Atash and Electricity Are Mutually Opposed:

by Mrs. Pervin J. Mistry

ATASH: Atash is called "Asha Vahishta", the Cosmic Fire or Divine Essence of Ahura Mazda which is in every single atom of the Universe. It is the source of all Creation, of Life itself. Atash, to Zarthushtis, is not just the physical Fire we see but it is cosmic energy, heat, light, radiance, whose source is the Endless Light. In the Atash Niyayesh, Atash is called Ahura Mazda's Own Son Who adorns the Earth and Celestial Luminaries, and propels the entire Creation towards Frashogard.

In the 7th century C.E., Zarthushti pilgrims did not leave Iran to preserve their own lives; they would have retained their ethnicity and lived well had they accepted Islam. They came to India ONLY to protect and preserve their covenant with Ahura Mazda and Asho Zarathushtra to worship the One Omnipotent Divinity through Atash. The first act the Zarthushti pilgrims performed on Indian soil was to enthrone their "alat" (Atash) which they had carried from Nishapur (Iran), to preserve their link with Ahura Mazda and Iran.

Atash Bahram is more than a place of worship; it is a "Pav-Mahal", a Spiritual Receptacle of Cosmic Energies. "Bahram" represents victory; therefore, Atash Bahram means the Victorious King (Padshah) of Divine Energies who converts all evil (matter) into the spiritual light (energy) through His Divine Radiance. Our Atash Bahrams serve as powerful mediums for the collection of the 16 "Cosmic Fires" circulating in the Universe through ether ("Ram-no khastre"). Through heat conduction, a magnetic link is created between these 16 different Cosmic Fires/Energies working in Nature with the natural energy released from the corresponding 16 different earthly fires relating to different professions. Each of these 16 fires is individually collected in a precise prescribed way; subsequently each is passed through the requisite number of pits for individual purification before each is consecrated separately and then commingled as one Atash enthroned within the "goombad" of an Atash Bahram. The final consecration enthrones this Atash Padshah as Ahura Mazda's Regent on Earth.

CONSECRATION OF ATASH: The consecrated Atash of an Atash Bahram requires 1128 Ijeshne and 1128 Vendidad performed for only the purification process in order to alchemize the earthly fires to their purest corresponding Cosmic Energies. Ijeshne and Vendidad are not just long "rituals" chanted by mobeds performing certain actions and sounds, but through the dynamics of heat conduction, sound energy, magnetisms through fire, water, metal, spiritual purity of mobeds and environment, and other occult aspects, these earthly fires release their corresponding Cosmic Energies which were passively dormant till now. In addition, separate elaborate consecration rituals are performed once these 16 purified fires are commingled for enthronement; also, consecration rituals are performed, in addition, for the land and building in which the Atash is duly enthroned. Thereafter, through perpetual kinetics, heat conduction and "staot" of manthravani involved, the Atash Padshah's spiritual energy is recharged and it becomes a dynamo of Divine Energy in the physical world emanating Ahura Mazda's Divine Light and Radiance. (Adaran requires only 4 earthly Fires and consecration is not as elaborate.)

The 15 different Cosmic Fires which are magnetically linked to Atash Padshah are (in descending order): Athro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthre, Atash-e Berezi Savangh, Atash-e Khurdad, Atash-e Froba, Atash-e Gushasp, Atash-e Burzin Mehr, Mino Karko, Atash-e Vazisht, Atash-e Urvazisht, Atash-e Spenisht, Atash-e Vohu-Fryan, Atash-e Dara, Atash-e Neriosangh, Atash-e Khoreh, Atash-e Fra, and the exalted consecrated Atash within the Kibla: "Atash-e Vahraran" becomes the 16th Atash spiritually elevated to embody Ahura Mazda's Radiance. Today, scientists have come to know the workings on the physical side of Nature, the correspondence of some of these energies as "microwaves", "gamma rays", "radio waves", "x-rays", "radiation", "ultra-violet rays", etc. These electro-magnetic radiations are manifestations at different frequencies of the one Cosmic Fire which is the Essence of Ahura Mazda. Our wise ancestors KNEW 16 of these energies working at different frequencies, named them and knew their functions in Nature!

