by Cyrus R. R. Cooper


Dadar Ahuramazda can perhaps best be described to us as an infinite ocean of Aura and Light. His realm of hasti contains 7 skys or heavens called aasmans/behests and our universe of nisti which is seperated from hasti by a barrier of Adare Mino Karko Atash, so that the evil of Ahereman/Angre Mino as we often call this dark and terribly malevalent force cannot gain entry into hasti. Between these realms exists a connecting bridge called Chinvat which diverges into 9 Tabre ie tracks as follows:

  1. Tabre-Khaas which is exclusively for Vakshure Vakshuran (Prophet of Prophets) who is of course none other than our beloved Paighambar Saheb Asho Zarathustra Spitama.
  2. Tabre-Avval through which pass Magavs, Abeds and Asho Ravaans.
  3. Tabre-Aam for advanced ravaans.
  4. Tabre-Nim for ordinary ravaans like us and
  5. Tabre-Sim for ravaans which have committed very great sins.
  6. Finally we have Tabre-Chehaaroom which contains 4 tracks for non-Zarthushti souls (aatmaas/urvans). These tabres lead them to their respective heavens like Pairyo Dakhyu for the Christians which are all inside nisti.

There are in total 8 dakhyus which are all mentioned in Meher Nyaiesh. In order to clarify this more fully may I refer you to the standing pictures of Asho Zarathustra Saheb whereby one can observe that his right index finger points towards the sky whilst on His robes 4 arcs are denoted. The finger denotes our eternal Zarthushti religion whilst each arc represents a non-Zarthushti religion created by Asho Zarathustra Saheb. From time to time some or all of these arcs are either completely removed or added to in accordance with Dadar Ahuramazdas divine plan.

When a Zarthushti dies their ravaan on the 4th morning after death (Chahroom- ni- Bamdad) goes to chinvat it receives the judgement from Meher, Rashne, Aashtad and Daham Yazads who decide the fate. Normally when the proportion of good and bad deeds are equal the ravaan is placed into Hamestagaan (ie jail) for a period of Seshab being penitance for exactly 13 months. This is why our Nirang Din ceremony is always performed 13 months after death. Please note that this and other religious ceremonies can only be performed for Zarthushtis that were placed into Dokhmas or buried. All Zarthushtis who asked for their bodies to be cremated are however denied the blessings and performance of these death ceremonies. Consequently those who perform such ceremonies and those for whom they were meant receive no blessings.

Every Zarthushti religious ceremony and recital of holy Avesta Manthra impart ravaan bokhtagi ie soul advancement but only a nirang din ceremony immediately delivers one third ravaan bokhtagi to the deceaseds ravaan. Inside Dadar Ahuramazdas divine realm there is a place called Ganje Dadar in which our most holy Avesta Manthra is received and then distributed in the form of ravaan bokhtagi to ravaans. Thus those who have the longest journeys always receive the greatest amount of ravaan bokhtagi (soul advancement), such is His justice. Once all past bud kerdars ie bad thoughts, words and deeds have been eradicated the ravaan is pardoned from future rebirth on earth. From that moment onwards the ravaan does not re-incarnate upon our earth but advances through direct communication with Asho Sarosh Yazad. At the behest of Dadar Ahuramazda some of these ravaans and more spiritually advanced Zarthushti beings take birth on earth in order to perform specific tasks.

Ravaans can gain spiritual advancement whilst progressing from the bottom of the first aasman to the top of the third, but since this takes a seemingly infinite time the ravaan asks Daham Yazad for assistance in returning back into nisti. He contacts Dadar Ahuramazd who then pre-plans its destiny which no power on earth can alter. There is of course a risk that the body inhabited by that ravaan will perform more bud kerdars such that the ravaan will suffer even more re-incarnations, but since a much quicker ravaan bokhtagi can be obtained in nisti the ravaan takes its chances. As a result 8 days after the death of their last host body the ravaan re-incarnates into another body. If you were a man last time around then you will again be born as a man and similarly for women.

