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As The Son of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda, Asho Zarathushtra has been granted Leadership over all of HIS creations, be they in heaven, the universe/those dimensions like Koh-e-Demavand from which the link between the human race and Pak Dadar Ahuramazda is constantly re-affirmed. As foretold by Asho Zarathushtra both Zarathushti Din and Maadar Vaatan Iran must endure cycles of greatness and decline. Presently we are coming out of a period of decline and so in preparation for our return to Maadar Vaatan Iran we would like to bring to you an affirmation of faith through religious teachings from the holy mountain commencing with an introduction to the coming advent of The 100th Rainidar Saheb, Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand.

The Shah Behram Vol 1. 11/03/02

When saying the prayer of Jase Me Avanghe Mazda in Sarosh Baj one recites the words of Zarvane Daregho Khadhat. These 3 words represent the name given by Pak Dadar Ahuramazda to the time span between global floods. So great is the deluge that even the highest mountains are covered with water. There are however some places which the waters cannot flood, and so from therein life can survive to return upon the earth when the flood waters have subsided. In accordance with the divine plan of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda there have been many such cycles of global flooding just as there have been many other Paighambar Sahebs. The primary example of this being that the first day of the month was named after Hormazd - the very first Paighambar Saheb.

Now when Asho Zarathushtra last lived in Iran the calculation for this present Zarvane Daregho Khadhat was given as 81,000 years. Yet at that time one of their days was equal to 620 of our present earth years. Today as you know one day is 24 hours long and so the time span of this same Zarvane Daregho Khadhat is now given as between 4,320,000 - 4,500,000 years. There are a number of reasons for this divine paradox but for now we simply wish to bring to your attention the fact that just one Zarvane Daregho Khadhat covers a truly immense period of time. Of those from the past and those yet to occur we have been given no knowledge. Only of this present Zarvane Daregho Khadhat is there a certain amount of knowledge given through a written history and a series of predictions as set down in The Shah Nameh and Book of Jamaspi respectively. The rest of what exists all comes to us via the most holy Demavand-e-Koh.

The period of religious decline from which we are emerging is quite unique in that the decline was of such a severity, such that in order to preserve our faith some Zarathushtis had to leave Maadar Vaatan Iran and make a new life in another country. This type of event happens just once in a cycle of 4 consecutive Zarvane Daregho Khadhats. Asho Zarathushtra did in fact predict all of this when last He lived in Iran through performance and subsequent explanation of a miracle done by Him at the Daaiti river. This period of religious decline is ordained to last for some 1,500 years or so and then just prior to its end Asho Zarathushtra is instructed by Pak Dadar Ahuramazda to ordain a spiritually advanced ravaan from the heaven of Garothman Behest.

Such a ravaan has absolute knowledge of Zarathushti Din, the spiritual power to effect miracles at will and also to see just who is a true Zarathushti and who can become one. This ravaan is also empowered to save those ravaans who having lost their spiritual status are now eligible for re-instatement to Zarathushti Din. Moreover, only such a ravaan has the authority to initiate any form of changes to Zarathushti Din. Consequently the advent of such a divine being can be seen as a most auspicious event since he is the Saviour of lost souls, the Rejuvenator of the faith and one who can bring other souls into Zarathushti Din. According to ancient custom and as written in The Khordeh Avesta this ravaan takes birth upon the earth in the form of a man known as A Rainidar Saheb. The word rainidar means "one who shows the way". Strictly speaking the word decline is not totally appropriate since Pak Dadar Ahuramazda may simply wish to bring about a change of religious direction. One example of this happened when The 99th Rainidar Saheb in the form of one Dastur Adarbad Marespand Saheb came to Iran prior to its downfall. After giving proof of his divine status by allowing molten copper to be poured over his body with no ill effects occurring, this Adarbad Saheb brought into creation a smaller version of The Khordeh Avesta, which to this date is still in use. You see he divinely knew that as our peoples lifestyles began to change they would not be able to devote as much time to their daily prayers. So he created the smaller Khordeh Avesta.

No other human being has the divine right or spiritual authority to act in the manner of A Rainidar Saheb because -

a) They are not ordained by Asho Zarathushtra, with proof absolute of their divine powers.

b) They cannot see the spiritual forces and effects behind Zarathushti Din.

c) Nor can they see the spiritual nature and composition of all souls.