These 16 Cosmic Energies are reflected in the 16 earthly fires gathered from: natural wood fire from a pyre, dyer, king, potter, brickmaker, ascetic, goldsmith, mint, ironsmith, armourer, baker, brewer, soldier, shepherd, lightening, Zarthushti home. To elaborate:

a) the fire from a pyre is purified 91 times in the specially prepared 91 "pits" and then through 91 Ijeshne and 91 Vendidad before it is commingled with other fires and subsequent further rituals are performed. These rituals, through kinetics, thermo-dynamics, also through acoustic waves of energy released through the recitation of "staot-yasna", liberate the purest spiritual essence from this fire to link with the Spiritual Essence of "Athro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthre". This is the "boolandi" of the Mazdayasni Zarthushti Religion that through consecration and thermo-dynamics, we link the lowest with the highest. The fire of "nasapuz" is spiritually commingled with the Spiritual Essence of Ahura Mazda through spiritual alchemy!

b) Through similar purification and consecration, a brickmaker's fire from the kiln is linked to the Cosmic Energy of Atash-e Spenisht because bricks are made from Earth which is vitalized by Spenta Armaiti.

c) A goldsmith's fire is likewise linked to the Cosmic Energy "Atash-e Burzin Mehr" after the requisite process of purification through prescribed number of pits and consecration thereafter is completed. "Burzin Mehr" animates Sun's radiation which results in the formation of gold; therefore, a goldsmith's fire, after consecration, magnetically attracts the Energy "Burzin Mehr" which resides in the core of the Sun.

d) A Zarthushti's hearth-fire which is kept kindled perpetually through the offerings of dry wood and Avesta Manthra, is directly in connection with the Cosmic Fire "Froba" because Atash-e Froba is the Divine Fire which is directly connected to Asho Zarathushtra (therefore, to Zarthushtis), which He brought in His hand when He visited King Vishtaspa. As established, within the consecrated Atash of an Atash Bahram, all the Cosmic Energies have their existence and they are linked with the corresponding earthly fires through the electro-magnetic currents or invisible thermal waves generated through the spiritual alchemy of consecration.

ATASH AND ELECTRICITY: a) "Electricity" or electro-magnetic energies exist in Nature Itself. Lightening, a form of natural electricity, is called "Atash-e Vazisht". Our ancestors knew of several natural electro-magnetisms which they have elaborated as different "Atash", namely "Atash-e Urvazisht", "Atash-e Spenisht", etc. They also knew that wood fire is different from other fires such as coal and gas. Only wood fire produces frequencies of microwave radiation which creates least disturbances to frequencies of other natural electro-magnetisms. Through heat conduction, sound waves and proper channelizing of magnetisms generated through fire, metal, staot and kriyakaam, a circuit is created between the spiritual and physical worlds through the consecrated Atash of Atash Bahrams. But, electricity which is artificially generated from water is spiritually detrimental because it utilizes the "frado" (5 different electro-magnetic forces mentioned in Avan Yasht/Niyayesh) within water to generate "light"; these electro-magnetic forces generated artificially from water, attract harmful influences to our physical and proto-physical bodies. Hence, to avoid attracting negative influences from entering the "aipee", during ritual "barshnum" (naahn), water is substituted by "gomez".

According to current scientific studies, electricity is harmful to physical health. Cancer and other diseases are much more prevalent in people whose homes are within a short radius from power-lines. This is so because electricity's vibrations/frequencies alter cell vibrations within our body; consequentially, cell mutation results in ill-health! The human force-field or "aipee" and "gaetha" (organs of physical body) are damaged due to artificial electric currents whose vibrations differ from those of the cells, which in turn, weaken "ushtan" (life-force), and "aipee". Subsequently, as a chain reaction, even the "tevishi" (desire principle) is effected. Decline in spirituality is mostly due to the weakening of "ushtan", and "tevishi" (proto-physical bodies), affected by the varying frequencies of artificially generated "light" and the frequency at which the atoms within our cells vibrate.

