Names of Ahura Mazda with meaning popping up on your screen

How to display continuously on your computer screen, one by one:

Avestan and Pahlavi names of Ahura Mazda

(from Hormuzd Yasht and 101 names)

with meaning

These names and meanings are in the file DadarAhuraMazdaNAMA.txt. Do not edit this file, save it to a location on your computer. for eg. C:\. This file will be used by the Crammer software.

Install Crammer (shareware) on your PC from Crammer Download. Click on this link, download and fully install the software,

After installation, start Crammer. In the menu, select Action..Import As the file name, put c:\DadarAhuraMazdaNAMA.txt (the attached file, where ever you have saved it) Click on OK.

Then you can change the other settings for eg. the text colour, background colour as per your liking. These are in Actions..Options.,Reminder strip. You can also change the time the strip stays on the screen.

If you have done things right you should see a strip appear on your screen (just drag it to where you like) with one of the names of Ahura Mazda, and its meaning, The strip will stay for the seconds specified and then a new name of God will appear with its meaning, This is an excellent way to learn the meanings of the Names of Ahura Mazda and also to sanctify your computer with the powerful names of God.

Porus Homi Havewala.

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