We would therefore ask you not to undermine the religious work of Rainidar Sahebs sent to us by Asho Zarathushtra. If you have a problem then come to us and we shall give you an explanation of why such and such is the way it is etc, etc.

Now with respect to The Rainidar Saheb of this era please note that he took birth in (a particular country) during the last century and that today he lives in a very holy place beyond the reach of humanity. His title and full name is Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand. Because of him this series of articles, the internet web site and a book to be produced from it, are all to be done under the heading of The Shah Behram. However since the full story of what is to happen and why is simply too large to set down in an introduction, we have placed but a small fraction of the knowledge concerning Shah Behram for you to consider. In due course more knowledge shall be revealed. We shall now begin this topic with an explanation concerning one - Saheb-e-Khaas.

In the years just preceeding the advent of Shah Behram there shall come to us one Saheb-e-Khaas. He shall be accompanied by 4 spiritually advanced disciples. Each one of these men is huge with Saheb-e-Khaas alone being some 7 foot tall. The religious mission of Saheb-e-Khaas is to -

a) Establish The Fasli Alaat. In other words Saheb-e-Khaas will merge The Fasli Calendar into Zarathushti Din so that afterwards all of our prayers and ceremonies etc are linked to The Fasli Calendar.

b) Complete the religious rejuvenation of our people that was begun by the late Minocher Nusserwanji Pundol Saheb.

Saheb-e-Khaas shall perform many miracles. Of them we would like to enlighten you with details of one that is to take place in Udvada. Whilst the masses of our people shall be most impressed by the physical size of Saheb-e-Khaas and his disciples, still many will wish to see divine proof of his status as The Zarathushti chosen to do religious work of Shah Behram. So in this instance when challenged to perform a miracle with specific effect to Zarathushti Din that our people can relate to, this Saheb-e-Khaas will recite Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao and bring to the attention of our people a very holy place that has always existed most secretly near to Pak Iranshah. Thereafter our people will be able to enter this area and communicate with its spiritually advanced inhabitants. In actual fact this realm is to remain indefinitely open so that ever more of our people can realise for themselves the absolute truths in what they now read and of what lies behind The Pundol Group. So finally the doubts, conflicts and divisions will end as Zarathushtis from all walks of life unite behind The Pundol Group to share one goal, one belief and one practice of the Zarathushti faith.

The 100th Rainidar Saheb Shah-ra-Shah Shah Behram Varjavand.

Shah Behram is destined to appear in the city of (a particular city), (a particular country). Like Saheb-e-Khaas Shah Behram will perform many miracles of a nature that defy all known science and logic. Of them his very first miracle will involve the bringing back to life of someone who has just died. This miracle like all others will be preceeded by recitation of Kshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdao - The Supreme Avesta manthra which we recommend all of our people to recite as often as is possible each and every day of their lives and if possible right up until the moment of death itself. Then their ravaan can go to heaven rejoicing in the power and glory of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda. The next miracle will involve the transformation of land into a garden of paradise just by the mere presence of Shah Behram walking thereupon.

By this time (a particular country) will have become a unified land called (an ancient name for a particular country). There will also be a King ruling over the country. When the time is right Shah Behram will come before this King and his court to declare that by the divine authority of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda he is empowered to rule over the whole of (a particular country). Although the King and his court accept that Shah Behram is a very holy man still they shall reject his declaration. Instead it shall be their judgement to imprison Shah Behram deep within (a particular) Fort of the city. There is no power on earth able to withstand the divine might of Shah Behram but as ordained this is an indignity to which he must submit to. People everywhere will already have witnessed the most phenomenal of miracles performed by Saheb-e-Khaas and Shah Behram, so their interest in these divine beings and our religion in particular will lead to a media hype of immeasurable proportions. After the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Shah Behram this media hype will grow even more as Shah Behram's followers now state that upon the 9th day of his imprisonment Shah Behram will pass through the walls of the Fort and then appear in the sky above the city before descending to the ground below. This miracle will happen as predicted and then once again Shah Behram will go to the court of the King of the country. The King and his court will now offer the throne to Shah Behram. On the day of his coronation Shah Behram will maintain the position of the earth relative to the sun such that the sun is kept permanently over the city at midday for a period of 24 hours.

