Protest against Mumbai Samachar

By Hanoz M. Mistry


Mr Mancherji Cama
Managing Director
Mumbai Samachar


This has reference to that particularly vituperative article titled 'Treat This Resolution With High Contempt' by Berjis Desai which appeared in the Parsi Tari Arsi column of Mumbai Samachar dated 6/4/2003.

That a correspondent of a reputed newspaper like yours should be allowed to spew such venom at the High Priests of the Zoroastrian religion is totally unacceptable besides being in very poor taste. He has exhibited a total disregard for all norms of journalistic ethics and decency.

From his writings, it seems he considers himself as some sort of luminary on legal matters by virtue of practising the legal profession. Then why does he not extend the same courtesy to the High Priests who are experts in religious matters. In fact he has gone so far as to show defiance to their authority on religious issues. This is shameful!

He has completely ignored one basic fact. THE HIGH PRIESTS HAVE NOT SAID ANYTHING NEW OR SENSATIONAL. They have only reiterated what is mentioned in the scriptures and has been followed by the community for centuries. Religion is a matter of Divine Revelation and cannot be made the subject matter of debate and comments from fertile imaginations. The scriptures categorically state that a union between a Mazdayasni and non-Mazdayasni are considered abhorrent by Dadaar Ahura Mazda. Then who is anybody else to grant approval to something which the Almighty himself disapproves of? Just because there have been lapses during the last century does not sanctify anything. Now that the High Priests have shown the courage to put the record straight, instead of congratulating and supporting them, he indulges in mud-slinging and name calling. This unfortunately shows your newspaper in poor light.

May I request you to please ask Mr Desai to use moderation in his language and expression when referring to someone of the stature of a High Priest?

H M Mistry

Fully agree with Mr. Hanoz Mistry:


Mr Mancherji Cama
Managing Director
Mumbai Samachar

Mr. Cama,

I fully agree with Mr. Hanoz Mistry and I protest strongly against the article by Berjis Desai who has treated our respected High Priests with venomous contempt. Your journalists have no right to attack our sacred religion, please reprimand this person immediately.

I, and all Traditional Zarathushtris worldwide, fully support the Vada Dasturjees resolution against inter-marriage.

This letter of protest will be placed on the Traditional Zoroastrianism Home Page at which is visited by tens of thousands of people worldwide.


* Hormazd Dadari, ahriman marochinidari - Ardibehest Yasht Nirang.
* Dadar Hormazd is the Creator, the evil one the destroyer
* Fellow Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, please do not destroy your religion.

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