Global directory of Zoroastrian Fire Temples: by Marzban Giara

The 2nd edition December 2002 of this coffee-table book with lovely colour illustrations tells the glory and story of the Zoroastrian places of worship around the world spanning four continents and nine countries.

This delightful and informative 240 page book has pictures, history and information re

Other places of interest include the Bhikha Behram Well, two Athornan Madressas at Dadar and Andheri, two libraries – K. R. Cama Oriental Institute and First Dastur Meherjirana Library at Navsari, Alpaiwalla Museum and War Memorial at Khareghat Colony, the Sanjan Stambh, the stained glass panel of prophet Zarathushtra at Tata Agiary at Bandra, Bahrot Caves where the sacred Iranshah fire was housed for 12 years, Mount Damavand which has an important place in Parsi history, the Varasyo or sacred white bull.

Printed on art paper it provides in a single volume, interesting details of all known fire temples such as name, address, tel. no., name of panthaki, landmark, how to get there, date consecrated, visiting hours, Parsi population then and at present and the history of each place of worship in an easy to read format. Important dates in the Zoroastrian religious calendar includes jashans, gahambars, salgreh or anniversary dates of all fire temples. The wide-angle pictures are eye-catching. The Directory of Anjumans in India and throughout the world would be useful to promote communication and fellowship among the members of the community.

This book is a collector’s item – a gift one would cherish for generations. To ensure your copy, draw your a/c payee cheque favouring “Marzban J. Giara” and mail it to Marzban J. Giara, Dhunmai Building, 667, Lady Jehangir Road, Dadar, Mumbai 400 014, INDIA. Tel. 2416 6204 E-mail: Price: Rs.2,000/- Post-free delivery in India.

Fellow Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushtris,

On Jamshedi Navruz day, March 21st, publisher Mr. Marzban Giara of Mumbai announced the release of the first :


This illustrated hard bound volume contains invaluable historical information with 168 color plates. It covers 187 fire temples in nine countries spanning four continents. It has an attractive jacket.

I met Mr. Giaria when in Mumbai in April in 1998 and was shown this book. It is a very fine volume with many superb photographs of our places of worship all around the world, and I heartily recommed it to every Zoroastrian.



* "Hormazd Dadari, ahreman marochinidari", Ardibehest Yasht Nirang
* Ahura Mazda is the Creator, the evil one the destroyer
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