Now shall commence the reign of Shah Behram over this country. In this era a time shall come when Maadar Vaatan Iran reverts back to being a Zarathushti Kingdom. Thereafter the people will invite Shah Behram to rule over them. However before Shah Behram can return to Iran first he must make another declaration. This time the declaration will be to all the people of this planet and their respective rulers to the effect that Shah Behram now declares that by the divine authority of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda he is designated Shah-ra-Shah and thus granted the right to establish Kingship over every nation on the earth. Now whilst many countries will most happily embrace a divine rulership by Shah Behram over them, it is a fact that certain nations shall not. In response they and their allies will assemble a vast armada to despatch against Shah Behram. The armada will be allowed to draw close to (the ancient name for a particular country) and then when it reaches a certain distance from the land it shall be divinely stopped. This will lead to a formation of very special planes being despatched but they too will be held motionless right over the armada itself. This will cause huge panic and in due course the realisation will seep through that there is no power on earth able to withstand Shah Behram. But then what do you expect for how can any force challenge ONE who has the righteous might of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda behind him! So inevitably these nations and their allies will come to also accept a divine rulership by Shah Behram.

Shah Behram will then go to Udvada in order to come before Pak Iranshah. Although by that time many thousands of Zarathushtis will have assembled there, only some 100 or so very fortunate souls will actually be inside the fire temple saying their prayers when Shah Behram enters. Shah Behram will go into the kebla of Iranshah just as The divine ruler of Koh-e-Demavand simultaneously makes His appearance therein. These two shall now give up their physical forms and merge their spiritualities such that all those present will be able to see a fireball of unimaginable brilliance. Whilst this divine merger continues it will be as if the sun itself has descended into the fire temple. Thereafter they shall return to their human forms and then part. Oh to be there on that most joyous and auspicious occasion for truly it is a rarity of monumental proportions that any human being be allowed to come into the presence of A Pak Magav Saheb and that too The Divine Leader of Them all Whose status is of such a nature that when He speaks we consider His words as if they came from Pak Dadar Ahuramazda Himself.

As always we say that there is a time and place for everything. When it comes, Shah Behram will lead the Zarathushtis of (the ancient name for a particular country) to live in their true homeland of Maadar Vaatan Iran. Most of our consecrated fires will accompany Shah Behram but The Pundol Adaran-e-Iranshah shall continue to remain in Udvada.

Presently in Demavand-e-Koh there are many preparations taking place concerning the advent of Shah Behram in our world. By using flowers and precious stones a model of Shah Behram's new palace complex in Takht-e-Jamsheed has been designed. Takht-e-Jamsheed will become the home of Shah Behram from whence he shall rule over Iran and the world for some 5 centuries after which the worldwide population of Zarathushtis shall reach some 720,000,000.

Here now are some further predictions concerning the future -

a) The reign of Shah Behram will bring forth a golden age of religion, peace, harmony and prosperity. Technology will advance to undreamed of levels as science with the help of religion overcomes the loss of all oil based products. Oil is the life blood of the planet and so in the reign of Shah Behram its consumption shall cease due to the loss of its present properties to act as a source of fuel etc.

b) The world is to be split into 108 regions over each one of which there shall be a monarch directly appointed by Shah Behram.

c) A league of nations shall be established with their headquarters in (ancient name for a particular country).

d) There shall be one worldwide currency.

So much for the future but what of the present? In India and throughout of the world our group is doing its best to create one understanding that leads to one form of practice and worship by all the masses of our people.

Kindly note that for this introduction most exceptionally we used all known internet e-mail addresses as the fastest method of releasing this knowledge.

However in the future we shall continue with our policy of releasing material through The Pundol Adaran-e-Iranshah, certain internet aliases and those who wish to assist us. Eventually there shall be a Shah Behram internet web site and thereafter a book.

Before we conclude please note that Shah Behram comes to save the planet and all of its varied life forms and their environments At The Behest of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda. He is therefore everyones Saviour and the religious leader of All faiths because only he as Rainidar Saheb has the divine spiritual power necessary to show all of the people just how and why they should live their lives in accordance with the divine rule of Pak Dadar Ahuramazda.


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