Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra

by Cyrus R. R. Cooper

Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra

This divine being is Lord of the 9th aasman wherein Dadar Ahuramazda Himself resides. Simultaneously He is Adar Yazad, Ardibehest Ameshaspand and known to us as Atash throughout our universe of nisti.

When Asho Ravaans first came to our earth they complained to Hormazd Yazad that in nisti they could not see Dadar Ahuramazda and thus receive His constant blessings (Darshan) as they did whilst inside hasti. In response to their devotion Dadar Ahuramazda gave an eternal promise, which He delivered in the following manner -

Oh Atash I designate you as the supreme authority over Behest. You will descend to the earth and bring joy and prosperity to all through your illuminating appearance. To those who will respect and worship you, you shall have the authority to bestow upon them the deserving degree of behest. Those who disrespect you, you may give them any punishment that you deem fit. You will be known to the world as Adar Yazad and Ardibehest Ameshaspand and the key to behest will always be entrusted to you. You will have supremacy over any form of light because their existence is due to you alone. A person who worships you will acquire wisdom besides attaining all happiness. A person doing charity on this day will derive its benefits a thousand fold and have their wishes granted. You will be worshipped by the kings and prophets for they will only attain their goals through you, because you are my Son Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra, and next to me you alone are Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.

Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb

There are 3 Atash upon this earth of such an exalted state that they exist beyond the realms of human comprehension. Of these only Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb may be approached by the true Zarthushtis of this world for their ravaan bokhtagi (ie soul advancement) and material pleasures. On the 24th November AD 720 the great Nairyosang Avval Abed Saheb from Koh-e-Demavand stood in front of a log of sandalwood with an iron spear in one hand and a spatula (chamach) in the other. Upon reciting the phrase of "Saoche Booye Ahamya Namane" from Atash Niayesh, thunder roared and the sky darkened. A tremendous storm broke out and lightning struck the tip of the spear, passed through the Abed Sahebs body, through the spatula and into the sandalwood log which immediately caught fire. Thus descended a minute particle of Aathro Ahurahe Mazdao Puthra, Adare Minokarko Atash and Aura of Behram Yazad. Nairyosang Saheb told the assembled Parsis that presently we are without our Shah and living outside of our true homeland so this Atash is named Pak Iranshah. In future all Zarthushtis should seek their spiritual and material salvation from Him.

The entire Zarthushti religion thus exists within this awesome Atash which is why we always encourage every true Zarthushti to think of Pak Iranshah and come before Him as often as is possible throughout their lifetimes. Ardibehest Ameshaspand is the destroyer of all evil forces and the person who worships Him with absolute faith is pardoned for their sins and their place in our highest heavens is assured. A child born on this day makes significant spiritual progress although it may lag behind in worldly affairs. Such is therefore the status of Atash that we should remember to always pray in the light and never in darkness as it is a very great sin (margazan gunah). Atash Behram like an Atash Adaran is consecrated through the prolific recital of numerous advanced Avesta Manthra prayers, nirang, hair of Varasiyaji and a certain number of worldly fires. There is however one additional ingredient required which is none other than lightning. An Atash Dadgah is however comprised of 4 fires which encompass our priestly, warrior, professional and laborourer classes. This type of Atash can be transformed into an Adaran if the Boye ceremony is faithfully performed in all 5 Gehs for 12 consecutive years.

Please note that kusti prayers are never recited before a consecrated Atash because to denounce evil therein is a great insult to the Atash Padshah. Also the Niyaesh of Khurshed, Meher, Mah Bokhtar and Avan should not be recited therein as our focus is towards Atash and not other divine beings. Naturally Atash Niyaesh is OK and a must if you wish to advance spiritually.

Boye Ceremony

This ceremony is a must for all consecrated Atash because when correctly performed the celestial fire of Adare Minokarko is brought down from hasti into the Atash by the Mobed Saheb in much the same manner as stated above for Pak Iranshah. The mobed strikes the bell whose vibration travels into hasti and brings down Adare Minokarko Atash. Then that Atash is gifted to the ravaan of every Zarthushti who comes before the Atash in a pure state. Ravaans possess 6 Atash of Adare Minokarko, Adar Khoreh, Adar Frah, Atash-e-Vohu Frayan, Atash-e-Dara, Atash-e-Nairyosang, the sum total of their past good thoughts, words and deeds (Shubh Kerdars) and lastly a minute particle of extract from Dadar Ahuramazda called Fravashi, which returns back into Dadar Ahuramazda after the death of the Zarthushti.

