From the Managing Board of the Traditional
Zarathushtris mailing list (TZML):

RESOLVED that the Board members of the Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List (TZML) welcome the Resolution passed by the VADA DASTURJEES (High Priests) of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri community on March 7, 2003 and fully endorse and support their resolution.

FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board members of TZML also express their solidarity and full support to our revered and learned Vada Dasturjees for their bold and righteous stand in this matter concerning the preservation of our religious identity.

FINALLY RESOLVED that this Resolution passed unanimously by the Board of TZML be forwarded to all the Vada Dasturjees, various associations like the Athornan Mandal, various Anjumans, the press etc.

Dated 31st March in 2003
Signed by TZML Board members:

Ervad Jal Birdy
Ervad Adil Govadia
Pervin Mistry
Noshir H. Dadrawala
Sam Billimoria
Mayor Filly Maravala
Khurshed Pastakia
Zenobia Patel
Karl Sahukar
Neville S. Gandhi
Porus Homi Havewala

Further Note:

The resolution by the Vada Dasturjees reinforces the stand taken by the Traditional Zarathustris Mailing List (TZML) all along and is in tune with the 7 pillars that we uphold; consequently, the Board of TZML has unanimously approved and adopted the Vada Dasturjis' resolution,

These are the seven great Pillars that are the foundation of our religion:

1. Asha (Righteousness)

2. Atarsh (holy Fire)

3. Boonak Pasbani (preservation of the "seed"; purity of race)

4. Dokhmenashini (disposal of the dead through exposure)

5. Kriyakam (spiritual therapy of rituals and ceremonials)

6. Maanthravani (sacred vibratory prayers)

7. Sudreh-Kashti (talismanical spiritual instruments)

Boonak Pasbani implies that no inter-marriage of any kind is allowed, in the effort to preserve our seed. Concurrently we also pay homage to the righteous men and women of every race on the seven continents, as is mentioned in the scriptures.

The Pillars of our Religion are neither up for debate nor are we authorized to tamper with them. Only a Raenidar (A great Zoroastrian Saviour accepted as such by the Zoroastrian religion) has the spiritual authority to change any aspect of the Pillars. The last Raenidar was Dasturji Aderbad Mahrespand during the reign of Shapur II (309-379 A. D.) in Zoroastrian Iran. The coming Raenidar is Shah Behram Varzavand who is soon to declare himself.

These religious laws are in place to protect the religion, and the High Priests are the custodians of the religion therefore they have the moral right and the moral authority to RE-INFORCE the religious laws. The High Priests have done their religious duty, and we fully endorse and support their stand.

We call on ALL TRUE ZARATHUSHTRIS who honour and believe in the 7 pillars of our religion, to stand behind and support this historic resolution of the High Priests, who are speaking for the mother religion of our forefathers.

We also call on ALL morally upright and righteous non-Zoroastrians in India and abroad, to support the High Priests and the Zarathushtri community in their attempt to preserve our precious community and our religion, from the destructive effects of inter-marriage, which is described even in the Holy Bhagwad Geeta as the destructor of Dharma (religion).

It is morally right to support any small community that is seeking to preserve its own heritage, traditions and unique identity. It is morally wrong to work towards the destruction of the ancient wisdom that is in our religion, and anyone who supports inter-marriage is in fact working towards the destruction of this ancient people and religion.

Resolution Passed By The High Priests Of The Parsi Zoroastrian Community

We, the undersigned Parsi Zoroastrian High Priests, are pained to observe the potential threat to the very survival of the Parsi Zoroastrian community due to increasing number of intermarriages within the community and the so-called initiation of the progeny of such intermarried couples into the Parsi Zoroastrian faith. This is against the tenets of the religion. If this trend continues, the day is not far when the unique `Parsi Zoroastrian' identity which the community has zealously preserved since centuries will be diluted and subsequently wiped out.

We are also pained to observe that certain priests are performing the "ashirwad" ceremony of couples where only one partner to the marriage is a Parsi Zoroastrian and the other is not. Subsequently these renegade priests also perform the "navjote" of children born of such intermarriages.

Taking a serious view of the above stated circum-stances and with a view to safeguard the survival of the community and prevent further damage to the Parsi Zoroastrian identity, we the undersigned High Priests hereby resolve as under.

1. The High Priests are strongly of the view that our Religous Scriptures disapprove the marriage of Zoroastrians with members of other communities and faith and consider it to be a transgression of the tenets of the religion. The Parsi community recognizes only the marriage between two Parsi Zoroastrians where both the marrying individuals are born of Parsi Zoroastrian parents, and where the "ashirvwad" ceremony which includes the "Nahn", Holy sacrament, and prayers specific to the ceremony are duly and properly performed.

2. The High Priests hereby declare that marriage of a Parsi Zoroastrian man or woman with a person of another faith cannot be considered as religiously valid marriage under the Parsi Zoroastrian faith.

3. The High Priests hereby declare that the marriage of a Parsi Zoroastrian, male or female, with a member of another community or faith under any civil law of the country, is a civil contract. However, marriage from the Zoroastrian point of view is a sacrament and, therefore, such civil marriages may be valid from the point of view of civil law, but such marriages cannot be considered lawful from a religious point of view.

4. The High Priests hereby declare that the performance of "navjote" of children where only one of the parent is a Parsi Zoroastrian, cannot give religious rights of the Parsi Zoroastrian faith to such children.

5. The High Priests hereby declare that the children born of Parsi Zoroastrian father with the mother belonging to another community or faith are not accepted in the community as per the Religious tenets of the Zoroastrian Faith.

6. The High Priests hereby declare that no Parsi Zoroastrian priest should perform the marriage ceremony where only one of the marrying partner is a Parsi Zoroastrian and the other is not. Also, no Parsi Zoroastrian priest should perform the `navjote' ceremony of children of such mixed marriages.

7. There have been stray instances in the past of mixed marriages in the community and `navjote' of children of Parsi fathers and mothers belonging to other communities and faith. However, this was never accepted by the priests or the community at large. In fact, the community at Samast Anjuman Meetings has, from time to time, condemned such acts. The High Priests reaffirm the resolutions passed at these meetings.

The High Priests request the Panthakies, Priests and the Trustees of all the Atashbehrams, Agiaries and all other institutions of all the Anjumans in India to take note of these Resolutions.

The High Priests have, by hand, forwarded a copy of this Resolution to the Office of the Trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet with a request to safeguard the interests of the Parsi Zoroastrian Community, as they are the custodians of the Funds and Properties of the community.

Dasturji Dr. Hormazdyar K. Mirza (Udwada),
Dasturji Dr. Firoze Meherji Kotwal (Mumbai),
Dasturji Dr. Kaikhusroo M. JamaspAsa (Mumbai),
Dasturji Meherji K. MeherjiRana (Navsari),
Dasturji Khurshed Dastur Kekobad Dastur (Udwada),
Dasturji Noshirvan Dastur Manchershaw Dastur (Surat),
Dasturji Nadirshah P. Unvalla (Bangalore)

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