakra. Remember, Rathawya Chakra is always the main target of attack by Ahriman. He will succeed in his nefarious task if per/ chance the Jashan is performed in such a way that it is subject to the magnetic vibrations and radiation emanating from the eyes of those whose frequency wavelength clashes with the Rathawya Chakra and circuits of the Jashan ceremony. In short, whether it is Jashan (performed under Quasi-Pavi), Navjote, wedding ceremony performed outside the holy premises or high liturgical ceremonies performed in Paav-Mahal, any Zoroastrian ritual is vitiated by the presence of non- Zoroastrian. Obviously, those who are arguing on our religious taboos have no idea what they are dealing with. No earthly intelligence or human senses can visualize composition of atmosphere ritualistically created within and outside our Agiary and Atash-Behram.

Karsh are drawn in several other instances like a) during consecration of a Rististan (Dokhma is a misnomer), b) in wedding where the officiating priests bring into existence 7 Karshas around the bridal couple, c) in the course of Yazashne ceremony, d) on the ground during the profound Bareshnoom ritual in a bid to protect the boundary of human consciousness; e) around one's body. There is another sacred area within this structure enclosed by furrows or "Paavi" for separating a sanctified area for the performance of high liturgical ceremonies such as Yazashne, Vendidad, Nirangdin, and Baj. In Khordad Yast a question is asked as to how the paths of the holy and wicked persons differ. Ahura Mazda replies that "holy persons chant My Manthras and draw Karshas and thereby protect their bodies."

When a Zarathustri enters Agiary or Atash-Behram, first thing he has to do is Padyab-Kusti (washing the exposed parts of the body) prior to performing Kusti ritual. When we tie Kusti around the waist, it signifies drawing three Karshas around the body as a protective field. By doing Kusti, we attempt to clear our "Aipi" (Druji-filled surrounding field) for receiving Manthric vibrations already existing inside the sacred structure. Sudreh, Kusti and reciting prayers in Agiary/ Atash-Behram has very significant issues related to our material and spiritual existence, which I will describe in my next articles.

As mentioned earlier, the internal environment of our "holy place" has spiritual connection with needs to be segregated from "sinful earth" surrounded by "sinful humans" by drawing Karsh around its structure. First of all, installing electric wires inside this talismatic structure will break this Karsh and Kat (veil between earth and air atmosphere) by wires. Besides, electricity (which carries outside Drujih-filled thoughts) passes through these wires cause "collusion" with Kat and Pavi, which results in creation of numerous exits in Kat and weakening of Pavi's talism. Eventually, world of Spenta-Mino in consecrated fire (Atash-Behram, for example), Alaats, and sacred well gets infected by entering of Gehna-Mino who succeeds in destroying transmission of ritualistic messages and Barsum generated "mysterious events" to the world of Ahura-Mazda. Electricity has certain form of forceful light (Zarvaan) that is different from "internal atmosphere" which has certain form of "peaceful rays" mixed with Spenta-Mino, Raam Yazad, Vanainti-Uparatat and Ahunavar . When electricity comes in contact with the "internal atmosphere" it affects human being and Karsh of the holy place. A Divo or oil-lamp has a tendency to generate warmth than has power to extend life and control source (genuine vital heat or Ushtaan) of Drujih-generating atmosphere. The warmth and frequency of the electricity has a certain form of "scary & destructive" ingredient which has capability to devitalize "genuine vital heat" (Ushtaan) to deteriorate and, brain to recognize lethargic feeling. Thus, when internal atmosphere of Agiary and Atash-Behram has "genuine vital heat" (GVH) maintaining Saadi Raamasni, it has a very vibrant Rathviya Chakra; consecrated fire and burning Divo brings out the same form of GVH to help Adar Yazad to maintain that "atmospheric environment."

As this topic emphasize on internal internal environment of Fire-temple, let us not miss the famous topic on why our holy places are meant for Zarathustris by birth only. A non-Zoroastrian "gene" is naturally prone to exhale non-Zarathustri thoughts related electro-magnetic energy which is woven with Azda (vital force of life) in Aipi of that person. When that individual enters our sacred Fire-Temple, this electro-magnetic energy clashes with Zarathustri proned energy in Karsh and Paav-Mahal mixed with invisible vibrationary colors (Staot). Such a friction of energy creates Drujih in Karsh and Paav-Mahal, which is known as Mithro-Druj. With increasing strength of Mithro-Druj, the power of Spena-Mino and Karsh drawn area and Pavi gradually weakens. In short, destruction of spiritual power of our sacred place is a result of sheer ignorance of religion. My dear Zarathustris, these sacred places are not just structures to be utilized for materialistic escapism by becoming part-time devotee of something you are not even aware of. Neither, it is a place to beg for materialistic pleasures and aspirations (Example: Pass in school or college exam, win lotto or Matcaa, get job or begging for miracles in times of family problems or sickness). Remember, things will happen in your favor only if you "activate" those Manthras and follow Tarikats to generate "favorable atmosphere" around you, which will in turn help you to lead a "smooth" and "peaceful" life.

No, you don't need to go to the mountain to practice our religion. It requires dedication to PRACTICE our religion and "feel" HIS presence in our daily life. No, we are not pious or spiritual ones with a third "sense" to witness any spiritual events and activities around us or ask HIM to show HIS physical presence to understand HIS Daena. Yes, our senses are limited to witness only certain fractions of HIS creations because HE knows if a human mind is expanded beyond certain limit, how far Angre-Manyo will be successful in destroying HIS design through us. His Daena is not open for interpretation or compromise but to PRACTICE. One needs to PRACTICE our religion rather than reading books and express philosophical events in the books and articles on our religion. Our Daena has abundant knowledge of all kinds, ("Farhanghaan Farangha" - Science of all Sciences) which one can not learn in this life-time or even after hundreds of rebirths. We are not expected to master this religion but to follow what our little brain can consume to believe in HIS design for the progression of our Urvaan. It is my firm belief that if one gains knowledge of spiritual aspects related to Zarathustri life and, spiritual entities and activities working inside our sacred places, it is hard to convince oneself stop reciting prayers and leave those holy premises in this life-time.

My dear Zarathustri, enlighten your spirit to know your "true path" and PRACTICE it in everyday life. We all have to go the "same way" and, we all will need HIS Daena and HIS Manthras for our Urvaan to progress in Minoi world. Wake up Zarathustris, Wake up for the sake of your Urvaan.

Atha Zamyat Yatha Afrinami

Readers Note: This article is written to highlight only certain aspects related to Karsh in Fire Temple. Translation of spiritual processes or events defined in English should not be taken literally. Each one of those terms requires detailed explanations. Remember, our senses are limited to feel all such processes that are elaborately described in our scriptures. Spiritual treasures are within your reach. Make an effort to EXPLORE and PRACTICE HIS Daena to make your life worthwhile.

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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