A Description of Behests

First Aasman of Mah Bokhtar. From here a ravaan possessing a silver coloured aura requests Daham Yazad of its desire to take birth in nisti in order to dissolve its past bud kerdars. Ravaans can and do stay in hasti but since as mentioned above it takes a truly vast period of time to advance from the bottom of the first aasman to the top of of the third aasman, ravaans choose to return into nisti.

Second Aasman is ruled over by Khordad Ameshaspand. Unimaginable light exists here and ravaan possessing golden coloured aura is engrossed in purification of its mind. Since bud kerdar is not totally dissolved the ravaan choses re- incarnation.

Third Aasman is ruled by Teshtar Tir Yazad. Indescribable light prevails here and the ravaans aura shines in such a blaze that it cannot command control over it. Ravaan coming into nisti from this aasman is thoroughly pious and could be easily carried away since it owns perfect purity of mind and therefore assumes others to be of identical state. Fourth Aasman is ruled over by Khurshed Yazad. Ravaans from this behest onwards are completely pardoned for all past bud kerdars and thus as previously stated only return to nisti at the behest of Dadar Ahuramazda for religious reasons.

Fifth Aasman is ruled by Sherevar Ameshaspand and Behram Yazad. Unbelievable light exists here. In this behest ravaans under the care of Sherevar Ameshaspand become watery and then through the influence of Behram Yazad transforms into a highly gaseous and brilliant state. Ravaans also achieve the Ilam of Minostighar whereby Dadar Ahuramazda gifts them with absolute knowledge of our most holy Avesta Manthra. This is why we know that Avesta Manthra lies beyond the understanding and translation of most people on earth. Finally whilst in this aasman ravaans gain the power of Stot Yasna such that they can use Avesta Manthra to perform miracles.

Sixth Aasman is known as Burjis ie Guru and more often as Garothman Behest whose Lord is none other than our Vakshure Vakshuran Asho Zarathustra Spitama. The light here is beyond description. There are no seventh or eighth aasmans. Upon reaching the pinnacle of this aasman a light emerges from within the ravaan to inherit the Ashoi (Purity) of Asho Sarosh Yazad. Then once the cycle of that particular Vakshure Vakshuran is over He takes all of the ravaans from the top of Garothman Behest such that they all merge into Dadar Ahuramazda. Simultaneously Vakshure Vakshuran Dovam (ie His replacement) becomes Asho Zarathustra Saheb, Lord of Garothman Behest and Ratu. Ninth Aasman is where Dadar Ahuramazda Himself resides and it is ruled over by His Son, Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra who next to Dadar Ahuramazda is The Only other being to also be Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. This awesome being is simultaneously Adar Yazad, Ardibehest Ameshaspand and in nisti known to us as Atash. Dadar Ahuramazda promised that One who respects, worships and devotes themselves towards Atash is as good as doing so before Himself and thus will receive immense ravaan bokhtagi. Adar Yazad and Ardibehest Ameshaspand are the guardians of Garothman Behest and therefore empowered to grant all forms of spiritual and material blessings. Those who behave in a derogatory manner towards Atash by smoking or requesting that their bodies be cremated will however face terrible punishment. Whilst on this subject please note that all Zarthushtis should simultaneously refrain from the western custom of blowing out candles placed upon birthday cakes because this act also constitutes a very great gunah (sin). You have been warned so please do take heed for your future spiritual salvation.

Dadar Ahuramazda is known to us by 101 names in our Khordeh Avesta and often affectionately called Parvardegar. Each one of these names has a significance from which we wish to draw your attention towards the word Frashogard which denotes the passage of time from when something created by Dadar Ahuramazda first leaves hasti before finally merging back into Him. In the first Frashogard Dadar Ahuramazda was known as Anhuma. When uttering His name of Ahu in the second Frashogard He created Asho Sarosh Yazad. This Yazad has no form but contains within Himself the total conglomeration of Avesta Manthra which is the language used throughout hasti. When you look at our monthly calendar if you include Hom, Burjo and Daham Yazads you can see that Asho Sarosh Yazad has the protection of 16 immensely powerful divine beings on either side of Him. We are presently living in the third Frashogard wherein His name is Ahuramazda. One description of this divine word indicates Unlimited, full of radiance and possessor of profound knowledge thus showing the highest esteem in which He is beheld.