Why non-Zarthushtis are not encouraged to come before consecrated Atash

A non-Zarthushti soul only possesses one Atash of Atash-e-Urva, hence the name of urvan (or aatmaas). This Atash contains an element which assists the urvan to reach its respective dakhyu after death. Adare Minokarko Atash inside a consecrated Atash is vastly more powerful than Atash-e-Urva and so if a non- Zarthushti comes before it, the guiding element inside their urvan becomes completely disintegrated. At that moment and in fact throughout that persons life absolutely nothing is felt or observed. However after death that particular urvan has very great difficulty in returning back to its respective heaven. Tragically this enables it to be quite easily caught by Aheremanic forces. From this you can appreciate that it is one of the very worst sins possible to encourage non-Zarthushtis into our consecrated fire temples. Zarthushti ravaans possess Adare Minokarko Atash which twinkles intermittently. By taking birth in nisti our ravaans lose some of their brightness, so by the grace of Dadar Ahuramazda this loss is replenished by our Atash Padshah Sahebs. Simultaneously one receives ravaan bokhtagi which is why we constantly urge every Zarthshti to come before our consecrated Atash. Moreover whilst on this subject if one truly wishes to preserve the sanctity of Atash then all non-Zarthushtis should be completely denied access to navjotes, weddings and of course our most holy jashans and muktad ceremonies for the dead.

An 8 Atash Behram Trip

There are in India 8 Atash Behrams which if visited in a space of 3 days under observance of certain rules and regulations will enhance ones ravaan bokhtagi tremendously. If an individual is able to undertake 8 Atash Behram trips, 3 times more than his or her age, ie if one lives to 60 years old and undergoes 60 X 3 = 180 times 8 Atash Behram trips then that particular person is blessed with the greatest advantage of their ravaan not having to take birth on earth again. Their ravaan progresses onwards from the 4th aasman of Khurshed Yazad through direct communion with Asho Sarosh Yazad.

The Prayer in Praise of 18 Types of Atash

Consecration of New Atash

In our world today those Zarthushtis who live outside of India continually look towards the consecration of Atash upon the soil of their adopted lands. Their devotion towards Atash must however be tempered by the realisation and acceptance that an undertaking of this nature requires a combination of spiritual and materialistic commitment from within the community as a whole. With all due respect to every Zarthushti association and organisation outside of India none of them can be considered as being suitable or able to undertake such a holy task when they are divided completely by the battle between the reformists and the orthodox. Lacking unity in purpose, faith, love and vision of Dadar Ahuramazda how can any of these Zarthushtis maintain the spiritual purity and religious philosophy of our sublime religion. The last Atash to be consecrated was our very own Pundol Adaran near to our greatest Atash of Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb in Udvada, Southern Gujarat, India on the 14th November 1976. Right from the moment the thought entered into peoples heads plans were made for the consecration. It takes 9 families to maintain Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb. From these Dastoor Behramshah Bharda (whose ravaan was exalted to the extent that Minocher Saheb could take him into baaten) and others chose to simultaneously maintain the new Atash Adaran. Sadly our beloved Behramshah is no longer with us but his 3 sons, their respective families and some others perform this most noble task. The fact that in India today there are tens of thousands of Pundol Group Zarthushtis who all share the same faith, love, devotion and vision of Dadar Ahuramazda naturally makes our task of maintaining the Atash Adaran that much easier.

The future of all Zarthushtis lies in Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb and nowhere else on earth. Where He is we are, and so I urge you once more to come before Him. Udvada once was a Zarthushti town and then as economic factors came into play our people converged upon the larger cities. Today however the numbers of those attending Pak Iranshahs Salgreh are numbered in their thousands and interestingly enough more and more parsis seek homes close to Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Saheb.


Cyrus Cooper.

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