7 Questions for Mr. Dinshaw Tamboli

Mr. Minoo Shroff, The Chairman, BPP,
The President/Chairman, FOPZAI,
The BPP Trustees, Mr. Dinshaw Mehta, Mr. Dadi Engineer,
Mrs. Silloo Kavarana, Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly,
Mr. Maneck Engineer, Ervad Burjor Antia,
Editors of the Jame Jamshed, Parsiana, Mumbai Samachar.

Dear Mr. Shroff, Trustees of the BPP, Editors of the Press,

Mr. Dinshaw Tamboli has been a BPP trustee for 7 years and aspires to continue for another 7.

May we ask him 7 simple questions before that?

1) During your first tenure of 7 years there have been several occasions when on flimsy grounds and to gain public sympathy and press flattery you have threatened to resign. What makes you consider seeking a second term if you find being a trustee so stressful?

2) At the Samast Anjuman meeting called by the BPP in December 2000, you as a sitting trustee could not answer a simple question asked by a youth regarding why we had left Iran and come to India. As one who aspires to lead our community for another 7 years, have you brushed up on even your elementary knowledge of Parsi history?

3) You are a leading office bearer of the WZO (International) which accepts non Zoroastrian spouses as members with rights to vote and stand for office. Are you comfortable with the fact that some day a Mr. Singh, or Mr. Fernandes will be the President or Secretary of the so called World Body of Zoroastrians?

4) Is it not true that when WZO passed the resolution to accept nonZoroastrian spouses you carried all the proxy votes from India to the UK in favour of the Resolution?

5) What is your understanding and definition of the term "Parsi Zoroastrian"?

6) Today Brazilians, Cubans etc., are claiming to be Zoroastrians. As a leader of the WZO and presently the BPP are you comfortable including them in our fold and granting them various religious and other rights?

7) Do you accept Ali Akbar Jafarey as a Zoroastrian? Do you recognize him as a Ratu? If you don't is there not a conflict of interest where the WZO is concerened?


Ervad Jal Birdy
Ervad Adil Govadia
Mrs. Pervin Mistry
Noshir H. Dadrawala
Sam Billimoria
Mayor Filly Maravala
Khurshed Pastakia
Ms. Zenobia Patel
Karl Sahukar
Neville S. Gandhi
Porus Homi Havewala

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