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It is by now obvious to all of us that the depths of deceit and hypocrisy coming from the Jafreyites, has no bounds. And, the catalog of these deceits and hypocrisies grows longer by the day. Each time any of the "Jafrey Storm Troopers" puts out a new message, they only add to that list. It is time, however, that their shenanigans start coming to light. We have no fancy website to publish these, but from time-to-time we will ensure that the public is made aware of their despicable tactics. Here are just a few of their latest attempts to hoodwink the public.

Hypocrisy No. 1:

In her latest out burst of mean-spiritedness, titled "Cutting the Gordian Knot", Dina Mc. criticizes the ZAH and TMZA of legal maneuvering to invalidate a motion. But I ask, who was it in the first place who criticized the WZC2000 EB of illegalities? Who was it who questioned whether the "legal requirements" of the "Operating Guidelines" were followed? Who raised the issue of the "legality" of the "Principle of Inclusion"? Surprise!! Surprise!! Dina Mc., of course. Now that the illegal actions of the IZA (in publicly declaring themselves to be a tax-exempt organization, when they knew full well that they never were one) have come to light, Ms. Mc., instead of condemning IZA's lie, calmly puts the blame on the ZAH and TMZA. Dina, you may consider yourself to be a smart lawyer, but please do not insult the intelligence of the Zarathushti community. We can see through YOUR "legal" maneuvering.

Hypocrisy No.2:

The Jafreyites' "Principle of Inclusion" has now been proven to be a sham. They never were interested in the "Principle" of inclusion they merely want their Cult Leader to be given a public platform to spread his repugnant, anti-Zarathushtrian views. When Ardeshir Anosh. wrote to exclude the Pundolites and Kshnoomists from the congress, did any one of the "Jafrey Storm Troopers" rise up to condemn his actions? Surprise!! Surprise!! The only response from them was a thunderous SILENCE. So much for THEIR "PRINCIPLES". Just to make sure, you fully understand the nature of the JAFREYIAN exclusion, we are once again quoting Ardeshir Anosh. in full.

"I believe that the selection of speakers must be on the basis of their scholarly qualifications in the field of Zarathushti studies only. From the beginning, I have always advocated the utmost liberty of the track chairs and trusting their good judgment regarding the roster of the speakers for their tracks. Unfortunately, the EB over my strong objections decided to do otherwise. It was also my opinion that the EB needed to keep an advisory role with regard to any speaker, which it deemed inappropriate. It is my position that we do not need to bring in speakers whose opinions basically have nothing to do with the religion of Zarathushtra but are more representative of the pre-Zarathushtra era. I do not think that we will serve our religion by inviting an obscure person (such as a Pundulite or Khshnoomite) to address the world Zarathushti community about the backward, superstitious and almost delusional mumbling about "the invisible wise men of Damavand". We have no obligation to assist these people to propagate their ideas under the guise of our religion. Instead, they should have the decency to admit that their falsehoods have nothing in common with the religion of Zarathushtra, and organize a conference for themselves and their meager followers. I am confident that if they are truthful about their ideology and their motives, the number of registrants in their conference will not exceed the number of the fingers of both hands (excluding the vast number of speakers that they usually invite in order to improve upon their meager statistics). They should even feel free to organize a World Pundulite/Khshnoomite Congress."

And we still are eagerly awaiting a response from any of these JAFREYIAN hypocrites but then again, we may have a long wait.

Hypocrisy No.3:

The Vice President of FEZANA, Dr. Rustom Kevalla, has now joined the ranks of the "Jafrey Storm Troopers". He writes to advise us of "People Power" the ability of grass-roots individuals using their writing powers to influence decision making. Where, pray, was Dr. Kevalla when the hundreds of letters of protest AGAINST the inclusion of Jafrey were sent to the EB and to FEZANA? Surprise!! Surprise!! Quiet of course. For your information, Dr. Kevalla, the letters from the Bombay Parsi Panchayet, the Karachi Parsi Anjuman and the Zoroastrian Trust Fund of Europe represent more than half of the world's Zarathushtis. So put that in your ballot box. But Dr. Kevalla will probably claim that since these letters were from Bombay, Karachi and London, that they represent the vote of "second-class, disenfranchised Zarathushtis", and hence they can be simply ignored.

Hypocrisy No. 4:

The "Jafrey-Anointed" Amalsud talks "colorfully and boldly" about the "Principles of Inclusion." He liberally sprinkles his messages with "Vohu Manah" and "Asha", but where was his "Vohu Manah" and "Asha" during the First North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress in 1987, at which he was the Chairman? Surprise!! Surprise!! In the garbage heap, along with the heads of all the "conservative youth" that he had axed off the program. So Mr. Amalsud, please forgive us your pathetic platitudes and your puerile rhymes they do not help to hide your falsity and hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy No. 5:

The biggest hypocrite of the bunch is of course the Cult Leader himself. Jafrey hides behind the cowardly skirt of silence, while allowing his "Storm Troopers" to daily intimidate honorable Zarathushtis through their vile emails. He can then claim that he is not behind the movement to have himself "included" as a speaker. If he is not, then why not publicly come out and disclaim the terrorist tactics of his "Storm Troopers"? Why not come out and publicly say that he does NOT want to be a speaker at the Congress? Why not come out and say he will not come to Houston, in order to maintain the integrity and harmony of the Congress and the Zarathushti community? Or, is his silence an implicit approval of their dishonorable tactics to create a fiasco of the Congress, and further encouragement for them to continue with their dastardly ways?

So we await the next barrage of hate mail from the "Jafrey Storm Troopers."


Charlotte Daroga Kharas

Plano, Texas  
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