by Nurgesh Irani


Some people tell me that the subject of Bunak Pasbini will provoke controversy, and hurt feelings. That is not my intention at all. My one and only aim is to make the readers aware of the immutable spiritual laws governing this matter, which they will readily find in our sacred books the Vendidad, Dinkard and Bundahishna.



Boon means seed, the origin of creation. The origination of a human being can be traced back to this original seed.

Different mental and moral characteristics which distinguish an individual or a race, one from the other, is attributed to classifications, which take place in Jirams (planets - *) from which they have descended. (Comment: systematic arrangement of groups and categories of souls according to their spiritual growth, in accordance with the Divine Immutable Laws of Limit and Justice)

Therefore, it stands to reason, that each class or race of human beings is distinct from the other regarding their personality and individuality.

The constitution of the mind and character of every individual of any particular race is engrained in the Boon. (Comment: the sum of intellectual and spiritual characteristics which determine an individual’s general mental power and moral character is engrained in the Boon). Energies of thoughts, defects, behavior and inherent nature of a person are all in the boon, which assume a definite character or BUNAK (Comment: formation of mental and moral attributes)

Therefore, within the Boon & Audan (male sperm cells and female germ cells) there is Bunak (good and evil traits)

The Bunak of a female of any given human race sustains the Bunak of the male of the same species. (Comment: sustains energies arising from religious practices, class culture and thought power of that race, so that they both receive Stoats (vibrations and colours / blessings from the leaders of their Jiram) at the rate required for their mental and spiritual progress. Individuals who descend from other Jirams receive stoats at different frequencies according to their spiritual growth.

In this manner, and in no other way, according to the laws of Nature, can the Bunak in the Boons of the father and mother sustain and enhance each other and ‘flower’ (embodiment of the best qualities) into a child with better inherent qualities than themselves. This refines the culture, thought power and civilization of that particular race.

Therefore, Bunak pasbini (to protect and preserve) is a principle, a dogma (something laid down by Divine authority as true, and necessary to be believed) to preserve race, culture, thought power, religion, essence of matter and ‘Vasna’ (a magnetic energy that develop with love and close association) of two individuals who belong to the same Jiram.

To summarize: -- Bunak pasbini is the method by which the inherent characteristics of a race are protected, preserved and enhanced for the descendants of that race. Bunak pasbini also helps and guides creation towards Frasho-Kereiti (free souls from sins and rebirths)

If the Boons of two individuals, who have descended from different Jirams unite, then the Bunak within the seed of the father cannot receive the vital support from the mother’s Bunak. They then unwittingly deprive their own children of the very foundation of moral and mental principles, which form the constituent elements of a race, and are essential for both cultures. (Comment: their children cannot continue the process of refining characteristics of the race, which are impressed upon human souls by Divine Order. This leads to a steady decline of their race and religion)

Within every Boon & Audan (male sperm cells and female germ cells) of every human being, there exist ultimates of matter, endowed by Nature in accordance with the spiritual growth of a Soul with Dravao (sins). These ultimates of matter comprise of Nur-Rae-Kharenang-Zarvan-Uru-Staots, which are graded energies of that particular Jiram (planets of Light only) with which that soul is affiliated.

Nur = The luminous Light of the Minoi and Hasti worlds (higher realms of the heavens) consisting of energies of Divine Intelligence, knowledge and truths/laws governing creation, that is, energies of ‘Hu’ Humata, Hukhta and Hvarshta (good thoughts, words and deeds) of Ahura Mazda, the Ameshaspands (Holy Immortals) and the Yazads, who sacrifice their own natural fire energies of Nur to magnetically attract deserving souls back towards themselves for their salvation (the Souls). The foundation of Nur is the original fire energies existing in nature and the root of all Nature’s fire energies is Athra Puthra Ahurahe Mazdao (Fire energies of Ahura Mazda Himself). Therefore, any fire composition/energy that is drawn to the fire energy of Ahura Mazda has to contain Nur.

Rae = The Radiant Light of Spiritual Knowledge, which is a magnetic energy consisting of the Truths in Nature – the power of perception to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong.

Kharenangh or Khoreh = very beneficial currents/ blessings from Ahura Mazda, the Ameshaspentas and the Yazads. There are six grades of Khoreh of which three are spiritual and not known to humans.

Zarvan = is law of Eternal first motion of vibrational spiritual waves sent into motion by Ahu (The Light of all Lights – The Supreme One)

Uru = One of the nine graded Eternal fire energies of Nur, for the unfoldment (matter back into spirit) of the soul, to enable it to reunite with higher energies and fulfill life’s purpose on earth.)