By generating electricity from water, we sin towards Khordad Amashaspand and Ava Yazata because we hinder their work in Nature by exploiting them of their natural magnetic properties for selfish and detrimental use. (Plutonium is under Shehrevar Amashaspand; therefore, nuclear energy and bomb are also a sin.) When we are asked to pray facing "light", please remember, electricity is a recent invention. "Light" in this connotation means a celestial or luminary object such as Sun, Moon, stars, Atash or divo. This injunction of facing "light" has nothing to do with artificially created electric lights! It is a fallacy to compare natural electro-magnetic energy such as lightening "Atash-e Vazisht", and other energy waves existing in Nature to man-made electricity which is a misuse of the "frado" contained in water.

Electricity was invented only in the last century; till then, the world was more at peace, there were less diseases, viruses and less materialism. We tried to bring "light" into the darkness of the night through the electric bulbs, but we succeeded in bringing spiritual darkness in the days of our lives. By the flick of a switch, we have extended the hours of "light" for material productivity, but consequently, we have destroyed Nature's biorhythms and we sleep less, are less content, more stressed out and insatiably materialistic!

b) Scientists now acknowledge every particle of light ("photon") to have intelligence! "Intelligence" means Life; only entities with distinct existence have intellect! This proves the wisdom in venerating Atash Padshah as a Divine, Spiritual Being, an Embodiment of Cosmic Energy with a Life and Consciousness of Its Own. To protect this consecrated Padshah, 9 "kash" (furrows) are drawn at specific distances within the Atash Bahram to act as magnetic shields keeping physical as well as unseen pollution "druj" out. The most commonsense reason for NOT having electric lights within the Atash Bahram is because "electricity" is like a river with many tributaries. The one main cable transporting electricity branches into many smaller cables. Now, please consider this: the electric circuit which passes through hospitals, operating rooms and morgues, electric crematoriums, residential areas, finally ends up carrying the very same energy (current) from all "nasakhana" within the precincts of the Atash Bahram! This energy is charged with negative influences and unseen "druj"; consequently, the 9 "Kash" are destroyed! O Zarthushtis, if only we could visually see the occult adverse effects and disturbances electricity creates, we would never turn on a single light within our Atash Bahrams, Adarans, Dadgahs again.

c) It is also a fact that every atom, every entity, has an electro-magnetic force-field around it. This, our ancestors called "aipee", generally. Our Atash Padshah, through consecration, emits a powerful "aipee" (electro-magnetic force-field). Artificially generated electricity creates its own electro-magnetic force-field which is divergent from the Padshah's. Due to Atash Padshah's "aipee" being so pure, radiant, and in direct link with the Spiritual Fire of Ahura Mazda, no other light is permitted to come near the "aipee" of this Spiritual Entity. This is done in order to prevent the frequencies of individual force-fields from disturbing each other and thereby creating disharmony in Nature. The frequency of artificially generated electricity is at variance from the Padshah's which results in creating strong conflict in Nature. It should be noted that every Atash Bahram (Padshah) has an "adaran" (vizier) or a "dadgah" within its precincts. The smaller "adaran" Atash is also consecrated, yet, it is separately installed so the rays of this "adaran" do not fall on the Padshah which would result in creating interference in His spiritual frequencies and "aipee" (electro-magnetism). The Adaran fire is a different entity from Padshah. Adaran has 4 fires whereas Padshah has 16 and the spiritual power and frequencies of magnetic fields between the two vary. "Dadgah" fire is also a distinct spiritual entity. Likewise, Sun is Meher Yazata, also a Divinity; yet, the rays of the Sun are not allowed to penetrate the "goombad" (kibla) wherein the Padshah is enthroned because the vibrationary frequencies or magnetic force-field of the Sun varies with that of the Padshah's. It is a common occurrence that the Sun's powerful emissions of energy knock off powerlines because the frequencies of the 2 waves are at variance. Therefore, to avoid disturbance in Padshah's "khoreh", no other light should be permissible within the "kash" of an Atash Bahram building. Regrettably, today, only Iranshah and Boyce's adaran are spared the intrusion of "druj" and electro-magnetic disturbances created by electricity.

