by Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

The Farzyat (Religious Duty) Prayers, and the days of the Zarathushtri Month they should be prayed on are:

1. Hormazd, dae-pa-adar, dae-pa-meher, dae-pa-din

Morning: Atash Nyaish, Nam Setayasni, Hormuzd Yast, Moti Hom Yast

Evening: Sarosh Yast Vadi

2. Bahman, mohor gosh, ram

Morning: Bahman Yast or Moti Haptan Yast

Evening: Zamyat Yast, Patet-Pashemani

3. Ardebehest, adar, sarosh, behram

Morning: Atash Nyaish, Nam Setayasni, Ardebehest Yast, Nani Hom Yast

Evening: Vanant Yast

4. Seherevar, khurshed, meher, asman, aneran

Morning: Khorsed-Meher Nyaish, nam Setayasni, Sarosh Yast Hadokht

Evening: Mah Bakhtar Nyaish

5. Aspandarmad, ava, Din, ashisvang marespand

Morning: Ava Ardvishur Nyaish, Sarosh Yast Hadokht

Evening: Sarosh Yast Vadi, Patet-Pashemani

6. Khordad, tir, fravadin, govad

Morning: Ava Ardvisur Nyaish, Khordad Yast, Siroja Yast

Evening: Framraot-no-Ha (Yazashne Ha-20), Stum-no-Kardo

7. Amardad, Rasne, Astad, Zamyat

Morning: Ava Ardvishur Nyaish, Zamyat tast, Sarosh Yast Hadokht

Evening: Sarosh Yast Vadi


1. Padyab Kusti, Sarosh Baj, Geh, Khorshed-Meher Nyaish precedes the above prayers in morning. Similarly, Padyab Kusti, Sarosh Baj and Geh precede any prayer recited in evening.

2. The above schedule informs you of reciting certain Farzyat prayers for a particular group of Yazads under a particular Ameshaspand. We have limited number of Yasts prescribed in Khordeh Avesta however, it should not limit your devotion to recite a Yast correspond to the Roz of that day. Example: On Ava or Fravadin Roz you should recite Ava or Fravadin Yast respectively in addition to one Nyaish corresponding to that Roz or Ameshaspand of that Hamkar.

3. In morning before leaving your house, recite 2 Yatha Ahu Vairyo and a paragraph from Atash Nyaish starting from Ush Moi Ujareshva Ahura --- Ukhdha Khyacha Saroshem Sathremcha, Ashem Vohu (1). Before going to bed, do Padyab Kusti and recite Sarosh Yast Vadi Nirang. When you wake up in the morning, recite two Yatha and one Ashem with your first step on the ground.

4. In times of difficulty or personal problems it is recommended to recite Hom and Vanant Yast.

5. Recite Patet Pashemani whenever you have time. Recommend every weekend.

6. The above schedule will help you relate a particular Yazad or Spiritual entity with the caretaker (Leader) of a particular creation of Ahura Mazda. There are many prayers that can be added to the above schedule. For example: Satayasht of Roz, Afrin of Paigambar Zarathustra Saheb (on His birth and Death Anniversary), Chithrem Buyaat, Name Khavar, Ba-Name-Yazad etc. on Hormazd and Ardebehest Hamkars. Refer to my articles on Sarosh Yazad and Ameshaspands.

Ervad (Dr.) Hoshang J. Bhadha

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