Staots = Colours. The sound of Avesta Manthras merge with the atmosphere and create vibrations and colours. These vibrationary colours consist of Atash (original fire energies in Nature) Khaster (electro-magnetic force) and energies of Zarvan and Uru, which remain in a dormant state until natured and activated by observing spiritual Laws.)

All these ultimates of matter (Nur Rae etc) are nature’s living, magnetic, eternal fire energies, capable of creating and guiding lost souls back to the creator. Besides these ‘gifts’ there also exist distinct characteristics within the ultimates of matter. For example, descendants of the Barjisi Jiram (Zoroastrians) are renowned for their generous nature.

It is now evident that without strict adherence to the provisions and restrictions imposed by Nature, The essential characteristics of a race (Bunak) remain undeveloped and unfulfilled in the ultimates of matter within the Boon. That is why union of two individuals of the same Jiram is imperative, because their mode of living, behavior, speech, observing customs of their common religion and practicing laws of race culture ‘nurture’ the undeveloped energies in the ultimates of matter of these two individuals. Under these circumstances the inherent characteristics are enriched a thousand-fold and stalwarts of their race are born.

On the other hand, under different circumstances (union of individuals of different cultures) the children do not inherit the Noori energies from their parents, which intensify ‘burdens’ for mankind, and curb Frasho-Kereiti (Moksha) and inflict suffering upon the parents for their disobedience to the Laws of Nature.

Spiritual leaders laid special emphasis upon the moral value attached to the principle of Bunak pasbini. Our Rainidar Saheb Dastur-e-Dasturan Aderbad Maraspand (the true messenger of Ahura Mazda who arranged our scriptures of Avesta and Pazand prayers) compiled a special pazand prayer called Chithrem Buyad, in which it is said that,

O Hormazd! (Ahura Mazda) Let the Bunak within the ‘Chithra’ (origin of seed) of every Parsee male be preserved and enhanced by the Bunak of his Parsee wife for a long duration, until the advent of (coming to earth) of the future Rainidar Saheb Behram Varzavand.

It is also stated in Avan Niyaesh that any human being who consciously adheres to the laws of Bunak pasbini, and does not pollute the ‘Aap’ (the original spiritual blessings/gifts Nur Rae etc) by unification with a person of a different Jiram the Ahura Mazda will shower his blessings upon that individual.

Those who disobey the laws of bunak pasbini defile the Aap of both individuals, displease Ahura Mazda, Avan Banu (the Yazad who is authorized to safeguard Aap) and other yazads, and dire consequences follow.

To achieve the full inherent, latent, capacity to exert intellectual and spiritual energy contained within the ultimates of matter of a new born baby, it is vital that: -

1. The parents belong to the same Jiram, and consequently have standardized characteristics (Bunaks)

2. The mother nurses her own child not only for his physical well being, but also to nurture his moral and spiritual growth, which is of greater significance.

Our scriptures teach that every human child is born with an element called Vohoon, which exist in the ultimates of matter and differs in intensity from person to person. Vohoon is a blend of destructive energies called Dravao or Druj (energies of sins, e.g. lust, greed, revenge, hatred etc. generated by a person in past lives out of ignorance of spiritual matters) and Gav (beneficial energies gifted by higher energies, in the measure deserved, to minimize the effects of Druj.)

Druj is inert, it does not have the power of independent activity, but the energy of Zarvan gifted by Gav, helps to ‘move’ it (Comment: Druj) in the direction originally intended by the creator.

Therefore, the blend of Druj + Gav (gifted by nature) = Vohoon

In the same way, a mother who suckles her own child releases Gav energies from her own body, in the physical form of milk, to minimize Vohoon in her growing child.

Therefore, Vohoon + added Gav (gifted by the mother) helps the child to become less self-centered and more considerate towards others.

Under these circumstances the mental and moral attributes of the ‘child’ move in the direction originally intended by the creator, and the true characteristics of the parent’s Jirm are enhanced.

In addition to breast milk the child requires Khaster (a magnetic force working in nature to advance lost souls towards the creator), which is brought about when the nursing child snuggles close and secure in his own mother’s arms. Khaster co-operates with Gav (in the mothers milk) to fulfill nature’s purpose to raise humanity to purity and goodness.

As previously mentioned, when the Bunak’s of the parents have structural similarity due to common descent, then the original characteristics of their Jiram is enriched a thousand-fold. The mother’s milk and Vasna (a magnetic energy that develop with love and close association) helps this process still further, to a superior stage of progress, and then transmitted to their child.

In this way the child is ‘blessed’ to invigorate the characteristics of the Jiram.

On the other hand if the seed (boon) of the father is from one jiram, and the Aap (original spiritual blessings) in the Bunak of the mother from another, then their child cannot receive Gav from higher energies, nor is he blessed with Gav and Vasna from his mother, to lessen the effects of Vohoon he is born with.

