Fareshtas our divine Angels

by Cyrus R. R. Cooper

When our Ratu, Hormazd Yazad created the earth in order to capture Ahereman, He requested Fareshtas to descend and live upon the earth. Such however was their love for Dadar Ahuramazda that just for an instant they hesitated. At this moment Asho Ravaans came forward to offer their services, which were accepted. Immediately the Fareshtas realised their mistake but sadly for them Hormazd Yazad decreed that their Frashogard would not be over until that of every ravaan had been completed. However they were allowed to descend upon our earth by living within the animal known to us as Bulls (Varsiyaji), and on occasions by the grace of Dadar Ahuramazda in human form. A Fareshta is in reality a baby Yazad or Ameshaspand, and thus a being of awesome power and status. They descend (quite often in a multitude) to live in Bulls which are categorised as follows -

Normally only within the fortified boundaries of Koh-e-Demavand do Varsiyaji of the status of Gau-Frayan come to live, in front of whom even Pak Saroshavarez bows. Once their consecration has taken place our Pak Magavs are able to converse directly with them. However an exception did occur at Dadyseth Atash Behram a number of years ago when prior to seeking heavenly abode it circled the compound 3 times, thus drawing out a solitary Kas ie circle. Normally only Varsiyaji of Ruz-Frayan descend on this earth.

A Varsiyaji must be completely white, have not even ONE dark hair and is always a male since absolutely no ceremonies can be performed by females due to their physically inherent natures. Since all of our ceremonies are based upon their Nirang one cannot too highly exalt this supreme miracle of Dadar Ahuramazda which is considered to be completely Asho. In fact in olden times when a Varsiyaji passed away The Gehsaarna ceremony was performed.


One cannot mention Varsiyaji without giving an explanation of nirang which is consumed for navjote and a constituent part of every Zarthushti religious ceremony. The actual translation is Nir(water) Ang(body) and Din(religion). Absolutely every ceremony and prayer together with ones good deeds, thoughts and words contribute towards the spiritual advancement of our ravaans. However when the Nirangdin ceremony is performed for a deceased Zarthushti(13 months after death), one third of the ravaan bokhtagi is immediately accredited towards the departed ravaan. The reason for the time period of 13 months concerns the fact that when a ravaans last incarnation had an equal proportion of good and bad, that ravaan is sent into a prison called Hamestagan for a period equal to 13 months of time on earth. Naturally if there is an inequality then this period may be reduced or extended. Since the ravaan only wishes to merge into Dadar Ahuramazda as soon as is possible it virtually always choses to return to the earth, and so the actual norm is for the ravaan to re-incarnate some 8 days after the demise of its last incarnation. Non- Zarthushtis however re-incarnate almost immediately with absolutely no choice whatsoever over their future destiny.

Some years ago an exceptional Mobed Saheb actually saw flames emanating from the 2 urns containing the nirang and water. The cloth used to bind up the urns absorbs the Khoreh and it too blazes for many years thereafter. Lastly but not the least Nirangdin stored for many years retains its purity and just a drop will recharge one's Adare Minokarko.

Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao

Cyrus Cooper.

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