FOOD APPEAL by Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust

Dear Zoroastrian Brethren.

Wish you all a Very Happy and prosperous New Year. May Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow on you and your family all the Happiness of this World. But Are You Aware that there are many fellow Brethren in our community, who do not have a square meal to eat??Many of them, old and infirm, neglected by society, some of them, by their own children, are fighting for survival in this cruel world.

There are many such unfortunate old people, (some of them physically handicapped), in our community who unfortunately have no offsprings to depend on. And if they have, they have neither the desire nor the inclination to look after their old and infirm parents. As a result, many of them are unable to have a decent meal a day. In Dadar Parsi Colony itself we have a list of 21 such people, who have to be taken care of.

Some of them are seen subsisting on Bhajias and Wadas from road side vendors, which tide them over for a day or two. Some of them so ill, weak and bed ridden, that they simply do not have strength to even visit such roadside stalls. Such people have to depend on neighbours who may or may not help them. Who is going to take care of such Unfortunate members of our community?? If we dont care,who will ?? Hence the idea of this "FOOD SCHEME" originated.

We have started a 'FOOD SCHEME' a Charitable Trust, under the Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust, to feed such unfortunate members of our Community. In this scheme, Food Tiffins are supplied to 21 members in the Dadar/Wadala/Matunga Parsi Colony Area.The food is prepared by a young Parsi, who himself has come up a hard way in life. The Dabbawala delivers food to these 21 members of our community. And after giving them food,brings back the Dabbas for rotation next day. Some of the members are in such a bad shape, that they are unable to even receive the food,eat and clean the dabba. In such cases, the Dabbawala is instructed to feed them,wash the Dabba and bring it back. Kindly note, this e mail is not to auger sympathy for them, but to put forward bare statement of facts.

It is indeed sad that in our elite and forward community, there are people uncared and unloved in the even tide of their lives. The FOOD SCHEME was started last year, on a small level to feed a handful of deserving members. Initially there were only 10 members to be fed. (10 members X 2 meals per day).But as word got around, more old and infirm approached us or were referred to us.Each case was scrutinized thoroughly and credentials established before responding positively to their appeal. Likewise, as most of them were very old, some passed away,and some other applicant got added into the list.Thus, today the trust feeds 21 such members. You will appreciate that we can continue this scheme only through the generosity of our donors.Thanks to the charities received from a handful of Zarthosties, some from Bombay and some from abroad,we are able to feed these 21 deserving members of our community.But can we continue this service,if the funds dry up ?? One has to only visit these members to see how grateful they are to the association which is running this commendable service to the forgotten members of our community and the donors. Their only fear is, if the meals should someday stop on account of paucity of funds. And it may happen, if the donations do not come in regularly.

May I request all well to do Zarthosties to kindly come forward in good quantity to help us run this scheme.Your affinity to our community and your genuine sympathy for our less fortunate brethrens gives us courage to approach you to help us in this noble cause. We shall be grateful for what ever assistance you can give so that we cancontinue with our Food Scheme, thereby holding out HOPE to the Hopeless. Kindly note,to feed 21 members at Rs. 20 per meal, it costs us Rs. 840 per day for two meals.The same works out to Rs. 25,200 per month and Rs. 3,02,400 per year.

It costs Rs. 14,600 to feed 2 meals per day to one member for a year. May I request we fortunate Zarthusties to come forward and donate, whatever we can for this noble cause.You may donate anything, that suits your pocket.

May be a meal for all 21 members for one day (Rs. 840). Or for one member for one month (Rs. 1240).

Kindly do remember these unfortunate people, especially on the days we have a birthday or anniversary in our family. We eat and enjoy on these days.

Can you sponsor a meal for all 21 members on such days, so that they too can share your happiness?? If each donor donates a days meal for all 21 members on each good occasion in his family, say 2/3 birthdays, one anniversary,then 100 such donors will be enough to feed these 21 members for the whole year. Donations can be made by cheque to the "Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Turst". I am sure fortunate members of our community will come forward in large numbers to support this noble cause.

Please send cheques to:

Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust
797, Jesia Building
Jame Jamshed Road
Parsi Colony
Dadar (E)
Mumbai 400014

With Warm Regards,


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