For much the same reasons, intermarried Zarthushtis are denied admission within the precincts of our Atash Bahrams and agiaries. Through cohabitation, their personal "aipee" absorbs the different vibrations and colours of a different "jhirum" (religion of the partner) and this also causes disturbances in the spiritual "aipee" and other electro-magnetic forces functioning in the Atash Bahram.

d) In hospitals, cell-phones are not permitted because the frequency disturbs the functioning of other equipments. Do we see these different waves of frequencies emitted by the cell-phones and other equipments with our limited faculty of vision? No! Then how do we justify the existence of these unseen frequencies? We know of their existence because the Universe is full of colours (light spectrum) and vibrationary sound waves, both of which are waves of the same energy. We do not see radio waves but we know they exist because they carry the sound to our radios! Hence, in a sequential progression of thought, why should we not believe that electric lights destroy the "khoreh" of Atash Padshah and also destroy the "staot" (circular vibrationary waves), or waves of energy created by the "sound" of manthravani? If a tuning-fork when struck creates vibrations/waves of energy, it is in logical progression to believe that our utterances (especially our "manthravani") also create vibrations in the air; and these spiritual vibrations created through prayers are disturbed through the frequency of electric lights. Therefore, to preserve the sanctity of our consecrated Atash, and to preserve the efficacy of "staot" created by "manthra", it is desirable not to turn on electric lights within the precincts of Atash Bahram buildings. Oil lamps which are not harmful can be substituted. When we enter the prayer room of Atash Bahrams, we are required to remove our shoes in order not to bring in any "hariri" (microscopic germs). Is it not irrational that while we remove our shoes to keep the environment surrounding the Padshah relatively pure, we bring in the "hariri" through electricity which is a thousand times more detrimental than that which the soles of shoes may have collected? Electricity is doubly harmful because it brings in unseen "nasa" and "druj" from various places before it comes into the proximity of Padshah, and its frequency disturbs the spiritual work our Atash Padshah performs in this physical world!

CONCLUSION: There are several communities in North America who strictly abstain from the use of electricity. Orthodox Jews do not use electricity even in their homes on Sabbath, leave aside in their Synagogues! Millions of orthodox Christians (Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites, Ukrainians of North Alberta) still use wood stoves, oil lanterns and horse-buggies! And, they are more religious and healthy. In the name of progress and modernization, we have embraced many inventions which are harmful to Life. Through new discoveries in medicine and technology, we may have lengthened life-span, but we have not added Life to years. We have less time for family and religion; less time for things that count and matter! In the name of "progress", we have destroyed the Earth's environment: "aipee", and Nature has retaliated by creating killer viruses, escalating mental disorders, drastic natural disasters. By weakening the "aipee" of Atash Padshah, the community suffers spiritually. Please, this is a request to all the trustees of all the Atash Bahrams to preserve the sanctity of our Padshah. Use of videos (with bright lights) taken in the halls adjacent to the Padshah's should not be promoted or permitted by the panthakees. While taking videos and photos may provide livelihood for some professionals, and sentimental reminders to some others, the very purpose of performing religious rituals (navjote, ashirvad) in an Atash Bahram is defeated if the sanctity of Atash is not maintained, and inadvertently, harmful "fields" are created which are at variance with those of the Padshah's. Those who desire videos and bright lights during rituals such as navjote and ashirvad have the option to get these performed outside the "kash" of the Padshah. Halls, hotels, baughs are also available for such events where individuals can indulge in videos, photos, music, lights, etc.

Knowledge brings responsibility. Please let us not destroy our Padshah's Power through whims, fads, personal likes, political rights of individuals. It is our religious and moral responsibility to preserve the sanctity of our Atash Padshah! If our ancestors could give up their lives and their homeland for the preservation of Atash, could we not at least preserve the sanctity within the "kash" of our most sacred "alat", the Atash Padshah who is the Representative of Ahura Mazda Himself? Have we become so enmeshed in materialism that we no longer honour our covenant with Ahura Mazda?

The data on Atash presented in this article is in keeping with the teachings of Ilm-e Kshnoom, and there is enough evidence to affirm that these teachings and data are scientifically correct. In fact, religion, being spiritual, steps beyond the realms of empirical science. Please, let us be wise enough to preserve our religion and religious institutions through FAITH and dedication.

Pervin J. Mistry

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