In accordance with Dadar Ahuramazdas divine plan each Vakshure Vakshuran has the same name of "Zarathustra" and rules nisti for a period of 18 Zarvane Daregho Khadhats. When the very first Vakshure Vakshuran came to the earth after its creation a Zarvane Daregho Khadhat lasted for 81,000 years, but now in our present Vakshure Vakshurans era a Zarvane Daregho Khadhat is for 4,320,000 - 4,500,000 years. He is the 16th Vakshure Vakshuran to exist since the creation of nisti and this present Zarvane Daregho Khadhat is His 16th. When Asho Zarathustra Saheb completes His cycle of 18 consecutive Zarvane Daregho Khadhats all of the ravaans who attained the top of the 6th aasman will be taken by him to merge into Dadar Ahuramazda within the 9th aasman. Simultaneously a new Vakshure Vakshuran created out of a conglomeration of 3,240(ie 18x180) Pak Saroshavarez Sahebs, replaces Him and the cycle continues anew.

The exact details are as follows -

  • 4 Zarvane Daregho Khadhat = 1 Rastakhej
  • Innumerable Rastakhej = 1 Zarvane Akarneh
  • Uncountable Zarvane Akarneh = 1 Yavaeche Yavaetaite and finally
  • 7 Yavaeche Yavaetaite = A complete Frashogard

    From time to time we ordinary Zarthushtis come into contact with spiritually advanced Zarthushtis who have taken birth in human form. Our love, faith and devotion towards them should never ever be misinterpreted or misunderstood as an insult towards Dadar Ahuramazda, Atash or His chosen representative of Asho Zarathustra Saheb. Thus when mention of divine beings coming into India from Iran is made there is absolutely no thought whatsoever of committing disrespect or displaying of a lack of devotion. Sadly however there are always some who chose to distort the truth and imply that we venerate these particular beings, when in reality as explained above we do not. Dadar Ahuramazda and Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra thus exist beyond all human comprehension and in truth can only ever be fully appreciated after ones ravaan gains entry into the 9th aasman of hasti. Yazads, Ameshaspands and Fareshtas have a spiritual nature that most probably will never ever be revealed to us ordinary Zarthushtis. However we do know about Vakshure Vakshurans like Asho Zarathustra Saheb and Magavs who are composed of an extract from within Dadar Ahuramazda called Fravashi. Their powers are seemingly infinite and yet they will tell you that they cannot be compared to Dadar Ahuramazda and His greatest creations. Abed Sahebs are ravaans from the top of the 6th aasman, closely followed by Asho Ravaans. Then come Latif Magav Sahebs who possess spiritually advanced ravaans and lastly us ordinary Zarthushtis whose ravaans enter nisti from the first 3 aasmans of hasti. Each one of us possesses a minute particle of fravashi and 6 Atash of Adare Minokarko, Atash -e-Vohu Frayan, Atash-e-Dara, Atash-e-Nairyosang, Adare Khoreh and Adar Frah.

    In life our ravaans exist within us in a semi unconscious state because they are unable to bear the sight of Aheremanic forces and the suffering that takes place in nisti. Only Zarthushtis possessed of highly advanced ravaans can "see" hasti and throughout nisti. However as stated previously we ordinary Zarthushtis have been blessed with Atash which we can see. Of these Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb is The supreme miracle of Dadar Ahuramazda on earth because He contains a minute particle of Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra. The entire Zarthushti religion is thus contained within this awesome Atash so please do live your entire life through Him.


    Cyrus Cooper.

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