The character of such a person, lacking in spiritual blessings, can be dishonest, ungrateful, atheistic etc: a blot on his race, and a disgrace to his country, depending on the Druj he harbors.

Couples who wed, or have intimate relationships out of caste, unknowingly create energies of indescribable suffering for their Souls, their Khudas (an energy of Ahura Mazda Himself, which He allots to every single human being for his-her spiritual upliftment. Khuda bears the brunt of sins generated by that particular individual) their individual communities, but worst of all, they create disorder in Nature itself. Their lack of restrain produces energies of tribulations which are portrayed in Avesta as Taaush = (energies of robbers), Hazandh = (energies of looters), Gado = (energies of murderers) and Ashvaj (energies that destroy) that is, they rob and loot nature’s progressive energies of Frasho Kereti, (moksha) they murder energies of morality, and destroy righteousness of good people.

They curb their own spiritual growth which necessitates due punishment by nature.

Comprehensive teachings in our sacred book the Dinkard and the Bundahishna (a treatise that refers to the origin of life and serves as a book of genesis. It affords a deep spiritual insight into matters of scientific importance in regard to early beginnings). Regard Bunak pasbini as the laws of the Universe, which are absolutely necessary for human life and cannot be dispersed with, because

1) Within every human Boon there are ultimates of matter, comprising of eternal, inert, magnetic Noori energies and

2) Within these Noori energies there is an element, comprising of the chief characteristics of the father,

3) And within this element lies the magnetic ‘water’ of Knowledge, that is personification of the force/power, which determines destiny/fate;

4) And within that water lies the Aipee, (the magnetic field around every human being – an invisible form) an atmosphere of good & evil thoughts, words and deeds of that individual, which attracts or dispels higher energies.

A brief summary:

There is an account (a stamp of breeding) in every human Boon. This reckoning record is called Bunak, which receives spiritual support and nourishment from the female Bunak, but only under conditions stipulated by nature.

If the Boons of both male and female are of opposing energies (from different Jirams) then the ultimates of matter (Gohar) gifted by Nature, the magnetic ‘water’ energies of knowledge (Aab) and Vohoon (the blend of Druj and Gav) of the male soul suffers moral degradation, and stunts the spiritual development of the children who inherit these energies.

For every cause there is an effect.

For wastage of Boons, severe punishments are quoted in the Vendidad.


One of the sublimest topic empounded in Khshnoom is that of jiram with which is associated ‘Asno Khao’ the progenesis (origin) of all planets as distinguished from the earth.

Prior to all creation was Wahede- Hakiki (UNITY – THAT ONE ABSOLUTE) but immediately from the point of the beginning of the universe set in duality, trinity, plurality, multiplicity and diversity, as a result of which we see all kinds of wonderful creation around and within us, beside above, below and in all four directions.

According to Mazdayasni Daena the deified (having a form of God) law of Unfoldment of Spirit into Matter after the beginning of the Minoi Alam comprising of the 9th heaven of the empyrean (the highest, hidden heaven, originally as the region of pure fire, later as the abode of God) and the 8th heaven of the Zodiac, the next words that follows is what is called Jirmani Alam (planetary world) otherwise known as orbs of spiritual eternal light (Nur).

Of all the varied ceremonies or activities that take place in this planetary world, the subject of the formation of the seven planets and the differentiation and classification of every one of the seven planets from each other, is the one that is most worth knowing.

Seven planets composed of light only. Planets are absolutely free from essence of matter.

The seven revolving planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon.

Without entering into details, it is sufficient for our present purpose to remember that the essential of different planets is absolute luminous light, and there is no physical matter in any planet.

The ponder-able physical matter is the essence for ‘JISMANI ALAM’ the material world far down below, and the etheric matter commences from the beginning of the subtle (indefinable, refined) elemental world Comment: Space.

The varied religions and their differentiations are based on planets, and every Law Giver enjoins (instruct) religious rites suitable to the gradation of the respective planet to which his religion is affiliated.

Moreover, owing to the fundamental Law of Jiram, there exists certain subordinate Faiths or sections, of a particular religion with mixed influences of more that one planet.

It is the duty of every person to follow the canons of life enjoined by the founder of the Faith concerned, for then alone the advancement of the Soul is possible.

In fine, (to clarify) the difference found in varied religions is owing to the different grades of respective religions.

Bunak Pasbani: Preservation of the Seed: What is it? In Gujarati by Dr. F S Chiniwalla
From Parsi Avaz Volume: 27.20,1973

Note: - Comments are added to this article for clarification of certain words, which may not be familiar to the reader. These explanations will not be found in the original article.

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